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  1. Hello, I just recently got a Apex. With the apex comes the ability to monitor ORP. I really don't understand what ORP does in our aquariums. My ORP has been steadily climbing since I got the Apex on line. Is an ORP of 457 too high? How can I regulate ORP? Thank you for your help.
  2. Thank you John. I figured you would be the one to respond. I might be asking you some questions later. I will have to run through your tutorials again and see how much I can do on my own.
  3. Hello, I am upgrading my apex classic to the apex 2016. Is there anything I should be aware of or should I just copy my programming over for each device? Is there any features that are different or new that might be of interest? I am planning to have both up and running on my tank before I take the classic off line.
  4. Thanks for posting this. I would have guessed differently but it just goes to show. Do the research with out assumptions.
  5. I would be curious to see what effect the glass lid had on your PH?
  6. I ended up using these 25 gal tanks and building a stand to raise the RODI tank above the salt tank. I just finished setting up my auto water changes last week and so far I love it.
  7. SuncrestReef, This was great. You have great techno skills and your tutorials are very easy to follow. I wish I would have made it out to your house for the gathering so I could see your setup in person. I am setting up my mixing station very similar to yours. Now I am working on setting up my AWC and want to add the temp, salinity, tank levels to my tanks. This is all because of you and your awesome setup..
  8. I have trouble with the colors as well. right now I have a salifert for nitrates. I might try the Hanna for phos
  9. What test kits are you guys using to test NO3 and PO4? What is your favorite and why?
  10. This was our family's first Frag Fest and we had a great time. My son was so excited he is now talking about converting his freshwater tank over to a frag tank. We ended up leaving with 15 corals were very happy with our choices. Thank you to everyone who worked hard at putting this event together. I am looking forward to the next one.
  11. Very nice suggestions. I was thinking about the lid and how to make it removable. I did not want to leave it in there and not wash it. I do have a breakout box in the garage I just need to get in under the tank and hooked up. The switch for feed mode would also be great for the wife so she does not have to open fusion to feed.
  12. Hello Reefers, I just had my protein skimmer overflow suddenly the other day. I am looking to add a float valve to a breakout box to my apex to control the skimmer. I looked at the below uxcell one on amazon but it has mixed reviews about reliability. Does anyone have any recommendations on reliable float valves?
  13. I have mine about 4 inches from the water surface. When I turn the return pump off for feeding they are still 2 inches above water level. I do have to clean them every so often because sometime they get splashed and start crusting up.
  14. please let me know if you can see the pictures now.
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