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  1. Oh boy! Always with the amazing looking corals!!!
  2. Oh no you guys are making it easier for me to get things shipped to Washington (0_0)! Excited for the sale!
  3. Congrats @Bubblesamazing looking clam!!!
  4. I'm keeping an eye out for them, probably to soon to find any visible ones. So many hidden angles in the tank it's hard to tell.
  5. Thanks for the support @LadAShark let me know when the nudies are ready, I'll come snag a few from you
  6. They love them... so we'll see how that goes. For now to keep the shrimp safe I've put them in the sump for protection... it's where I dipped my hand as well.
  7. Thank you all for the support! My wife told me it was bound to happen... I hate that statement, we should be trying to annihilate these pests from the hobby. I just never imagined it would be an inside job that introduced them LOL. Peppermint shrimp are in... I'll be keep watch for any "new" nems in the tank. Does anyone know if Valentini puffers have a taste for them?
  8. So I got a beautiful new Derasa clam today... covered in a few pests. Aptaisa, vermited... and some friendly isopods and such. Couple of things about our cleaning regiment: We QT everything regardless of what it is... We clean all livestock as advised... scrub, razor blade, glue whatever needs to be done to get the job done.. etc. I always wear gloves... been stung too many times by bristleworms So what's the problem? After cleaning off the two small aptasia I used the gloves to wipe off the blade, aptasia guts remaining on the glove. So the clam is still acclimating, I decided to
  9. I love the diverse color of your tank! It's looking really good!
  10. Did some say live sale item? Beautiful piece, it's even better in person.
  11. I like the concept, looking forward to seeing this live!!! I did gave a couple questions: Are you all planning on doing a second round of funding? Thoughts on the retail price? HOW DO U GET ONE?!?!? .
  12. Beautiful piece... I keep telling my wife we need to move to Oregon for some better reefing
  13. Momma always said "GO BIG or go home!"... She also expressed concern about my reefing addiction 1x Member ticket - Hanna Alk checker 5x tickets - Nero 5x tickets - MP40 Good luck everyone!!!
  14. Great looking frag packs Holly! I'm moving to Portland!
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