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  1. Looking to find some macro (pref chaeto for pod colonies) hopefully north Portland or north of Vancouver since I live in Longview to save me a huge drive. PM if you want me to take some off your hands
  2. Thanks for the welcome!! I'll see what happens with this tank, really just wanted to get back into the hobby again Last time I had reefs was in San Diego and I was heavily into the SDreefs community there, looking forward to meeting up and trading some goodies. My live rock, which basically sat in a tub with heater/pump for a few weeks, had a green BTA somewhere which apparently split into about a dozen (due to the stress?), so that will be interesting to deal with. I guess at least I don't have to buy one haha. Also a hitchhiker soft tree which I'm worried these might take over since there is a patch from removal before I got the rock that is starting to grow back. Also a few buttons.. oh and I think I'm starting to see some xenia hands showing up. Guess I don't even need to stock the tank haha. I also purchased a snowflake clown and a few frags to test the waters; favia as well as a monti and unknown acro. Also a little cleaning crew and cleaner and peppermint shrimp (had a few aiptasia which is has almost demolished) System is durso standpipe corner overflow to a old truvu wet/dry filter converted with just some LR and a protein skimmer at the moment. Entire system is maybe ~25g Ran a full bout of water tests and the results are as follows : temp: 76.8 Sg: 1.026, ph: 8.1 nitrate: <5ppm mg: 1520 alk/kh: 3.1-3.2 meq/l 8.7-9.0 dkh ca: 450 I'll have to get some photos once I get my aquarium photography chops up.
  3. Hi Folks, Just wanted to introduce myself. Been out of reefing for almost 15 years but previously had a 125, 1.5 and 40 which I loved but since I was young, didn't own a home and grew tired of moving tanks, I eventually got rid of all my gear.. About 10 years ago, I found a TruVu 20g RR sitting next to a dumpster.. looked like it had been used as a FW tank in a school (water line well below overflow) and possibly in a store system as it was drilled for 2" overflow. It was extremely scratched but figured it would be a good project eventually. After recently purchasing a home in Longview I decided to finally bite the bullet and start looking into setting it up which was sped up by finding a great deal on some already cured and basically ready to go live rock! My goal with the tank is to focus on a clown/anemone and maybe grow out some SPS frags provided the anemone doesn't attack.
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