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  1. 3 tickets towards the Hanna Alkalinity checker and 3 towards the MP40 please. Thanks all and good luck to me and me only!
  2. Forgot, also comes with a return pump.
  3. Comes w. the stand, light (AI Hydra 26HD, protein skimmer, sand and a few rocks. I have a few fish that I haven't bothered to move into my new tank yet so the rock should be good to go. No sump, but it has the option to install one.
  4. I have a Red Sea Max e170 that I've been meaning to sell. $350 takes it.
  5. Anyone have a clean ball of chaeto I can have? I'm located in Lake Oswego.
  6. I don't think so. I purchased this for a 73 Gallon display. I decided to try to go for a large refugium and want to go skimmer less.
  7. Anyone have an extra ball of cheato near Lake Oswego? Would prefer some that's free of bristleworms and aptasia.
  8. Selling a brand new Bubble Magus Curve 5 for $150. The box hasn't been opened and the skimmer was purchased from Marinedepot back in March.
  9. Are you ever up in Portland? If so, I'll take it.
  10. Happy holidays everyone. Just thought I'd do a quick little introduction. I moved to Lake Oswego from Denver 7 years ago. I use to have a small 30 gallon reef tank that I was forced to give up when we moved. Since then, life and kids kind of got in the way of restarting a tank. Now that the kids are older, I'm looking to handle some unfinished business and setup my dream tank. Really looking forward to meeting some of you and possibly getting some help for some of the more intricate aspects of this incredible hobby. How did you hear about Pnwmas? The Google machine How lo
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