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  1. Wow this looks great and I love how compact it is, I'm sure it will fit in a lot of sumps with no problem at all.
  2. Wow those look great I have been wanting to know how good the rapid led coronas are, as I had a radion Xr30 gen4 but it fell into my tank and it doesn't work any longer. So I have been looking into some cheaper options, how easy is it to adjust spectrum and timing?
  3. Also right now I have 2 55 gallon tanks and it's getting to be a little too much to maintain both of them but I am wondering if I were to consolidate both of them I guess the obvious choice would be something like 100 gallon tank but would like to avoid having to upgrade a lot of my other equipment like lights, skimmer, etc. So my question is what is the biggest I can go with the least amount of upgrades to equipment? I have 2 48" current led, Kessil 360x, vertex omega 180i, an aquamaxx skimmer that is too small for anything bigger.
  4. Oh ok I see well thanks for letting me know I appreciate it
  5. Hi I maybe new but have been keeping freshwater planted tanks for 5+ years now. But I was always scared to make the jump to saltwater as everything seemed so much harder, but I met a friend who told me it wasn't that bad and helped me set my first tank up. Not long after that the coral bug bit me and I needed a second tank as well and so that is where I am at now. But have much to learn still and hope for some good luck to everyone. also my messages need to be approved by a moderator every time is this normal and how long does it last?
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