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  1. Ok, I can pay through Venmo right away to hold it if that helps. 🤑
  2. I have some German Blue branching montipora that you could have. Will add some height to the top of the rocks and it grows quickly.
  3. Right...!!! It will be the only thing green left in the tank when it takes over! But ...... my 2 boys bought some for there tank. They love it and if it makes them happy. So I am now a expert in hedge trimming 🤣
  4. I had that problem awhile back with mine. I held the button for about 10 seconds and it cycled the lights all around and reset to 66. I could then get the temp to move. Its been good since, knock on wood 😬
  5. I am pretty sure we were already in the November drawing.
  6. The white clown is so awesome!
  7. Thanks everyone! It was a ton of fun! My boys thought everyone was so nice and cool! And my wife and I want to thank everyone for being so willing to talk with and involve our boys.
  8. Here is a pic of one of the rocks with GSP. Where would you want to meet in Eugene? I am usually down there by 9:30am.
  9. Well .....Here is our intro: 1) How did you hear about PNWMAS? --- We heard about the group from the staff at Cuttlefish and Corals. 2) How long have you been in the hobby? --- This is a bit of a longer answer. I grew up with saltwater tanks, my dad used to take me to Upscales as a kid. My wife and I in the mid 2000s had a multiple mixed reef tanks, we sold them all to remodel our house and then life brought us a child. We tried to get back into the hobby with a small 20 gallon nano AIO and it went well but then kiddo #2 appeared. So that brings us to now.... We have our 2 boys 8 and 9 years old. We started back into the hobby with them as apart of the family reefing team. 3) Who inspired you to start up a tank? --- I would say my dad originally, but to restart back into the hobby now its definitely my boys. 4) What size aquariums do you have? --- 29 gallon Biocube w/ LED retrofit kit and InTank Media basket , 14 gallon Biocube w/ Steve's LED kit and InTank Media basket, Innovative Marine SR80 (currently being built - Still need lighting and powerheads) 5) What livestock do you have? --- Between the 2 tanks we have 2 clowns, 1 green Chromis, 1 Lawnmower blenny, Pink spotted Watchman Goby and a pistol shrimp pair, 1 peppermint shrimp, and a bunch of CUC. As for corals we have variety of Zoas, some mushrooms, a couple types of branching Monti, to much GSP, to much Xenia, Hammer coral, rainbow Monti, Finger Leather, Toadstool, Green Stylo, and a few Favia frags. Needless to say the 29 gallon is wicked packed with coral and we are slowly moving stuff over to the 14. 6) What is your dream fish? --- That is a hard question, I would say mine right now is probably a Potter's wrasse. My boys: a Hippo Tang and a Mandarin Goby. My wife really wants a pair of seahorses some day. 7) What is your dream coral? --- All of them in many tanks!!!!! We really like Zoas and want a big garden of crazy colors! 😎 Anything else you would like to add? --- We are excited to start this adventure as a family. And my boys want to start their own YouTube channel. The 14 gallon is their build and we have done a few videos, but I need to learn to edit some.
  10. Did you find what you were looking for? I live north of you but travel to Eugene almost every Thursday for work. I have a ton of GSP. I could bring a chunk down if your interested.
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