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Found 22 results

  1. Hi All, I recently came across a great deal on a 40b that had tons of equipment, and i didn't realize it had so many extras either. Here is a list i'll keep working on throughout the day of parts and livestock that won't be making the transfer to my tank. I'll be working on cleaning everything out today/this weekend. I'm trying to price things at about half of retail, no reasonable offers refused. UPDATE 5/23: ALL PRODUCTS SOLD BUT LIGHTING LISTED BELOW. MAKE AN OFFER? EQUIPMENT -ATI sunpower 36" t5 dimmable fixture. comes with additional bulbs. This one has more blues. $200 https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/36-ati-sunpower-high-output-t5-light-fixture.html - Kessil H80 $75 There is tons more stuff, in chems and handheld equipment, and other items. If you're looking for anything specific I would be happy to take a look. Thanks all!
  2. Hello everyone, I am trying to sell off my system. Had a trip planned and right before the trip had to move to a new place and that resulted in death of a few fish and corals and it was very saddening. So my wife and I have decided to give the reef keeping a break since we will have to move again in a year and don't want to kill other survivors. As for the stuff for sale, it's listed down here: 1) Pair of ocellaris clownfish (1.5" to 2" long) - $50 for the pair 2) Melanurus wrasse (very vibrant colors, about 5ish inch long, very active and keeps the bristle worm population in check) - $50 3) Toadstool coral - $10 4) Reef Octopus Classic 110INT Protein Skimmer (Less than a year old) - $140 5) Chinese Black Box LED's (a pair) - $90 for both 6) Aqueon Pro 200W heater (less than 2 months old) - $40 7) Flipper Magnet Cleaner, Standard Size (new, unopened box) - $35 8.) Flipper Magnet Cleaner, Standard Size (used) - $15 9) Jebao DC Pump with controller - $40 10) Hydor Koralia Evo 750/850 Circulation pump (less than a year old) - $20 11) DIY'd Aquarium Stand (49.5" long x 18.5" deep x 30.5" tall) - $60 12) Live rock, roughly 30ish lbs - $50 13) Lettuce Coral that is still recovering and it is quite a big one (the rock also has a lot of sponges under it) - $15 I have got more stuff that either I will have to check or measure and will post it down here. I am attaching a few pictures, if you need pictures of a certain thing, please feel free to message and ask and I will do my best.
  3. 29g Tank and lid: 10 bucks Small 75w heater: free Macro hob m-50 skimmer: 30 bucks Hiparigro led: 30 bucks Pic was when tank was running. Broken down and onto a new one.
  4. How to Stop Your Protein Skimmer from OverflowingPLUS: Enter the Photo of the Month Contest presented by Marine Depot!
  5. Used and in great condition AquaC Remora skimmer. Was cleaning out the garage and realized this guy didn't make it with my tank when everything was sold. I have a video of the pump working in a bucket. It was lasted used on a cube and worked great. Asking $50, firm. Tank Size (Gallons): 20-75 Dimensions: 19" tall x 6" wide x 2-3/4" deep Minimum tank opening 5-1/4" x 1-1/2" Minimum tank height 12-1/2" Minimum space behind tank 2-3/4" Maximum tank lip 1-3/8" wide Vertical clearance above tank 10-1/2" Includes nylon cleaning brush The best way to get a hold of me is by text. 253-753-4552. I can ship it if the buyer pays for shipping. I live in Corvallis. IMG_4224.MOV
  6. Customize Your Sump with Somatic - NOW 15% OFFHot rodding and customizing your Somatic filter is easy!
  7. Is it a Skimmer or Filter? It's BOTH! New blog posts! New products! Coming soon!
  8. Check out this 2-in-1 Filter/Skimmer + Hats Are Here! PLUS: 20% off Curve Skimmers & Top-Sellers Back in Stock
  9. Turnkey system. Good condition. Just add water... and some rock and substrate... Complete with Aquatic Life skimmer, Eheim return pump, Tunze powerhead for flow, cooling fan, 165 watt LED light, and heater. Easily $500 plus new, but it’s no longer new. Everything works, name brand stuff, less than 40% of new. $190 takes it all. Available afternoons this weekend. Call or text questions to 503-381-4026. Mark@mtkmeyer.com Thanks for looking. mark
  10. Excellent condition skimmer, handles up to 240 gallons. Only used for about 6 weeks while breaking in new tank. Asking $235, retails for $299.
  11. My Hydor slim skim went bye bye. Needed a skimmer for 30 gallon all in one. JBJ rimmless, but probably many models will work. You name the fair price. Even better, used Hydor that still works. Can also use a hang-on back for other 30 gallon tank.
  12. Good morning, I'll be mixing up water in the next day or two, and adding seed rock and sand to my tank hopefully this weekend. I'm considering holding off for a few weeks to let my tank cycle on its own prior to adding a protein skimmer. My thoughts are that the initial ammonia -> nitrite -> nitrate cycle needs to happen unencumbered... I would time the addition of a skimmer to coincide with adding livestock a few weeks down the road. Any thoughts? Nate (fwiw - My tank specs are in the build thread under nano's)
  13. i have good perfect working Eshopps S-120 protein skimmer for sale.upgraded mine so i dont need it no more. picture is for reference but looks identical the specs are as fallowed : Item # Model Diameter Total Height Footprint (LxW) Pump use Tank Usage 18040 S-120 5" 17" 7"x6" SE-200 40-120g Tank asking 100$ obo thanks for reading
  14. Hello, I have a band new still in the box, complete Red Sea Reefer 250 and a used Bubble Magus skimmer for sale. I'm asking $1100 for everything. The complete set comes with tank, stand, refugium, plumbing, ATO and more. The color is black. You can find the specs here at http://www.redseafish.com/aquarium-systems/reefer/. The reason for selling it is because I got the "ok" from the "boss" to build a custom aquarium that I have been dreaming about for a long time. I'm pricing this below MSRP because I would like to move it fast. If you have any questions feel free to IM me. Happy reefing cheers.
  15. I several different sizes of each that i am willing to donate for any school that is in need please contact me at 971-203-1526 to check if i have the size type that you need and to arrange pick up i have a lot of 200-400 gph gallon submersibles one quite a few of smaller ones for like nano tanks or feeders also small skimmer pumps and return circulation pumps for the all in one systems a few some fo the larger ones for return pump up to around 50-80 gallons size systems and 3 for larger systems all but 2 or 3 of them are new. get a hold of me if you need one or plumbing supplies also i have a couple mid size skimmers i could also donate. please txt 971-203-1526 or call 971-238-2552 and leave a msg.
  16. This Spotlight is shining on Avast Marine Works! Avast has been in business for several years producing high quality marine filtration units and perfecting the performance of their marine works devices. Many people know Avast as making specialized aquarium equipment with a particular niche for the DIY hobbyist, but did you know that if you put together a project on their website they can assemble a project for you? A very convenient feature for the person who has a specific idea of their wants and needs but lacks fabrication skills. You may also know that the Avast team is behind the impressive Spyglass fluidized cone reactors. Theses have some amazing features that make their maintenance a breeze and they make extremely efficient utilization of various medias. I love how you don't have any tubes to disconnect, no valves to close, and don't have to turn the pump off...Fool proof. Once you visit the Avast website you will see there are all sorts of ways to upgrade or accessorize your existing system...Us reefers love gadgets right? Float valves and sensors- Check. Auto Top off systems, Skimmer neck swabbies, kalk stirrers, Zeovit, calcium, ozone reactors, and even a barrel tender solenoid and switch so no more RO reservoir problems. There is even a section on the site containing other various pieces such as Vinyl&PVC tubing, Sicce pumps, acrylic weldon, uniseals, tubing adapters and couplings. You never know when you are building a project. Here is how to get ahold of these acrylic specialists. Contact Information- Avast Marine Works 12953 Back Rd. Strasburg, VA 22657 avastmarine.com And now a few word from the Avast team. Founded in 2010, AVAST designs and builds an array of unique marine aquarium filtration equipment in our Virginia, USA manufacturing facility. Focusing on quality components, yet with a mind towards affordability, we specialize in helping you do it yourself! Our site is a treasure trove for the Do-It-Yourself-minded aquarist, from our ready-to-assemble reactor kits to precision cut-to length acrylic tube we also offer all of our products fully assembled and ready to run out of the box. Please feel free to contact us with any special requirements or requests.In October of 2014, AVAST moved from an old industrial warehouse previously used as an apple juice factory into our own custom built machine shop, designed for plastics manufacturing. This upgrade will allow us to streamline our production operation, better manage costs, and create new products we weren't capable of building in the old place. I asked Dan at Avast to say a few words in regards to the Spotlight and thought I would share them. Thanks for reaching out to us. I have heard about this sponsor spotlight and think it is a great idea. As far as highlights about us go in addition to the info you find on the site, we are VERY proud to be an American Manufacture competing with the strong import market, we use almost exclusively parts in our products from other American manufacturers.. We take this very seriously and just about everything down to acrylic tubing and nuts and bolts, pvc fittings, just about everything you find on our gear is made right here in the USA. I grew up in Kent, WA and moved to the East coast about 10 years ago and notice a large number of orders going out to the PNW, that always makes me happy and I am sure in part it is through our partnership. I look forward to continuing to build this relationship. GO HAWKS! Regards, Dan Lichens As you can see Dan means business! Go take a look at there top shelf products and see if you might need an upgrade for you system. Find their fine product line at avastmarine.com
  17. Everybody is invited! Admission and Raffle Ticket are Free! Come Win and walk away with a New 6" X 25" Protein Skimmer rated for 400 gallons! Located in the Chinook Banquet room (privately reserved) in the Muckleshoot Casino, Auburn, WA on Sunday December 6th, 2015. Doors open at 2:00PM YouTube link: https://youtu.be/Tv6GI4rw0sg See you there! Allan
  18. For sale is a brand new still in box Innovative Marine desktop protein skimmer model number 7203. Sells new for $150.00, will sell for $120. No trades. Located in Tualatin, OR. Cash only. For more info: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015X6N2J6 Few picture at: http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/hsh/5283726870.html 971-Five Three Three-9508
  19. I bought this sweet tank from R-3 on the forum a few months ago with plans to upgrade to it but I am going to go bigger when I do upgrade. This is a beautiful set up. It is cleaned and stored safely in my shed wrapped in plastic. It's a 34 G Red sea max. Ryan modified it to have an open top and the cover goes over the back area. It's a nice clean set up. I am keeping some of the items from when I bought it from him. 34G Red Sea Max and stand with intank media basket - $200 ( I dont' have a picture as it is cleaned and covered for protection in the shed) Here is the original thread with pictures! It's a sweet tank and Ryan did some nice modifcations including a nice plug that hides all the cords! Unlike the picture it Ryan also modifed the cover so it is an open top covering only the back to hide all the cords. Looks really cool!: http://www.pnwmas.org/topic/32243-r-3s-red-sea-max-130d-nanopolis/ Ocean Revive Arctic LED $100 Tunze 9001 Skimmer $80 I still have the owner's manual and box and it's all cleaned up ready to go! This is a very nice skimmer and I would have kept it but it is too big for the back compartment of my Fusion 20 Koralia One $10 New in box Jebao RW-4 $40 SOLD CERK1985 This is brand new still in the box. I only opened it up and tried it out and then decided to go with the MP10. I paid 60 dollars for it new
  20. So, I'm looking at a skimmer; its a reef octopus internal 150. The local shop here is asking $125 for it and says it has been used for about a year. On a website that I found, (not sure if I'm aloud to put the name on here or not) that seems to have a good reputation, has said skimmer for sale for $263.99. My question is, should I go new, is the shops asking price a good deal, and any other thoughts you might have. I have a 100 gal marineland eclipse tank I wanted to trade for the skimmer and an RO/DI unit along with paying a reasonable difference with cash, but they won't do a trade and will order the ro/di unit online. I was a bit surprised because they quoted me the online price, which I can get myself. Wish I was in the PDX area as I would probably have better shops to work with. Anyways, please give me all the advice you can dispense! Thank you!
  21. Hey guys. Ive got a bak pak skimmer, and i cant put it behind my acrylic tank because its too close up against the wall. so, i figured i'de find a way to use it from my refuge. The pump that pushes water and air into the skimmer doesn't reach the water level (its a aqueon 10 or 15 gallon sump), so i had to jimmy-rig it to work. What i did was, attack a piece of hose to the pump, and another into the intake, seems legit? just did it a couple of hours ago, and it seems to be working fine (water flow), this is the only skimmer on the tank, should i be worried? will this not work? The hose is only used as an extension to reach the water level, nothing more. water flow is perfect, but will doing so dilute the skimmer's power? will it not pull the protein from the water? The hose is only about 4 or 5 inches long, so i figured it wouldn't be too bad. has anyone had issues with something like this before? any good stories? bad ones? Thank you all so much for the help.
  22. I'm selling my whole setup. I'll sell the whole thing for $700 dollars obo; it includes: - 60 gallon tank with stand and cleaning magnet and ecoplus pump 264 GPH. ($140 obo if sold separately). - 5 gallon acrylic sump with refuge space ($100 obo if sold separately). - 120 W LED light ($300 obo if sold separately). - Hammerhead Coral $15 dollars a head ($220 obo if you take the whole thing; it's got 20+ heads). - Live Rock ($80 obo if sold separately). - Sand bed ($40 obo if sold separately). - 2 Clown Fish ($8 each). - Skunk Cleaning shrimp ($20 obo if sold separately). - Halloween Hermit Crab ($20 obo if sold separately). Let me know if you are interested and I'll send pics. My number is 503 449 1187
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