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  1. Hey Everyone, So I've been reefing about a year and recently realized I have vermetid snails. I'm pretty sure they killed one of my corals and now it looks like they are endemic to my tank. I know there's probably no way to get rid of them without totally breaking down my tank, but I'm in the process of moving and am considering a more drawn out process of resetting my tank, quarantining all my livestock, and eradicating whatever other pests are endemic to my tank (I would also like to eradicate ich, etc and institute a better qt process moving forward). My thought was to quarantine all fish and corals in a temporary setup and run the tank for a period of time without feeding it. I'd maybe also add bumblebee snails since I've heard they are vermetid snail predators. Would this work? how long would I have to cycle my rock before I could add livestock back to the tank? How badly would this hurt my tank's stability?
  2. Thanks for the thoughts! I’m still on the fence about trying it versus another dosing regiment for the tank/fuge. I wouldn’t object to doing fewer or smaller water changes either, but that’s not the main motivation for considering the triton additives. It just seems if they’re formulated for supporting the minor/trace element demand of a large refugium it might be a good option for my setup.
  3. Has anyone tried it? I'm currently running a ~10 gallon fuge with chaetomorpha on my reefer 350 with fritz two part but thinking of switching to the triton method. I really don't like running a skimmer and I want to keep the big section of my sump dedicated to the refugium. Can anyone think of a reason this would be problematic? My refugium currently keeps up with my tank's nutrient output but I do a ~25% water change weekly. I don't mind doing water changes, I'm mostly just trying to maintain minor and trace elements to support the corals and chaeto. Any thoughts? I'll probably give it a shot but would love to know what others experiences with triton method have been.
  4. Yeah when I use my phones flashlight on it it’s greenish 😞. Bubble algae was my first thought but it looked the wrong color. What do y’all do to get rid of it?
  5. Anyone have any idea what these black bubbles cropping up on my zoas and acans are? I first noticed them on this zoa frag but now it’s on a couple of acan frags. I can’t tell if it’s something the coral is doing or if it’s a different organism? It sort of seems like it has something to do with the corals growing but idk...
  6. Hey there! I’m also from Portland and relatively new to the hobby. My tanks been going about four months so just beginning to add corals.
  7. Hello everyone, I’m a new reef keeper from Portland. I’ve had my tank going for about four months and i’ve just started adding corals. It’s a ~73g display with a ~20g sump. I’m very excited about the hobby and pretty much fallen in head first. I’m looking forward to meeting y’all and connecting with other local folks in the PNW. I hope you’re all having a great day! Austin
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