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  1. I have some some corals I would like to trade for torches or ai primes stuff like that 👍 just seeing what people have to trade for. I have more corals to trade and rainbow bubble tips also. Will also frag what I can for a smaller value too.
  2. PM me or respond with a pic of torches you are willing to sell and or trade for other corals 👍 Happy Reefing!
  3. What Lps do you have? I'm interested in torches
  4. Hammers $15 a head and gets cheaper the more heads you buy. I have a lot of them still in colonies and some in smaller colonies will break up if wanted too. Multi color and toxic greens. The acro frags start at $20 and go up from there depending on size. They have bright green base with dark purple tips. Happy reefing and if you are interested shoot me a text. 503 713 3790. My name is Nate.
  5. Going to text you about sump and gyres
  6. Very interested in all the torches and the elegance and the wrasses. Message me 503 713 3790
  7. Interested in the kessil h80. I have corals to trade also if you would rather go that way just let me know
  8. Sure wish I was around this past weekend for the deal on these!! I would have taken a few!
  9. 65 gallon tank with sump. Return pump heater filter sock shops psk 75 protein skimmer, free crushed coral. Just took the tank down friday night. No corals livestock for sale and no light. I would like $350 for it
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