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  1. I really appreciate the input. I totally didnt think about the height when it came to cleaning the top tank. The top tank is planned to be just rock flower nems and was going to make a minimal rockscape that slopes in the middle, but a top down view would be awesome of them. What do you all think if I dropped the over all height by 12"? Thanks again everyone
  2. Please give me thoughts and suggestions. I am really looking to make it simple but aesthetically pleasing in my living room/ dinner room.
  3. So I have been thinking of starting a frag tank to tie into my current system (reefer 250). I first found a little glass IM 6 gallon tank with frag rack that fits perfectly. Was going to drill it and put it on a shelf next to the current tank. Shortly after getting home with it I found a 20"x20"x12.5" acrylic frag tank with over flow on here. Swooped on that as well. I was talking with my kiddos asking their opinions and they asked why can't we do both? So I thought yeah why not. My oldest decided he wants to make the small 6 gallon tank to be a rock flower nem only tank and then the 20 gallon frag tank for fragging and grow out. So here is a rough sketch and a couple of pics of vague positioning. Thinking of building g the stand out of steel and making magnetic panels to cover underneath. Also I am going to plumb it into the sump of the reefer 250.
  4. We would be interested in a frag as well. Was such an impressive piece in your tank!
  5. I drive a diesel the stations in the Yamhill county area allow to self serve diesel. Now if only there were more stations that had more than one diesel pump.
  6. Looking to sell my Pink spotted watchman goby and pistol shrimp, they pair up great and the watchman goby has great color. Asking $40 for the pair
  7. Really like the zoas on the right too!
  8. Spade bits like that are probably not the best idea. They will get caught on crevices and stop the drill in its tracks, it will hurt your wrist pretty bad. Masonry bits would be the best (silver ones below) but standard bit can work too(gold bit below).
  9. The Tank: Reefer 250 with Gen3 XR30 for lighting. Icecap Gyre for flow, Bubble-Magnus curve 5 protein skiller and current eflux DC return pump. Most of the rock is from Cuttlefish and Corals, it's the man made rock they carry. It and the other live rock from another tank cycled in a brute tube for 3 months before setting up the tank. Tank has been running for about 2 months. Fish are 2 clowns, a pink spotted watchman goby and tiger pistol shrimp pair and a cleaner shrimp. There are other various corals and plenty more to come 😁🤑! Acan is placed on a small Reefing Art frag rack on the left side of the tank. There are the 2 main polyps and a few little ones on the backside. Pic was taken with Samsung Galaxy S9+ with Reefing Art 20k filter lense. I will get a few more angles including the top down tommorrow the other pics turned our really fuzzy and I didnt notice until now and the lights are off 🤦‍♂️. Other pics added 3-20-2020
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