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  1. Does this require an Apex controller or does it function on its own?
  2. Do you have a picture of the stand?
  3. After a recent inventory of my storage unit I discovered that I still have 13 ADA rimless aquascaping tanks ranging from 2.5-45 gallons, just begging to get used. I've decided to try an aqua scape like the below picture using gsp instead of moss. I'm thinking a canister filter filled with live rock rubble and chemi pure blue and then using Seiryu stone and live sand in the tank. livestock would just be a couple neon goby's and some stomatila snails. Think it would work? Any issues I may not be aware of? Its weird to want to do this with saltwater but that's just how I roll.
  4. What are the sizes of your tanks? Looks really cool.
  5. My tank is hovering right around one month old so I thought I would document its progress for future comparison.
  6. Does anybody know of a black reef safe dye to DIY a version of the Real Reef blackout rock? I want to go with blackout rock on my new build but already have 20ish lbs of white dry rock that I'd like to get in a tank. I know the purple rock uses various shades of PVC dye but black...?
  7. Although I hate to part with it, my BMPCC isn't getting used these days and it deserves a new home. Includes: Black Magic pocket cinema camera (mint) Cam tree small rig cage Cam tree full shoulder rig with focus pulling, remote trigger, french doors and counter weight Rokinon 14mm cine lens Atomos ninja blade monitor Tascam audio mixer Juice box external power supply Shotgun and lav microphones M43- EF converter Velbon video tripod with Manfroto 501 fluid video head Lots of additional cables and bits I'm negotiable on the price but $1000 is what I'm aiming for. Also open to trade for a tank and stand combo in good shape.
  8. I need a solid axle swap on my 94 F150 XLT 4x4. Hard to find a shop willing to do it. Message me if this is in your wheelhouse.
  9. I had never heard of monos or scats but after a consultation with Google I'm intrigued. There are some really cool looking varieties.
  10. I recently learned that Mollies can be acclimated to life in a reef tank and although I'm not a huge fan of Mollies it got me curious about what other species this can be done with. Anyone know of other brackish fish that can transition to life in a reef tank? Bumblebee Goby?
  11. No clue what its called but were I in charge of naming such things... Behold the eye of Beetlejuice!
  12. Recently they've been showing a lot of updates, I think it's legit. Out of 116 projects backed on Kickstarter I've only been burned twice but have had more than a dozen projects go way past the projected ship date. I remain patient and hopeful.
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