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Tank Build Thread





Found 1 result

  1. So as some of you noticed our October meeting fell a week late and spilled over into the month of November, but for good reason. We were having our meeting at the new Cuttlefish and Corals but there were some unexpected construction delays pushing our gathering back a week. No wine before its time is what I always say. In the end it is all worth while to have things done right, and you will notice this place is quite proper. Asides from the much more accessible parking this new stores location has room, and lots of it. The place may very well be 3 to 4 times larger than the last establishment with windows and ceilings to match, it has that open and spacious feeling to it. Instead of classic Isles like most stores there are what I would call "Islands" of shallow coral holding and frag tanks. Of course theses were all appropriately full of some fine specimens that were sure not to disappoint the finest coral connoisseur. But we will get back to that later on cause now... It looks like its time for the party to start. Various foods for the get together were provided from a beautiful cheese & cracker tray to an assortment of crunchy vegetables, and we cannot forget Holly's delicious chocolate chip cookies can we... Did I mention Jeff has a nice and comfy couch and table for the weary coral hunter, you could spend quite a bit of time here am I right? From the beginning to the end Jorge had his work cut out for him, here you can see he has that customer service down. Speaking of workers, I don't think I ever saw Robyna slow down once! Here are some Cool Cats right here, El Prez Emerald, Robyna, and Spectra all in one shot. And please don't be too upset at me for posting this photo up, I had too, I love it. Kireek looking into one of those 50 gallon low boy tanks that look oh so sleek, I know I want one too...And are those the grow out ricordeas in there?! Save one for me yeah. Robert Here checking out the fish aquariums, there is some serious swim space now. Its eally nice. Our good secretary Miles enjoying the gathering, I bet he found some nice frags in that tank, I know I did. Once my main tank is stable again I will hook you up with some acro goodness. Ron and family came in for a bit and picked up some killer fish and corals. We need to meet up again some time. KKnight made it out, she is one of the Board Of Directors and active Tanks For Teachers advocate. Albertareef getting an idea of whats going into that sweet new tank he has setup. One of everything Right!? Stylaster made his appearance with his cooler, always a pleasure exchanging words. I feel bad as I failed to get the name of the gentleman standing next to him but if some one can fill me in that would be great. Dunpeal in the middle here scoping out the treasures to be had. Youcallmenny for another meeting but a first to the Cuttlefish and Corals. It didn't disappoint did it? Hey its another one of my home boys int the house, HigherThinking! Did you snag that aqua blue clam in that tank we were looking at? Now look who it is here, Zorro! Good acro talk we had, I hope the piece we got ends up looking as good as that wolverine you showed me, then I would totally be happy. Vance getting closer and closer to getting his system up and running. I didn't get to talk with you at this one but I will be sure to send you a message here soon about getting things chugging along. Pantherguy, I haven't seen you since the Expo, good to see you again man. The Clark and daughter came down to snag some fine corals and a nice tang, you all keep that ricordea fat and happy alright, Go Team Clark! Flash21 getting in on the killer raffle for the PNWMAS club. Another apology from me that we did not get to meet properly, I snuck this photo in while I could. Roll out to the December meeting and we can actually have a conversation maybe. Lady Sabrtooth. Now that you have that Goniopora in the sweet spot you should try your hand at some other flavors/colors like red or lime or even maybe a alveopora. I like to dream big sometimes. Beer and son...Or Son and...Never mind. If you get a chip off the old pheonix keep me in mind will yah. I think I could make room in my tank for that. And thanks for bringing by that acro for me, I got it in a good spot I think. Mr Bret our Treasurer who does a mighty fine job I must say and Gill&Fin who also pulls her own weight and then some on our Board of Directors. Kudos. Haven't seen this guys face in a while, Jack, glad I got to see you even if it was only for a short bit. I presume you snagged that Torch you had your eyes on? So much Candy... Danlu with his wife. So Daniel, is that 235 gallon rimless already packed or do you still have room for more corals..Wait Don't answer that!...There is always room for one more. MattV is in da House! Another coral connoisseur with good taste. You all know who this is, BicycleBill. Now I know you don't have any room in that stacked tank of yours, unless you did some sort of "renovation". Oh hek, there is always room for one more. Some other good ole reefers I ran into were Drott and Moparfan, its good to be in the club isn't it. All these friendly faces that care about the same thing. Ken made it to another gathering but there were so many people this time around I failed ot get a word in, my bad. Maybe I will see you all at the December Holiday meeting. Jeff doing what he does best. And last but not least is the Cuttlefish and Corals owner and the host with the most, Jeff. Thank You man, You Rock! It was a great meet. And now for some other shots of the people and corals involved in the days success.
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