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Tank Build Thread


Found 2 results

  1. Jeremevans

    Gyre Pump Considerations

    I am looking at the available Gyre Pumps on the market and I'm not sure how to size the right one (or two?) and whether I should consider different brands... Q1: What size or model should be used in a 200g tank (48x36x27) with mostly SPS? It seems that sizing by GPH is not necessary the right way...and maybe placement and orientation are important. Q2: Should I use one large Gyre or two smaller ones? Assume no budget worries and tell me why I need 10 if there is a good case. Q3: It looks like Maxspect is the most common and appears to be of high quality. Are there others worth considering? Q4: Should I connect the Gyre(s) to my Apex controller (or is it even possible)? Q5: It seems like Gyres are great, but should I really be thinking about replacing flow equipment with these or should these just be add-ons?
  2. I am babysitting allot of coral. As a result, keeping allot closer eye on the tank. The calcium reactor feed pump stopped pumping any amount of volume, and dkh dropped. After troubleshooting I could see the feed pump was barely a trickle. Fired up the APEX flow monitor. It is not rated for CR low flow rate, but it seems to work. Holding steady and keeps a history! Pretty cool way to monitor that cricital calcium reactor variable, flow... I have no alarms setup for it yet but if reliable definitely will...