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  1. I have a Reef Octopus LX 1000s to give away. It needs a new pump as old one is dead and gone . I think it’s all here. I’m located in Brush Prairie Washington. Free
  2. Careful not to get your coffee in you tank , unless it’s decaf!😆
  3. I’m waiting patiently for the store to open. Nice to have a local aquatic pet store again.
  4. I am NE of Vancouver Washington, about 20-30 minutes
  5. I have some free Cheato in the Orchard area also some Mexican.
  6. Yes, 6 months on cartridges and 1 year for the membrane. This depends on how many gallons you run.
  7. I have a lightly used Marineland led light. It is for a 48-60inch long tank. 10.000 k. You can add more led pods to this , there are 30 white 100 k led pods with 4 leds on each pod. There are 6 moonlight pods and you can add up to 12 more pods. Was used for 5 months.works very good. There are optional timers that can be purchased ( in-line). Asking $100 obo. Brush Prairie.
  8. A new store? Thank you for the welcome.
  9. Hi, just starting again after 25 year break. I have a 36 and a 60 gallon tank that have been cycled and have fish , a shrimp and Anemone. The 60 is to be a reef tank , it has a green chromis and a candy cane shrimp a striped Blenny and 2 snails. A few more fish and some corals to go. There is a 20 gallon refugium with sand and algae. It’s going good so far. I will post pictures after it gets stocked down the road. I have a lot to learn after taking time off, things have changed since the 90s. Peace to all.
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