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Tank Build Thread


Found 1 result

  1. Time to clear out the frag rack! I will donate 10 percent to the PNWMAS so we can have more raffles and great meetings ! The more you buy the better the discounts! If you spend 120 you get 10 percent off! If you spend 200 dollars 20 percent off! If you spend 300 I will be your new best friend and you get 30 percent off! Jawbreaker! First pic is the mother second pic is the baby I have for sell. It is dime sized. These are spendy but look at the color on the mother Second pic 100 dollars sold to Jorge smaller one third pic 80 dollars Sold Manny Tavan Utter chaos one of my all time favorite zoas! Definitey a top ten and will glow in your tank! These are just representative pictures I have several frags! 3 polyp 40 2 polyp 30 dollars 1 polyp 2 smaller polyps 30 1 polyp 15 Sold to Jorge 1 polyp 15 Sold Willapa 1 polyp 15 Sold Flash Oxides First pic 10 SOLD to Spectra second frag (B) 5 dollars SOLD To Manny Tavan Blue tubes frag C 5 dollars Sold to powderblue scrambled eggs frag A 10 dollars Sold spectra Mystic grape favia wysiwyg 20 dollars Sold Albertareef Incredible Hulk Lepto! This really glows ! One of the brightest things in tank! Picture is of main colony frag A Sold Willapa Frag B Sold Mchums Frag C is a little bigger 10 dollars Sold Cherany Pokerstar monti Second pic 10 dollars Sold Willapa Third pic either frag 5 dollars 5 dollar frag Sold Cherany Sunset Sakura! These are nice and bright! wysiwyg 15 dollars SOLD Mchums Hawaiian zoas 5 dollars Scrambled Eggs 10 dollars Sold Albertareef GOD of war Frag 10 dollars SOLD MCHUMS Garf bonsai top 10 Tricolor! First frag is about 3/4 inch 20 dollars Second frag over an inches 30 dollars Sold spectra Oregon blue tort these are a classic All Sold! These are slow growers so these are small frags about half inch First pic is 15 Sold Powderblue Second and third pic 10dollars second frag sold 10 dollars Cherany Third frag Oregon blue 10 dollars Sold Tinvn Cornbred Rainbow infusion without the Cornbred. Price ! These are really nice my picture doesn’t do it justice ! Single polyp 40 dollars 2 polyp I’m keeping ! 😀 Captain Americas 7 single polyps only 5 dollars! 2 polyp I have 2 10 dollars Sold Jackthereefer Sunset Tenius 20 dollars Sold Taylorhardy