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  1. I’m in LO if u ever come down here feel free to pick up some utter chaos palys for cheap. When I was in Eugene there was a pretty nice fish store there. Don’t remember the name but I think they have other animals also.
  2. I have a large colony of Pandora’s and utter chaos. About 20 polyps on each. Pandora’s are $3 per polyp and utter chaos are $5. Let me know how many polyps you want and I will cut them for u. I’m in lake Oswego
  3. I’m betting may or June will be the time to do it actually
  4. Bro u know I don’t have much acros yet but someday I would love to get a head of that
  5. But seriously though what would u be willing to take😂
  6. Selling a frag of my meteor shower cyphastrea. About a 3x1 inch piece for $25 I’m in lake Oswego
  7. I have coral so I won’t be taking him but I love how you didn’t hide the fact that he does in fact eat coral👍
  8. I have a pretty good size purple alvepora that I’m selling for $25. Located in Lake Oswego it looks smaller in the pic than it really is
  9. My puffer better get a shout out😂
  10. I’m in lake Oswego so that might be a little too far for me
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