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  1. SuncrestReef, Do you think I should be trying to add it or "Seed" it to the tank? Or should I just let things be? I don't want to be chasing things that are not beneficial in some sort of way. I wouldn't mind it covering some of my very horrible epoxy jobs on my rock. But I don't get to choose where it grows.
  2. Thanks. I am testing 3 times a week at the same time per day. At this point I am only checking ALK, CAL, and MG regularly. I have started dosing about two weeks ago on a regular basis. I am at about 10ml per day of ALK and CAL. So far this is holding me at 8.2 ALK, 420 CAL, and about 1380 MG. but I get a large variance in my MG testing and am trying to figure out if its me not doing the test the same way each time.
  3. So is it a bad thing? Or just more of a nuisance?
  4. OK thank you.. I am in the process of adding some T5 bulbs to my setup. I purchased an aquaticlife hybrid to add the T5's. but I really don't want to hang the fixture off the wall with cords. I really like the look of the red sea light brackets. So at this point it sits in my garage waiting for me to come up with something. I will look for some snails next time I am at the LFS. Like today at lunch time. LOL.
  5. Hello, I need a little advice on how to get coraline algae going in my tank. From what I know its a beneficial part of the ecosystem. My tank has been up for a while now and I still don't have it starting up yet. Is there something I can do or add to get it going? Or should I just leave things alone and not try too hard?
  6. What would you suggest on the ich? I have some other fish in a QT tank running copper but they seem to keep getting the ich back again. The hippo that has it now in my DT came straight from the LFS and I stupidly did not quarantine him because my QT was already full. I know this was not the best approach but the wife asked for fish on mothers day. The QT tank already has a hippo tang so I did not want to put the new smaller one in with the larger one.
  7. Wow, I did not know they hid like that. ours was out all the time for the first few days we had him. I will not give up on him. I will keep looking for him. SuncrestReef, I have been reading your tank build posts. everything you do is just amazing. the planning, quality, precision you put into it shows. I really love you most amazing pictures. I must say they are the best pictures I have ever seen of corals. Which I fail miserably at with my camera phone. I am not getting alot of work done with all your amazing posts. Thank you very much for sharing...
  8. Woke up today to find our new cleaner wrasse missing. Did not find him on the floor. Did not find him in the over flow or filter socks. Did not find a body anywhere. He just vanished in the middle of the night. We really wanted him to clean the ich off our hippo tang...
  9. SuncrestReef, This is a great write up with great pictures and documentation. I will be watching your progress and trying to learn what i can from you. I plan on getting an apex in the future and would also put a trident on this after that. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  10. Thank you. My wife is the designer. I am just the hired help. LOL.
  11. Thank you. We stare at this thing for hours. Before we added fish we would have people over and they would say "Where is the fish?" and we would just stare into the tank and say don't you see everything else in there? Its a fun hobby.
  12. Emerald525, Yes my last tank had MH and T5's. I actually really liked them. My Read Sea came with AI Hydra 26's. To tell you the truth its a bit overwhelming how much control you have. I do like to be able to change the colors for showing people the florescence of the corals. But to get them set correctly to grow everything the best seems a bit too much. I was just reading some of the other topics and it looks like there was some sort of $10 frag sale. How do we get in on that?
  13. Hello, My family is just getting back into reef keeping from being out of the hobby for many years. Wow has technology changed. We are finding that dome things have changed (technology) and other have not (keep water parameters stable). We are looking to meet new people and learn new things. We have a 60 gallon Red Sea tank. We have had it up and running for about 5 months now. We have live rock and sand in there. I think we are not a patient as we need to be, as we have put fish and corals in already. I think we are off to a good start and testing 3 times a week and seem be to able to keep water pretty stable for now. I have attached a few pictures of out tank and sump. Please let me know what you think and what you may have done differently. I am very open to new ideas/comments. Thank for your time. Morse Family.
  14. I really love the way this star looks.
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