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  1. Thank you suncrestreef, I may not need to upgrade, but how am I going to keep up the the "Jone's" (SuncrestReefs) if I don't upgrade and find a place in my cabinet for a trident... Right now I don't have room in my cabinet for a trident, but I am looking at putting it in there with a shoe horn..
  2. SuncrestReef, I don't think that my apex classic has all the same features as the newer apex. I can't seem to do virtual outputs and a few other minor things. I might be upgrading to the newer apex soon and trying to decide if the salinity probe and ORP probe are worth the extra money? what are your thoughts on the apex el vs regular apex?
  3. MorseReef

    Mixing station

    Ok, just picked up my tanks. Two 25 Gall vertical tanks. Had my salt tank bulkhead swapped out to a 1" instead of the 3/4" it come with. Now I need to build a stand and get the piping going. Then I can hook up the extra DOS to do automatic water changes. Can't wait.
  4. MorseReef

    Mixing station

    OK, Looks like I am headed to Gresham on my lunch break to pick up two of the 25 Gallon tanks. Thanks a lot Suncrest. All you do is cost me money when I see your setup. JK.
  5. Crazyinside, If you end up coming to Washington let me know. I have a few SPS, mushrooms, montipora that I would gladly donate for the cause. Just swing by my house and pick out what you want. I live in Camas.
  6. Emerald525, What filter did you purchase? I think I need one of those.
  7. Hello Iceoflife23, I am fairly new to reefing as well. I live in Camas Wa, so not too far from you. My tank is going on 6 months now. I have a Red Sea 250 which is roughly 60 Gallons. There are a lot of people out here to help you. This community is very good at trying to make everyone successful. They have been a great help to me. What size tank do you have? What are your goals for the tank?
  8. Viper55, Where in Vancouver is the store? I would love to have a local store again. Jeffster, Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of helpful and knowledgeable people here willing to help you out. Success is enjoyed by all in this hobby.
  9. Thank you Sir. I will set up for continual water changes when I am ready to set up. I don't have my RODI and Salt tanks inside the house yet. tomorrow we are putting in new florring in the laundry room and I hope to purchase new water tanks and set up a RODI/Salt water mixing station in there. I will put the spare DOS I have on the wall next to the tanks and work on the programming, which looks like it should be pretty simple through the apex sense that is a task function they already have.
  10. SuncrestReef, How is your auto water changes set up? Do you do daily small water changes or larger ones once a week? I am thinking that I would do daily small water changes. My dilema is this: If you wanted to do a 10% water change on a 60 gallon tank once a week. That is 6 gallons a week. But if you did a 1 gallon water change each day for 6 days you will not actually be removing 10% of the bad water because of the dilution factor (which I have no idea how to figure out). Did that make sense?
  11. Do you have any trouble with precipitation dosing both CAL and ALK at the same time. How do you have your dosing lines run? Do they both dump right next to each other? Do the both dump into the return pump chamber of your sump to get the flow they need?
  12. Hello all, I am fairly new to reefing and have had my 60 Gal tank running for almost 7 months now. I have recently purchased a used Apex classic and and (2) Apex DOS. One DOS I set up to dose ALK and CAL and the other I plan to set up for automatic water changes at a later date. Question: What time of day do most of you dose your ALK and CAL? Right now I am Dosing my ALK between the hours of 8AM to 9PM to try and closely match my lighting schedule. Which is when I believe that the coral might be using more ALK. This is just my hair brained theory. I dose my CAL between the hours of 9:30PM to 7:30AM. I have this schedule in theory so that I don't dose ALK and CAL at the same time. What feedback do you guys have for me on this? What schedules do you use and why? Thank for your advise. Rick
  13. I am around the 6 month mark with my 60gal tank. This forum has been great for getting advise and I think you will find the people here very nice and helpful. we all want success in this hobby and the best way to do that is information sharing. Welcome..
  14. Thank you. I will copy your code exactly and give it a try tonight. Now I am trying to get my skimmer programmed. I want the skimmer to follow the return pump, in my case "Returnpump5". What do you think about this program? I am not sure I got the line "If FeedA 005 Then OFF" correct. What does the 005 represent in here? Fallback ON Set ON If Output Returnpump5 = OFF Then OFF If FeedA 005 Then OFF Defer 005:00 Then ON Forgive me if I don't know why my program is set the way it is. My 12 year old son grabs my tablet and reprograms things in an effort to help his non tech savvy dad..
  15. SuncrestReef, after reading another one of your tutorials this morning. I don't believe I need the OSC line at all, do I? My target is to get the AFS to come on at 7 PM each night. what do you think about this program? Fallback OFF If Time 00:00 to 19:00 Then ON If Time 19:04 to 00:00 Then OFF If FeedA 000 Then ON Defer 001:00 Then ON
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