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Found 1 result

  1. Good morning PNWMAS, I just joined this group and wanted to introduce myself by filling out the new members introduction questions. I'm excited to be a part of such a large network of advice and experience and fellow reef enthusiasts.....plus I was told that filling out these questions may lead to some free coral frags?? ....And who doesn't want free coral frags...lol...so here goes: How did you hear about PNWMAS? I have the good fortune to live near Woody's Seahorse Aquarium and have been getting lots of great advice from Terry as I build my tank...do I always take all of it and follow it? No...do I often regret not taking it....yes..lol..Live and learn. Terry handed me a card last week or so and suggested I check out and join this group. How long have you been in the hobby? Who inspired you to start up a tank? I have been fascinated with aquariums and fish ever sense I threw a ping pong ball into a cup of colored water at a school carnival (Do they do that anymore?) in the first grade and came home with my treasured prize. A beautiful little goldfish that I aptly named "Swimmy" lol who lived in a glass 1 gallon glass jug for several years. My interest in aquariums and fish slowly grew from 1 gallon, to 10 gallons, to 29 gallons, to 55 gallons to 72 gallons...I think you all know how this works..haha. My dream was to always have saltwater but was not in the position to be able to give it the time it needed. Last winter I couldn't stop thinking about my trip to Australia and how indescribably amazing seeing the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef was. I didn't want to leave. It was mesmerizing just watching all of its inhabitants go about their day. So I started researching how to create my own little piece of it. I finally have my tank up and running, getting a good cycle on and slowly adding my first residents. What size aquarium? Red Sea Reefer 250 deluxe (already seems to small..haha) What Livestock do you have? Pair of Frostbite Clowns 2 scarlet hermit crabs 3 peppermint shrimp 1 scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp Frags: 2 Acan Lords (or Micromussa) Twizzler Zoa Blastomussa Merleti Leptoseris What is your dream fish? First off..I know it's not a fish, but my ultimate dream, since we're talking dreams here.. would be to have a Giant Pacific Octopus! So incredibly cool and so much we still don't know about them. However, until I manage to hit that Power Ball Jackpot...I think a Mandarinfish would be neat to have when my tank is more mature. What is your dream coral? Again..not a coral..but what absolutely blew me away while swimming around the GBR in Australia was the Giant Clams. Some were easily 4 feet long. My jaw would have dropped open staring at them had it not been for the mouthful of seawater I would have sucked in. I really had no idea that they were that vibrant and varied in their colors and patterns until that day. So having some clams in my tank is a must. My actual dream coral would be a Blue Gorgonia...as long as I could keep it healthy. Anything else you would like to add? Happy reefing!!
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