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  1. Thanks for the info, they are (from what I can tell) an orange monti and a green with purple polyp.. Ok, that makes sense.. I did two that were decent sized pieces side by side and another mish-mash of the random pieces that were just sitting in the bottom of the fragging tray
  2. OOh, the green and blue would be pretty cool, especially since the green monti has the purple polyps and purple rim! or even just a 'psychadelic' one of them all together haha I'll hit you up to grab a piece especially since we are so close
  3. I heard OR legalized those magic mushrooms I don't make it to PDX all that much and unfortunately not planned within the next few weeks, I'll update if something comes up and I do need to head there.
  4. Yeah, I think I got all the majano's out of the DT, I found a few stragglers in the sump with some LR I got in there which were either removed or encased in carbonite(super glue) .. the peppermint has done a great job with any aptasia in the DT and things are going pretty dang well so far, I guess I paid the price for getting someone's 'leftover' live rock haha but it was established and probably saved me a good 6 months of waiting and I also got a few nicer hitch-hikers like a few cool mushrooms and I guess the kenya tree
  5. got some new stuff after killing all the majano got more but getting my macro chops back in order so I'll have more soon
  6. got a few frags to get rid of since I only got a nano need to keep these things at bay : 2 kenya tree frags 3-4 'frags' of the dragon macro 5 of the mushroom frags and I also got some orange monti if anyone is interested
  7. Yeah that was fun!! looking forward to the next one
  8. My wife now hates you for posting that video she said she will be going through the rest of the day with it stuck in her head
  9. Another option to look at would be ChaetoGro supplement
  10. 5 + 1 member ticket towards Hannah ALK checker good luck everyone : D
  11. I kinda figured this was the case.. I don't chase 'perfect numbers' so I wasn't worried, especially after realizing all other water parameters were fine. Just something interesting to notice.
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