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  1. I'd go $60 bucks if you can send it to me. I live in Olympia.
  2. Yeah, just let me know, but that Cuttle offer sounds nice.
  3. I love em, I need a pair. Did you special order those?
  4. I have probably a hundred of these, and they keep coming. But I live way up in Olympia, Wa.
  5. it is very interesting to say the least. can't wait for someone to tell you what it is.
  6. 1k tank is crazy, I love it. I live in Olympia, I would love to help out if I can, once all this quarantine stuff is over of course. Good luck.
  7. I would gladly give these away to anyone. But I'm way up in Olympia Wa.
  8. Yeah, mine did that a month back and I thought it was cool at the time. Now my tank is infested with them. probably over 100 tiny stomatellas running around. Going to need to cull some of them soon, they are out eating my actual snails.
  9. I am no expert, but it kind of looks like a planarian worm. Supposedly they are harmless, but take that with a large amount of salt.
  10. I guess the late one gets the 25th at 5pm. good luck all.
  11. Happy Birthday, I have yet to meet you since I am newer to the forum. But I have seen all the advise you have bestowed upon so many members and am thankful for you support.
  12. I travel through there pretty often, ill definitely come by. congratulations.
  13. do you guys need anymore, i would love to join if you have room.
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