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  1. 250 gal reef glass tank. Measures 35 x 71 x 28". Led light bars, lots of large live rock. many supplies with it. $900 or make me an offer. 509-949-7217 Lisa M.
  2. Hi. Lisa Monson from Selah, Wa. New to this. I have a 250+ Gallon, glass of course, reef tank. Am considering selling it. Been up and running for 10 years now. I have mixed feelings about it. It started out my husbands thing. I have long since taken it over. We have a large Sail Fin Tang, and some other fish. With this large tank, they do well and grow nicely. The ones not shown are Kauherns Cardinal fish, 2 of them, and a green Blenny about 4 inches long. Do any of you all live anywhere near central washington?
  3. Hi there. I have a large 250 gallon reef tank and am considering selling the whole thing. It has been up and running for 10 years now. I have one large Sail Fin Tang, and a few smaller fish. Orange & purple Angel, Green Blenny, two Kauderns Cardinals, two orange and white Clowneys, and a damsel that is brilliant blue. I also have lots of live rock. If anyone is interested message me.
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