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Found 30 results

  1. Hello! I have been in the hobby for awhile and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately for me the last few years have required me to move every 8-10 months, and I am about to have to move again. I have also been having electric problem at this apartment which has led to some coral loss and occasionally stressed livestock (GFI became super weak and caused the temp to dip when it tripped during the night, stuff like that) This makes handling my livestock a huge pain, and it is really starting to wear me down 😕 I have a smallish cube aquarium with a custom made 45 gallon sump. In these tanks I have coral frags, live rock with corals/anemones on them, fish, crustaceans, etc. A fairly well developed tank. I also have all the gear, 4-stage rodi, bubble magus skimmer, lights, gyre circulation pump, tons and tons of chemicals, medicine, 5 gallon buckets everywhere, etc. etc. So, as sad as it makes me, how do I go about realistically selling this stuff off and making sure it all goes to good homes 😕 Thanks guys, also this is my first post so if I broke a rule I apologize.
  2. 11/10/19 Frags up for sale. I have a few of each that I will be posting. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I may be interested in trades depending on what you got to offer. I have bundle options too. Buy 1 frag = regular price Buy two frags = 5% off purchase Buy three frags = 10% off purchase Buy 4 frags = 15% off purchase Buy 5+ frags = 20% off purchase I am located in Albany, OR but do travel to Portland so I can meet people there if needed. If the frag dies within 7 days from obtaining it, replacement will be given based on the sellers discretion and photo evidence. But if there's any other issues, just message me and we can work things out. Pink Diamond Zoanthids 3+ polyps - $50 (1 frags left) Utter Chaos Zoanthids 3+ polyps - $35 (Sold out currently) Granny Apple Smith Zoa 3+ polyps - $35 (2 frags left) Blueberry fields Zoa 20+ polyps - $20 (Sold out currently) Jk's Crab Nebula 5+ polyps - $20 (Sold out currently) Pink diamonds Utter Chaos
  3. Memorial Day Sale: SAVE 10% (or more) ON MOST ITEMS!Have you earned your BONUS rewards today?
  4. 48 Hour Tax Day Sale: 10% off almost everything!Spend your reefund @ MD and save 10% or more on most items! Offer ends 4/15/19 or while supplies last. Some exclusions apply.
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  7. ❤ Gifts for the loved ones in your aquarium ❤48 HOUR SALE: Current USA, Bubble Magus, XP Aqua & MORE!
  8. Customize Your Sump with Somatic - NOW 15% OFFHot rodding and customizing your Somatic filter is easy!
  9. As the title states, I need to make room ASAP! I have tons of corals that need trimmed and tons of frags that need a new home. Let me know if there is something I can do for you or my corals. Prices are negotiable, but I was thinking about making $10-$20-$25 frags of each coral for those interested...Obviously the size/polyp count will vary depending upon the coral in question. Acropora "Aussie Pink Hyacinth" Acropora: Maricultured Green Acropora: Maricultured Plating Acropora: Maricultured Purple Acropora: "Miyagi" Tort Acropora: "Super Blue" Stag Acropora: Rainbows in Spain SOLD-Pending "Twilight Dragon" Acropora: "Upscales" Microlados Acropora: "Birds of Paradise" Bird's Nest: "ORA Hyacinth" Bird's Nest: "Purple Hystix" Bird's Nest: "Dainty Green" Pocillipora- "Neon Green" Pocilipora- Pink Lemonade"Pocillipora- ORA Purple Stylophora "PEA Yellow Base" Stylophora Anemones Multicolor Bubble 4"+ anemone Rose Bubble 3"+ anemone Chalices "Alien Eye" Echinopora: "Green Eyed" Mycedium: "Hollywood Stunner" Oxypora: "Mango" Mycedium: Cyphastrea "JF Bling Bling" Cyphastrea: "Lucky Charms" Cyphastrea: "Minefield" Cyphastrea: "Super Red" Cyphastrea: Euphellea "Hammer/Frogspawn Coral" Bicolor Frogspawn: Green-tipped Hammer: Purple-tipped "confused" Hammer: Favia "Joker" Favia: War Coral Pentagona Candy Crush Pentagona Blue Valley Brain Favites Galaxia Bicolor Galaxia: Gold Galaxia: Green Galaxia: Gorgonian Gruubs Gorgonian: Green Stars Encrusting Green Star Branching Green Star Fade Purple Star Encrusting Blue Cloves White Pom Pom Xenia Lobophyton "Devil's Hand" Lobophyton: Neon Green Montipora "Candy Red" Monti' Cap' "Flower Petal" Monti' Cap' "Green Apple" Monti' Cap' "Idaho Grape" Monti' Cap' Purple Monti' Cap' "Aquaman" Montipora "Naughty Spiral" Montipora "ORA Supernatural" Montipora "Super Man" Montipora "White Daisy" Montipora Foliosa Branching Montipora Digitata "Forest Fire" Montipora Digitata "German Blue" Montipora Digitata: Green Montipora Digitata "Super Red" Montipora Digitata "Citrus Mistress" Sunset" Mushroom Coral Green Discosoma: Purple Discosoma: Red Discosoma: "Mean Green" Rhodactus "Purple Passion" Rhodactus Orange Ricordia Yuma Orange & purple Ricordia Yuma: Rainbow Ricordia Yuma: Psamacora "Damsel Blue" Psamacora "Forest Green" Psamacora "Lemon Lime" Psamacora: "ORA Kelly Green" Psamacora: "Pumpkin Pie" Psamacora: "GB Watermelon" Psamacora: Green Cactus Pavona Sarcophyton "Figi Yellow" Sarcophyton: Sold Out Green Sarcophyton: "Tyree Green" Sarcophyton: Zoanthids "Blueberry Field": , "Bumble Bee": , "Captain America", "Flame Skirt", "Radioactive Dragon Eye" , Devils Armor, Eagle Eyes, Nuclear Winters, Pink And Golds, Mohawks, Kiwi Crushes, Iron Mans, BBBithes, X Mas, Gobstoppers, Ring of Fire, And a plethora more. I apologize about the format and odd listing, I was trying to multi task and it didn't pan out the way I had hoped. I can get pics for those interested but didn't want to bog down the thread with countless photos. I will be at the meeting at the end of the month as well so feel free to PM me about something you may want. I will update this in the near future.
  10. Happy New Year! Save $20.19 on you order of $200+ today with coupon 2019 Sale ends at 11:59 pm PST 1/2/19. Order must contain $200+ of eligible merchandise before tax and/or shipping (when applicable). Offer cannot be combined with other coupons or applied to items that are out of stock or shipped by the manufacturer. Items with MAP policies are ineligible for discount. No rainchecks.
  11. Coupon for $20.19 off your order! Here's a BIG discount to start the New Year off right! Sale ends at 11:59 pm PST 1/2/19. Order must contain $200+ of eligible merchandise before tax and/or shipping (when applicable). Offer cannot be combined with other coupons or applied to items that are out of stock or shipped by the manufacturer. Items with MAP policies are ineligible for discount. No rainchecks.
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  22. I have a 40B set up for sale, comes with tank, black wood stand, ASM mini G protein skimmer, a sunsun powerhead and a return pump (not sure make or anything). The tank was drilled and has bulkheads on it just needs piping - $100 29 Gallon bio cube with black stand, HQI light, glass top, protein skimmer, some extra replacement filters and small hydor kralia pump - $300 Unknown brand protein skimmer used on my 180 gallon reef tank - $50 If your interested in something let me know may come down on price a little hit me up with any offers worst I can say is no.
  23. Choose Any Item: 15% OFF ENDS @ MIDNIGHT: 15% off the most expensive item in your order! PLUS: We are giving away 20 digital copies of Justice League!
  24. Presidents Day Sale: 15% off the item of your choice! TODAY: Save 15% on the most expensive item in your order!
  25. Brand new Marineland 300 deep dimension "corner flow" aquarium for sale. Includes new tank and new tank stand, black. Tank has never been filled and is currently in storage unit. I am only asking $2,000 firm. I am in the Beaverton area. Willbowler@hotmail.com
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