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  1. It was an awesome introduction to the group. I cant wait for the next meeting. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you all for the congrats, I have needed some good news as of late. They will be a welcome addition to the tank. I have heard the reefing community is a welcoming one and you all have shown that to be true. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  3. Im seeing a lot of mangroves in this style tank is it essential or more preference? Just curious. It looks amazing btw, 13 hours of work you can be proud of . Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  4. This may be better suited for the "out of bounds" section. Anyway, I drive for amazon flex on my days off. Most "blocks" for a small car are $ 60 to $70 for 3 hours work. I finish them in 2 to 2 1/2 hours, so 60 to 70 bucks for 2 hours work isnt bad. Even though I just jumped into this hobby, I started seeing the potential for this combo. I drive for 3 hours(max) this in turn yields, say $60. This is a new frag, a new pump, a new whatever. Theoretically a small venture like like this could be so much more. Mu question is: does anyone else utilize ventures like this to help drive their "addiction?" If so what do you do and does it actually help fund your tanks Example: ill deliver food for 3 hours to fund "that frag". If this is something you do, does it work, or does that money and time suppliment other venture? Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  5. I agree with the bio wheel it is a pain already. The corals you suggested are the ones i have wanted to start with so I am happy to hear that. As far as mixing goes i did do it in the tank knowing it would be much harder to hit the target. I am measuring with a swing gauge for now but the wonderful people on the forum have offered some alternatives (hanna, pocket testers, and refrecfometers) and ill be picking up one of these asap. I was able to bring the salinity today and im happier with it now and it is very consistent (again swing gauge measurements). I will be picking up a bigger mixing container and ill also be getting an RO/DI system asap. I dont want to pay for it again lol. Thank you for the tips, could you ad some links to the power heads you mentioned I'd really like to check them out. Cheers Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  6. My tank is up and running! Salinity is a little low, 1.020ill try and bring it up a bit. I posted in another thread that my salinity reading was different through out the column but that has rectified its self as of this morning. My temp is up to 77f and my ammonia is at about 2.0 ppm. Im happy with all of that. Now equipment The tank is a marineland 37 gal. Same foot print as a 29 but way taller. The hood is an eclipse bio wheel, im not real happy with it so far. The light fixture was missing so i had to modify the hood to let light in. The light is a coral life with blue and white light. There is probably more to it but im still learning about lighting. Again this will most likely be changed in the coming weeks. I have a real basic power head mounted in the front corner of the tank. It should be turning the tank well over 10 times an hour. I have the heater in the tank next to the filter intake since there was no room in the filter. Its a 150watt preset heater and it is doing just fine bringing the temps up. I set this tank up on a budget and im happy with it for the most part but upgrades are coming. Ill start a new thread for those changes. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  7. Iv heard about the hanna for checking other parameters I didnt realize it check salinity too. Thanks for the advice. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  8. Good to know, ill be ordering one soon. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  9. So I just set up a 37 gal tank, no sump HOB filter. I have a swing gauge that Im using to measure salinity ( i will be buying a refacto-meter *sp*.)im getting different readings depending on were I measure. Is this normal? High in the column is way over pegged on the high end. Mid tank, hign in the column is mid range, 31 ppt and 1.023 ppm, low tank measures about the same as mid tank levels, close to 29ppm and 1.021 specific gravity. Is it normal to get different readings in the water column? My temps are still raising and this tank has only been up for 6 hours or so. Is there a "golden area" to test salinity? How long does salinity take to stabilize? Are huge swings normal in a new tank? Thanks in advance. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  10. Thank you, I have been on this forum for a few days, reading. The knowledge and experince base is massive, I love it. I was in the reptile hobby for a long time and unfortunately had to exit it against my will. This hobby has already pushed me like reptiles used too. Im so lucky to be part of it. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  11. Thank you for the welcome. Im still getting my salinity up but it is running. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  12. I just set up a 37 gal. Ill update with equipment when i have some more time. But basically a 37gal with a HOB fikter, still working to dial that in. I have a used HOB skimmer that I got used and need to order some parts for. Honestly just hoping I started it right all in all im just excited that I took the leap. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
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