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Found 2 results

  1. Hello PNWMAS, I'm looking to sell my Innovative Marine Fusion Lagoon 25 All in One. This is an almost complete package, you'll just need to add lights, a heater and whatever you want to go inside it. Its a fantastic little tank, I loved it when it was up, perfect for smaller houses/apartments, if you know you'll be moving in a year or two or as a frag tank. Includes IM lagoon 25 AIO: 25 Gallons Ultra Thick 8mm High Clarity Glass / Low Iron Glass Leveling Rubber Mat DIMS (24” x 20” x 12”) Diamond Edge Polished, Black Silicone Black IM APS (aluminum stand) with the shelf kit! 2 return pumps (stock config only has one, I upgraded to two for more flow) - aquatop 237gph, tunze 210gph 2 IM multi chamber media baskets (one for each side) Eshopps nano skimmer IM screen lid clips The only things you'll need to supply are: lights, a heater, 1 return nozzle (something like this) I have one Vivid Random Flow Generator that I'm including but the other pump was running an IM spinstream that I broke trying to clean and whatever livestock you want to go inside it. Asking $450 firm. Not interested in parting out. I'm located in Beaverton, not far from St. Mary's. I might be interested if you have a well established sand sleeping wrasse to trade + cash. After the first wash, I'm going to take a srubbing pad to the water line, but wanted to get some pictures up. I had epoxied some additional weirs infront of the built in ones as my anemone kept getting itself sucked up against them and unfortunately in getting them off I scratched up the back AIO divider a bit, you wont be able to see the ones below the water line and the ones above might be able to buff out or be coated in something, I havent explored the possibilities there. All in all, not bad, and its on the AIO divider not the viewing glass. (water marks and some slight marring from my light mounts) Here are some shots of the tank before I moved and broke some of it down
  2. So, I have decided that it is time to revamp my 55 gal freshwater tank. I want to convert it to a saltwater lagoon. The plan is to have a variety of macroalgae and a few soft corals. It will have a 30 gal tall sump without skimmer. Yes, a skimmerless tank. I Know lagoons have low flow but how low is low? Since the tank is not empty yet, I will figure it out later. I think the sand bed will be deep because lagoons do not have a lot of rock. I will put as much live rock into the sump as i can. There will be three to four silver utility lights hanging over the tank. I may spray paint them black depending how they look over the tank. They will have LED bulbs in them. I know Lagoons have a lot of feather dusts, marcoalgae, and soft coral. I am having a hard time finding information on what fish tend to live in lagoons, other than juvenile fish. So, I would love to get suggestions on fish. Seahorse will go well in a tank like this but no seahorses. This tank may become a dragonface pipefish breeding tank, so I would need pipefish safe fish and invertebrates. I am not heart set on breeding the dragonface pipefish due to difficulties of rearing the fry. If I do have pipefish fry, they will be moved to the sump. I can have fish that will eat the fry. On to the sump. More than likely, I will not drill the tank to the refugium. The sump will have three chambers. I already have installed the baffles in the sump. I will put live rock in the first chamber and possible the cancer of tanks, pulsing Xenia for added filtering. There is not much room under the stand with the sump, so lighting is the determining factor for Xenia. The second chamber will house macroalgea to help balance the PH. The third is the return +/- live rock. I hope to start cycling the tank by summer or late spring. I still have to remove the last 5 fish, clean the tank, buy LED lamps, return pump, and water fans. If I am not too lazy, I will remove the fish and clean the tank this weekend. I think I will control this tank with an apex. If anyone have any good photos of lagoons, please do post them or pm me. I am having a hard time finding good underwater lagoon shots for inspiration. There is not much in underwater photos of lagoons. Feel free to give stocking ideas as well. This will be my lagoon build thread.
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