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  1. I do believe it is what I've heard referred to as a frammer. Definitely puffy like a hammer but with frog spawn like appendages. Would a monkey frammer come from you? lol
  2. Update with what I picked up from Cuttle Fish's sale today. Super happy with the 4 additions and doubly so at the prices of the sale. @Jorge thanks for the the awesome sale!
  3. QQ on the raffle, was in this morning and snagged some great new pieces (including one of those $40 WD, woot), would i have automatically been entered or was i supposed to ask? Thanks for the great sale!
  4. i'll be visiting for sure, excited!
  5. You still need this? happen to see this post and i have one sitting in a box that came with the tank i bought in May.
  6. Can i get on the list for the USB? Thanks!
  7. Very nice! . Love the the big zoa colonies you got going. I've 'planted' several around the tank and plan on adding many more. One of my favorites so far. I'm loving the tank so far. How are you liking the sump upgrade? Long term that may be in my future.
  8. Thanks! I soooooooooooooo love movement in that tank. Love watching those guys sway back and forth. So cool.
  9. Just a note to say Hi! Just started my reefing journey in May. Loving it so far. All the resources available both online and the LFS have been awesome. Found this forum via R2R, awesome to see a local group i can participate in with monthly meetings/classifieds/etc.. See ya around! Started a tank thread too:
  10. Starting up a tank thread here (also maintaining similar on R2R). After poring over options and losing out on some craigslist/facebook items that were much more reasonable, a RedSea Max-E 260 popped up on craigslist (with a very substantial credit thrown in at a LFS). It was out of my price range but was exactly what I wanted so i fired up eBay and sold off my vintage video game collection gathering dust and jumped in. I work from home and this is setup in my office. Awesome stress relief to spin my chair and stare at it for 5-10mins 4-5 times a day. I've really enjoyed the start of this hobby and the LFS I've frequented (Woodys, CuttleFish, All Things) have been super helpful and easy to talk to, get advice, etc.. I'm mostly enjoying getting small frags and watching them grow. Currently 5 weeks into waiting out Ich in the main tank so only have 2 clowns (in QT right now). Can't wait to be able to add more fish! Current Inhabitants 2 Clown fish (Penny & Wise - my daughters choice) 2 Torches Bi-Color Hammer An Island of Xenia 2 Shrooms (1 with child in tow) Zoas - Space Queen, LA Lakers, Lich Kings, Devils Armor, Fruit Loops, Toxic and ?? can't remember the name of the orange/red/pink/blue guys Jason Fox Favites Devils Finger Leather Red Goniopora Purple Pol Birds Nest Fried Circuit Platy Waste Management Crew (Emerald Crab, Blue crab, 6 Nassarius and 6 gigantic Trochus) Current Gear Running RedSea MAX-E 260 stock (return pumps, skimmer, AI lights) Tunze Assomolater ATO Bag of carbon Icap 3k Gyre 3DReefing Diffusers Current Maintenance Weekly water changes (20-25%) Bi-Weekly Carbon replace Current Goals Do my best not too kill anything Put the RedSead DIY net together before I have a sad event with one of my clowns.
  11. Another vote for Cuttle Fish, awesome store
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