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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, I recently came across a great deal on a 40b that had tons of equipment, and i didn't realize it had so many extras either. Here is a list i'll keep working on throughout the day of parts and livestock that won't be making the transfer to my tank. I'll be working on cleaning everything out today/this weekend. I'm trying to price things at about half of retail, no reasonable offers refused. UPDATE 5/23: ALL PRODUCTS SOLD BUT LIGHTING LISTED BELOW. MAKE AN OFFER? EQUIPMENT -ATI sunpower 36" t5 dimmable fixture. comes with additional bulbs. This one has more blues. $200 https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/36-ati-sunpower-high-output-t5-light-fixture.html - Kessil H80 $75 There is tons more stuff, in chems and handheld equipment, and other items. If you're looking for anything specific I would be happy to take a look. Thanks all!
  2. Hello everyone, I am trying to sell off my system. Had a trip planned and right before the trip had to move to a new place and that resulted in death of a few fish and corals and it was very saddening. So my wife and I have decided to give the reef keeping a break since we will have to move again in a year and don't want to kill other survivors. As for the stuff for sale, it's listed down here: 1) Pair of ocellaris clownfish (1.5" to 2" long) - $50 for the pair 2) Melanurus wrasse (very vibrant colors, about 5ish inch long, very active and keeps the bristle worm population in check) - $50 3) Toadstool coral - $10 4) Reef Octopus Classic 110INT Protein Skimmer (Less than a year old) - $140 5) Chinese Black Box LED's (a pair) - $90 for both 6) Aqueon Pro 200W heater (less than 2 months old) - $40 7) Flipper Magnet Cleaner, Standard Size (new, unopened box) - $35 8.) Flipper Magnet Cleaner, Standard Size (used) - $15 9) Jebao DC Pump with controller - $40 10) Hydor Koralia Evo 750/850 Circulation pump (less than a year old) - $20 11) DIY'd Aquarium Stand (49.5" long x 18.5" deep x 30.5" tall) - $60 12) Live rock, roughly 30ish lbs - $50 13) Lettuce Coral that is still recovering and it is quite a big one (the rock also has a lot of sponges under it) - $15 I have got more stuff that either I will have to check or measure and will post it down here. I am attaching a few pictures, if you need pictures of a certain thing, please feel free to message and ask and I will do my best.
  3. I don't usually post because I don't have much interesting to show off, but I found this unique. About a month ago I had my first fish loss in over 2 years. I usually put a blanket over my aquarium when the lights turn off so my fish aren't bothered by any light. Unfortunately, I forgot to leave room for air to enter the tank, and I woke up the next day to find clownfish jerky on the floor. I now only have one clownfish and a firefish goby. The goby had to put up with the two territorial and dominant clownfish for over a year and a half, but ever since the dominate clownfish jumped there has been a swing in tank politics. My clownfish now acts reclusive, and is shy about going out from their cave or under shade to get food. The goby is now out almost all the time in the front of the tank and freely swims wherever. While this is all interesting, I think it pales in comparison to the relationship the goby and clownfish have formed. The clownfish has begun sitting on rocks or in caves next to the firefish, or outside when it can't fit. They confidently swim side by side, often touching. My clownfish's personality has completely shifted from the time of his big sister's death, but appears to be in perfect health. The two clownfish had been together their entire lives, even apart of the same hatchery. When I first introduced them to the tank they acted flabbergasted by the concept of a rock because they had never before seen one. Regardless, I will try to take some photos of my fish exhibiting this weird behavior. I just think it's cute that through loss they have realized that all they have is each other. I'm not sure if to add a new clownfish because my current one is quite big and old as well as what I have perceived as a hard pattern to come by. I don't want to get a fish just for it to be chased around the tank and eventually killed.
  4. Hey fish fam, Looking to get my hands on a couple of Gold Stripe Maroon or Gold Nugget Maroon Clownfish. I'm in Salem, Oregon and hoping to find someone local so I avoid paying online prices and problems.
  5. Looking for a good home for my little clownfish. He is health and loves food. The only problem is that he is getting pick on by the other clownfish. He is free to the first person that wants him.
  6. Here are the rules: • One photo entry per person • Pic has to be taken by YOU • Must be in by the posted deadline • Must follow subject guidelines for the month Winners will be determined based on voting poll results after submission deadline. This months subject: Being April Fools', I thought it would be fit to have a picture of the month for Clownfish. Have at it. Deadline: May 1st
  7. After multiple rounds of voting, the April picture of the month winner is: Tyler E
  8. UPDATED PRICE! So I have a pretty maroon clown that needs a new tank, I've decided instead to get a couple black ocellaris clowns for this tank. It can come with or without a small rose bubble tip anenome, $15 with the bubble tip or $5 without (I think this is a pretty good deal) or trades, I actually prefer trades! I'm looking for Clove polyps (not the tiny blue ones) rock flower, Maxi minis, zoas, dendro, Palythoas grandis, Mushrooms, kryptonite candy cane coral (neon green) other colors bubble tips, brain, acans it let me know what you got! I'm located in the Forest Grove area but I'll be in Hillsboro today about 2:30 so I could meet out there text 503-935-6334
  9. Buy 1 Get 1 Free Clownfish Sale! at Seahorse Aquarium and Supply Saturday May 28th - May 29th 106 NE Russet St, Portland, OR 97211 Featured clowns include Ocellaris Mocha Snowflakes Black & Whites Extreme Misbar Black & Whites Black Ice Picasso Platinum Snowflake platinum http://seahorse-nw.com/
  10. Hello all, My name is Nic and my wife and i will be moving to the beaverton area mid May, i wanted to get a head start on gathering info on local fish stores and the local selection so i can get an idea on starting my tank. Ive been reefing for about 6 years and currently have a 40gal breeder with a mixed LED DIY lighting. I plan on starting from scratch so any advice on local places or if i can get live rock from locals cheeper than a LFS that would be great! Looking forward to the move and getting my tank up and running again,
  11. I have a unique problem apparently because I can't find anything on google. I have two tomato clowns I moved to my sump due to a power outage and not having enough resources to support the tank they were in. The main display above the sump already has a pair of clowns so that was out of the idea. Aaaaanyways,... so the sump has some extra rock I'm seeding for a family member to start a tank and the rock is stacked so that the water has to flow through it- it's all the way to the surface across the center of the sump. The clowns were a bit freaked out by the sudden move and during the night my large tomato tried to jump the 'rockwall'. Unsuccessfully. She found herself with her head enough in the water to survive but she was almost all the way upside down with the left side of her belly out of water. I don't know why she didn't flop more because it appeared that she would have easily been able to flip herself and end up on the other side of the wall. So, that area of her skin was exposed to air for a prolonged amount of time and must have dried up a bit. I got her back in the water as soon as I saw her in the morning and she seemed fine. Later that day I noticed that that area seemed to be peeling and now we are 3 days later and the peeling continues. It is restricted to the area that was exposed and she shed part of the fins on that side as well. I'd wait it out and let it heal but she's not really eating. Has interest in eating but is either not feeling well or is freaked out by the move still- goes up to the food but doesn't eat it. I hand caught her and placed her in a bath of tank water with melafix in it for about 20 minutes- should I do this often? I don't want to add it to the entire tank because it does kill bacteria and I feel like things are just finally getting balanced in there. Should I do an area treatment with some iodine? I can capture her relatively easily by hand because of the size of the sump and could hold her over a container and apply some iodine or is that too harsh- maybe dilluted iodine? Ideas please? I don't want to set up a hospital tank but can if I get a general consensus that it's the best solution.
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