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  1. I’m ready for some Corals now, any left. I live in Hockinson, not that it matters.
  2. If you used the 300w it won’t have to work as hard. I have 2 200w in my 60 gallon.
  3. 55 60 65 ? It had a 65 on it
  4. I have an aquarium stand for a 48”. The bottom got wet and dried. It still functions but could use a piece of wood replaced on bottom. It’s fiber board stuff, the upper and sides are good. Picture shows bottom up.
  5. Jeffster

    Reef Box fish

    The yellow wrasse and blue tang are my first Reef Box fish. They act like long lost cousins, they get along like 2 peas in a pod. The clowns and Blennie seem to like them. A couple more fish later and the we will start Corals. 58949937105__9AC1023D-8887-49CC-BB79-75D7DE649FD1.MOV
  6. I have an Aqualife led 48” works perfectly, about 5 months of use. Also have overflow for a 55 gallon tank plus more. I live I Hockinson (Brush Prairie). Free 55 stand bottom got wet but still works. This is from a 55g that I sold. &50 for light and $30 for overflow.
  7. I went by your place a week ago but the fence was up so I knew you weren’t open yet.
  8. I have a free Sedra 5000 water pump and it works good, I'm located in Brush Prairie, WA. I also have Skimmer parts that were with it, it is complete but a broken piece. I don't need this for my tanks. Also have prizm back pack complete works. Sump with end broke off, works in a 10 gallon or larger aquarium. Text #3609800461 Jeff
  9. I have a Reef Octopus LX 1000s to give away. It needs a new pump as old one is dead and gone . I think it’s all here. I’m located in Brush Prairie Washington. Free
  10. Careful not to get your coffee in you tank , unless it’s decaf!😆
  11. I’m waiting patiently for the store to open. Nice to have a local aquatic pet store again.
  12. I am NE of Vancouver Washington, about 20-30 minutes
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