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  1. edited packs and prices to reflect a few pieces that sold out of them.
  2. Definitely following this. I have tried a couple times to do this and basically always have them just grow away from each other, but never graft 🤔. Best of luck, I think things like this are so awesome to do!
  3. Some packs sold and a few edited for changes.
  4. Some packs sold/pending and a few edited for changes.
  5. Here are some pics of all the zoas. Not all of them are in the packs as they are still in growout.
  6. I have a bunch of Zoa frags in my frag tank that i need to sell to make room. I put together some packages (see below) Price is for entire group and Polyp count is at least that number or more. I have a bunch of frags so getting pictures of exact frags is hard, but will post reference pics and can get more if you need. Located in McMinnville but can possibly meet somewhere.
  7. I have a couple shrooms in some of the packs above, including the Mellow Yellow Bounce mushroom. hopefully will have some of my other shrooms split in the future.
  8. I have a bunch of extra coral in my frag tank and instead of selling individually, though it would be cool to put together some packages. Photo of pack lists - price is for all items in that group all other photos are of the corals in the frag tank for reference. I can try and get exact pieces if needed, but sometimes its hard because the tank is so full. Located In McMinnville but can possible meet.
  9. Thanks everyone was a lot of fun for my whole family. And congrats to the winners 🏆
  10. 10 tickets plus my freebie ticket 5 to Nero 5 5 to MP40 1 to phosphate checker Thanks!
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