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Whats the best way to remove a shroom from a rock?


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I want to remove my hairy mushroom from a rock but the foot seems really attached to the rock and there's no way that I can remove the rock to make the procedure any easier. Please help... Thanks.



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Use a dull plastic object like a credit card and slowly push on the foot near the rock. Keep going around the outside in a spiral that keeps getting smaller. Take your time and don't stop to rest more than a few seconds or you will need to re-do some places. Expect it to take 15-20 minutes.


If that gets too frustrating, I have used a razor blade to remove one. My goal was to "shave the rock" taking a little bit of rock dust with the anemone foot. I almost succeeded, except I missed and left a small piece of the foot on the rock. A couple weeks later, I have a baby fuzzy mushroom growing on my rock. :)



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