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    MP40 QD

    I'm interested...could you post pics of dry and wet sides and of the little broken part. Thank you
  2. You guys are amazing and thanks for doing your part. We live in washington but you have become our go to reef store now, thanks for staying open and keeping the reefing community alive!
  3. SWEET SALE THANK YOU! picked up... #5. Indo 3 head bright green purple tip #80. Red cynarina #51. Sunny zoa How do you guys want payment
  4. This is going to be EXCELLENT! We live almost near canada but follow and love your shop...finally a chance to grab some cuttlefish corals!!
  5. Ya still wont send hahah I'll be second for the tank if teramelos doesnt want it
  6. Tried to pm but won't accept lol
  7. That's a sweet deal! Cant wait to see it full!!
  8. If you dont mind me asking what lights you use and what par you came up with?
  9. This is going to be a nice build!!
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