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  1. Okay, so to me they look like baby Margarita snails. They are not bothering any of my coral and spend a lot of time on the glass, substrate, and rocks, so I am ruling out a pest snail. I have Trochus, Margarita, Cerith, Nassarius, and Astrea snails. My thinking is my margarita snail began spawning. Anyways if anyone is interested in baby snails they are up for grabs. I got at least 50-80 of these little guys roaming around the tank right now.
  2. Anyone have one they are willing to sell? Location and price?
  3. Woah, that is a nice piece. How many heads are on that pic? Depending on the price I might be willing to take both heads of the one you currently have. Can you PM me with prices and possibly a pic of it if you can.
  4. I have a 100 gallon bag of Kent Reef Salt left, unopened. I changed the reef salt I am using, so I am left with this. $20 takes the whole bag. Location: Salem, OR.
  5. Want to buy an Aussie Gold Torch, who has one? Include pics
  6. I left my deposit @ CNC and Jeff refunded me the $50. I had issues with PayPal
  7. @Higher ThinkingI returned the par meter to CNC.
  8. Anyone got some they can spare. My tang loves it and I would like to get some for the tang and also to add to my refugium. I live in Salem, OR but would not mind to make a drive for you folks in Portland or Eugene or surrounding areas.
  9. Does anyone have Chaeto? I live in the Salem, OR area. I am in Portland right now and would like to see if anyone has any they can spare @ the moment.
  10. How about within the next hour? 2pm or 2:30? Whichever is more convenient for you guys.
  11. I will be picking up the par meter today.
  12. Anyone got some they can spare? Preferably clean with no aphasia or bristleworms. I live in Salem, OR
  13. Are the filters socks still available?
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