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Found 8 results

  1. Turnkey system. Good condition. Just add water... and some rock and substrate... Complete with Aquatic Life skimmer, Eheim return pump, Tunze powerhead for flow, cooling fan, 165 watt LED light, and heater. Easily $500 plus new, but it’s no longer new. Everything works, name brand stuff, less than 40% of new. $190 takes it all. Available afternoons this weekend. Call or text questions to 503-381-4026. Mark@mtkmeyer.com Thanks for looking. mark
  2. This Spotlight is shining on Avast Marine Works! Avast has been in business for several years producing high quality marine filtration units and perfecting the performance of their marine works devices. Many people know Avast as making specialized aquarium equipment with a particular niche for the DIY hobbyist, but did you know that if you put together a project on their website they can assemble a project for you? A very convenient feature for the person who has a specific idea of their wants and needs but lacks fabrication skills. You may also know that the Avast team is behind the impressive Spyglass fluidized cone reactors. Theses have some amazing features that make their maintenance a breeze and they make extremely efficient utilization of various medias. I love how you don't have any tubes to disconnect, no valves to close, and don't have to turn the pump off...Fool proof. Once you visit the Avast website you will see there are all sorts of ways to upgrade or accessorize your existing system...Us reefers love gadgets right? Float valves and sensors- Check. Auto Top off systems, Skimmer neck swabbies, kalk stirrers, Zeovit, calcium, ozone reactors, and even a barrel tender solenoid and switch so no more RO reservoir problems. There is even a section on the site containing other various pieces such as Vinyl&PVC tubing, Sicce pumps, acrylic weldon, uniseals, tubing adapters and couplings. You never know when you are building a project. Here is how to get ahold of these acrylic specialists. Contact Information- Avast Marine Works 12953 Back Rd. Strasburg, VA 22657 avastmarine.com And now a few word from the Avast team. Founded in 2010, AVAST designs and builds an array of unique marine aquarium filtration equipment in our Virginia, USA manufacturing facility. Focusing on quality components, yet with a mind towards affordability, we specialize in helping you do it yourself! Our site is a treasure trove for the Do-It-Yourself-minded aquarist, from our ready-to-assemble reactor kits to precision cut-to length acrylic tube we also offer all of our products fully assembled and ready to run out of the box. Please feel free to contact us with any special requirements or requests.In October of 2014, AVAST moved from an old industrial warehouse previously used as an apple juice factory into our own custom built machine shop, designed for plastics manufacturing. This upgrade will allow us to streamline our production operation, better manage costs, and create new products we weren't capable of building in the old place. I asked Dan at Avast to say a few words in regards to the Spotlight and thought I would share them. Thanks for reaching out to us. I have heard about this sponsor spotlight and think it is a great idea. As far as highlights about us go in addition to the info you find on the site, we are VERY proud to be an American Manufacture competing with the strong import market, we use almost exclusively parts in our products from other American manufacturers.. We take this very seriously and just about everything down to acrylic tubing and nuts and bolts, pvc fittings, just about everything you find on our gear is made right here in the USA. I grew up in Kent, WA and moved to the East coast about 10 years ago and notice a large number of orders going out to the PNW, that always makes me happy and I am sure in part it is through our partnership. I look forward to continuing to build this relationship. GO HAWKS! Regards, Dan Lichens As you can see Dan means business! Go take a look at there top shelf products and see if you might need an upgrade for you system. Find their fine product line at avastmarine.com
  3. 90 Gallon custom made Envision Acrylics cube tank. For those that don't know, Envision makes about the best acrylic tanks money can buy. Mine has a black back and bottom (I went barebottom), and a full-width overflow set up for a bean-animal style overflow with dual returns. I am including a custom built stand, all furniture grade maple, stained black. Have a matching canopy as well. All bulkheads, valves and unions needed for the overflow are included as well, with enough extra plumbing that you can just connect it and go. Everything is in very good condition. I took care to never scratch the tank and you will find that its almost entirely scratch free. Pretty much like new condition. Asking $700 for the full setup. The tank alone cost more than that and the stand/canopy was about $400.
  4. Downsizing and selling my 60 gallon 24" cube made by Advanced Acrylics in great shape except for some minor scratches that can easily be buffed out before setting up, and the following equipment: $300 Acrylic Cube 24x24" (3yrs old) and custom stand $80 Reef Octopus NWB-110 (2.5yrs old) $2.00 / lb. live rock (wet, 2 full 5 gal buckets - weight to be determined) $100 DIY LED light parts: heatsinks, 2 meanwell ELN60-48D drivers, 18 CREE-XRE Star cool white, 18 CREE-XRE Star royal blue (3yrs old) OBOAttached Thumbnails
  5. Im looking to buy a few used acrylic aquariums for a project they need to be 50 or 55 gallon. please send me info on any you want to get rid of im looking to eventually purchase 3 or so. please dont try to sell me something you think is worth gold. im looking for around $60 or so each have a little lee way on price but not a whole lot,
  6. As title says i am looking to purchase some 50 or 55 gallon acrylic tanks for a project im working on please let me know what you have. new to the sight still getting use to it so if it takes some time to reply im sorry, PM me might be better.
  7. I was wondering if anyone knows a good way to repair scratches on an acrylic tank i got a 55 gal and have been trying the wet-sand paper of 1500 grain, and then polish but i think im just creating more scratches. any help would be appriciated.
  8. I have decided that my time is up. Really just not paying attention to the tank anymore and not giving it the attention that it needs. This is a turn-key setup. It has everything you need to get up and running. Looking to sell as a package right now, not parting out. It is a 90 gallon custom tank from Envision with a semi-rimless setup. You can see what that means from the pics. I just hate seeing the water line in rimless tanks, so I decided to build an open-top, semi rimless tank. With the sump and refugium, the total system volume is around 90+75+45 = 210 gallons. The whole setup is about 3 years old. Here is a list of the equipment that is included (most of it has the original boxes): - 90 gallon custom Envision cube. Has the BeanAnimal overflow setup, external. Black back. - Custom furniture-grade stand and canopy made from first quality maple. Stained black. - 75 gallon glass sump - drilled for return pump - 45 gallon glass refugium - drilled with redundant drains to drain to sump - 15 gallon top of tank - drilled to be quick drained to sump, if needed - 15 gallon saltwater change tank - SKIMZ SM 202 Monzter E-Series - External Protein Skimmer w/MJ feed pump (Purchased Jan 2014) - 2 Reef Breeders Photon16 LED lights w/hanging kit (Purchased Jan 2014) (I think the ramp up to only about 65%) - Vortec MP-40W ES - Reeflo Dart Hybrid pump - Can be a dart or a snapper by changing the impeller (return pump) - Two eductors on the returns to help with flow. - 2 TLF reactors with MJ 600 feed pumps - Bulk Reef Supply RO/DI setup - BRS RO/DI booster pump - AutoTopOff.com auto top off system with solenoid - (2) MJ 1200s with propeller kits (1 for mixing kalkwasser in top off, the other for mixing new water) - Sybon Refractometer - (5) Eheim heaters - Ranco 1 stage temp Controller with temp Probe - (3) American DJ Power Strips - tons of plumbing and valves, etc. - box of Kent Sea Salt to get you started - Test kits for everything you need - Enough home-made seafood mash to feed them for a year - over 200 pounds of live rock between the tank and fuge - (2) 40 gallon Brute cans drilled with valve, 1 with float valve for water changes, etc. Here is the Livestock in the tank right now: - Yellow Tang (4") - Blue Hippo Tang (4") - Bangai Cardinal (2") - Matted Filesfish (2") - he lives in the refugium, haven't seen him in a while -A few peppermint shrimp (1-7, not sure how many) - various snails, crabs, - tons of caulerpa - various mushrooms, leathers and soft corals and other corals. Huge GSP Covered rock I am asking $2500 for all of it. The tank and stand alone set me back about $1300. The SKIMZ was another $530 and the LEDS were another $630. Those three pieces pretty much cover the cost of the tank. Add in the vortech, various other tanks, heaters, reeflo ranco, etc, and this is at least $4500 in equipment alone. The Sump room that you see in the pics was designed such that it can be removed from my garage in more or less one piece. It is fully epoxy-lined ($500+) and water proof. It has a drain and a vent to exhaust the air. If you are interested in that, we can work something out. Looking to sell as a package right now, not parting out. Pics: Building the stand: After it was stained: Sump room when brand new (before putting in the 45 gal. fuge): Shot of the tank, etc. taken today (lights were just ramping up - sunrise): Older Shot of the Tank:
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