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Found 11 results

  1. Koswizzle


    Hi I'm new to the saltwater hobby and I am trying to learn more about the hobby! If anyone has tips for me they would be much appreciated! Thanks -Koswizzle
  2. Hey there Reefers!This is my first post, and most importantly my first reef tank. As a kid, I would always try to convince my parents to let me get a saltwater tank, and for a moment there I had convinced them to get me one, that is until my mom got a swarm of advice to stay clear of saltwater because "it's too complicated for a kid".I was then given a freshwater tank, 1 UGLY fish, some plastic rocks and no proper equipment. It was a sad childhood indeed lol. Let me tell you my story, if you care to read on. I'm a bit of a story teller. Now I am 24, I have an amazing job, and more importantly my own tank. I started collecting all the necessary equipment about a year ago when I walked into Saltwater Obsessions in Gresham, located right here in the great PNW. They had a beautiful display tank and before I knew it, I was a kid again running around looking at all the fish. As soon as I saw the corals, man oh man, I was instantly hooked. Most people start off in the hobby because of the fish, but for me, it was always about the corals. That same day I bought a 90 gallon tank, it was pretty beat up, but I sure do love a project. Filled with excitement, I took the tank outside into the parking lot, a few moments later, I looked at my 4 door corolla and realized, this tank isn't going to fit in my car at all. As I stood there confused, the store owner's buddy offered to take the tank to my house, I couldn't have thanked him enough. I spent the next few weeks sanding, painting, resealing and updating all the hardware. Later on, I found out my apartment could not support the weight of a the 90 gallon reef tank, not including the sump I was going to add. About 9 months later I stumbled on a JBJ 45 Gallon Rimless tank for $150! These tanks are easily sold for around $700 and the only problem with it, was it needed to be resealed. I quickly jumped on it and drove about 2 hours to get there and another 2 to get back. I spent the weekend working on the tank, about 12 hours each day trying to get this tank ready. Now the tank is resealed, cleaned and ready for rocks. I just ordered some dry rocks and should be here in about a week. Thanks Bulk Reef Supply! I am so grateful that I will be able to start reefing, after a year of hard research I think Im ready to get started. Keep on Reefing!
  3. Brand new Marineland 300 deep dimension "corner flow" aquarium for sale. Includes new tank and new tank stand, black. Tank has never been filled and is currently in storage unit. I am only asking $2,000 firm. I am in the Beaverton area. Willbowler@hotmail.com
  4. Hi, I'm felic! i just found out about this site from a shop owner in town : ) (paradise coral, if you see this, hello!) I'm 18 and new to saltwater but not to fishkeeping! I just started up my first salt tank a while back and was getting some live rock when i was told about this forum. if anyone has tips for a new keeper, im happy to hear em!
  5. Hello Everybody! I just went to the last meeting, but just in case I didn't get to meet you I just wanted to properly introduce myself! So I am currently a student at OSU, and I found out that both my tutor Miles Taylor, and I are both into the aquarium hobby. So he told me about PNWMAS, and that there was a meeting coming up, so I was more than happy to come. It was great to meet a lot of you. So I do have a few tanks here in my dorm and back home. Right now I have a 14 gallon nano cube, a 5 gallon goldfish tank, and a 3 gallon mangrove tank. But back home in California I have a 120 gallon fish only saltwater system, a 28 gallon nano cube, a 55 gallon freshwater, and a pond. If you want to see the stuff I've kept over the years I have a youtube channel and instagram with the same user name, "aquariumaster" . I'll also attach some videos and pictures here. But ya, I'm just really happy to be a part of this and I look forward to going to the upcoming meetings! Here is my 120 gallon: and heres my old bamboo shark ( she now actually lives at SeaWorld San Diego!):
  6. Hello all, I am new to the PNWMAS community but not so new to aquarium keeping. Most of my experience has been with freshwater setups although I have had various degrees of reef aquaria in the past. I am presently on the west side in Hillsboro and have been maintaining a large reef tank and jelly kreisel at LeChon (on the waterfront) the past few months. I am a native Oregonian and came out of the AQS program in Newport back in 2012. This past December I finished up my undergraduate in Aquaculture. This year I have been looking at job opportunities in public aquaria/ornamental aquaculture, but think I will call the Portland metro home for now. With that, I am looking to expand my circle of aquatic enthusiast friends in the area, and thought PNWMAS would be be the best place to start. Many thanks, and I look forward to getting to know many of you!
  7. Hello Long time addict to the salted waters. I live in Portland. I have a few small 10 gallon nano reef's I recently bought a 140 gallon tank with stand, giant multi chambered sump, Protein skimmer ect. Just looking for more info now that I'm stepping up to larger waters. I am trying to actually sell the entire 140 set up unused so I can get something that fits better in my house. So im also looking at tank shapes and such to decide before I blow another 2 grand on something that won't fit in my living room as I thought. lol
  8. Hi All, So after two years away from this highly addicting hobby, due to a tank crash (only a neon green toadstool coral survived), I decided to come back strong . I was PNWMAS earlier, before change the website and then using FaceBook page for a while. I'm starting to build a 24 x 24 x14 shallow reef tank and think its the time to actively participate in events and in forum. I'll start a new tank build thread this week. Two years is too much to catchup with new tech items in Aquarium industry, new methods, experiences, and eye catching new corals. So I need all the help I can get (knowledge wise) to make this a success. I'm planning to come to PNWMAS meetings and meet awesome people. I would like to get this opportunity to Thank Frank Gruelle Jr for always encouraging me to stay with the hobby. Happy reefing
  9. Hi Everyone, Let start with an introduction. My name is Nakul, and I live in Corvallis, Oregon. My wife and I got into this hobby (more like getting into it) after we had a roommate who had a freshwater tank, but he recently moved out. And now we are too used to having an aquarium at our place. We have decided to start with a salt water aquarium (but real slow as we are just students and can't throw in a lot of money all of a sudden). Besides this, in my day to day life, I like to play soccer, video games, photography, and traveling. I am a mechanical engineering student, and my wife just graduated with a degree in Animal Science, and is thinking about going to Veterinary School. I guess this is where I will end the introduction. It's a pleasure being a part of this community. Thank you, Nakul
  10. Hello everyone, I'm a late boomer guy that has found himself returning to old loves. Back when I was around eight years old, I started keeping fresh water aquariums. By the time I was twelve I already had my first fifty gallon tank. It was wood on all sides with a glass front, for a kid the price was right. Surprising how long it lasted as I remember using it for my first saltwater setup for cold ocean critters collected from the Oregon coast when I was nineteen. Kept it in a basement where it stayed nice and cool. No fish, just tide pool animals. They successfully spent about a year with me and then I returned them all to their home in the ocean. Looking back on it, I have no idea how it was the tank didn't crash. I think I drove to the ocean and came back with some replacement water for them once. Things actually grew! Amazing huh? So two to three years ago I get a little fourteen gallon Biocube, and then a used 29 gallon one with a halide. I've had successes and failures. Through it all this one very stoic, and lovely, tube anenome has withstood it all. I've raised a baby clown that once balloned up like a puffer, but I rescued it after being told the wrong info by a saltwater shop crew on medicinces and turned my fourteen cube that I know use for a quarentine tank into pink jello. A water change, a great deal of web research, and a month and a half later the clown was back in fine condition. Today, just manually dosing, I am getting so many reproducing mushrooms I need to give some away. Local shop won't pay a thing for them or even trade some salt or anything, so perhaps I'll get on Craigs and give them away. It's time to get a larger tank and all the good stuff. But it is hard to learn what is good stuff and what is crap. Same as when I was a kid, the aquarium hobby industry still willingly, and knowingly as far as I can tell, sells a lot of crap disguised as good stuff. Learning the differnce takes quite a bit of time. So I very much look forward to everyone's posts about what they use and what you've all learned not use.
  11. Hello all, My name is Nic and my wife and i will be moving to the beaverton area mid May, i wanted to get a head start on gathering info on local fish stores and the local selection so i can get an idea on starting my tank. Ive been reefing for about 6 years and currently have a 40gal breeder with a mixed LED DIY lighting. I plan on starting from scratch so any advice on local places or if i can get live rock from locals cheeper than a LFS that would be great! Looking forward to the move and getting my tank up and running again,
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