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  1. I'm having the same issue and it's really dulling out my corals. I've upped feeding flakes and just bought some neonitro off Amazon. Who would of thought keeping your aquarium clean would be a bad thing.
  2. Seeing good growth from all my corals. Finally got the doser setup which is nice. Who would of thought these suckers need almost 30ML a day. My acros are kind of browning out and my Monti cap is a much lighter pink than when I got it. Maybe cheap salt? Anyway I've started the red sea trace elements dosing program now, we'll see how that goes. On another note, I'm not sure my tank can take any more $10 frag sales.
  3. F,G,K,FF Please send me a message with your paypal
  4. 80 bucks for quarter sized ones! Taking trades for nice frags as well. Let me know.
  5. Hi all, Got some more yellow mellows. 2 quarter size ones for $90. And a 2 incher or so for $125 Second pic gives a decent shot at what each looks like. They took a spill off the frag rack so they're understandably unhappy.
  6. Will also give a +1 to Matteo. Super nice guy, we had a miscommunication but our deal worked out and was fair in the end. I appreciate his flexibility and working with me.
  7. All corals sold. Appreciate everyone who reached out!
  8. One yellow mellow bounce left! I will accept $100 for it. Probably the size of a 50 cent piece or bigger. He's a liability to have because my pistol shrimp has a habit of stealing expensive things that aren't nailed down and shoving it in his little cave.
  9. Hi all. I have a couple mid/high end mushrooms I'd like to sell. 2 yellow mellow bounce $125 ea Small jawbreaker $100 Might consider a trade for a torch?
  10. Everything has sold. I appreciate the interest guys! Nice to meet everyone as well.
  11. Thanks for stopping by, Jay! All livestock and rock sold. Feel free to make me an offer on equipment. I can make sure you leave with a frag or two as well
  12. Hi All, I recently came across a great deal on a 40b that had tons of equipment, and i didn't realize it had so many extras either. Here is a list i'll keep working on throughout the day of parts and livestock that won't be making the transfer to my tank. I'll be working on cleaning everything out today/this weekend. I'm trying to price things at about half of retail, no reasonable offers refused. UPDATE 5/23: ALL PRODUCTS SOLD BUT LIGHTING LISTED BELOW. MAKE AN OFFER? EQUIPMENT -ATI sunpower 36" t5 dimmable fixture. comes with additional bulbs. This one has more blues. $200 https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/36-ati-sunpower-high-output-t5-light-fixture.html - Kessil H80 $75 There is tons more stuff, in chems and handheld equipment, and other items. If you're looking for anything specific I would be happy to take a look. Thanks all!
  13. Hi all, I'm finding it quite a pain to manually dose every day and my laziness/forgetfulness is getting the better of my tank. Figured I'd throw a line out here to see if anyone has a doser laying around or anything related to one such as the containers or shelf's. I'm sure someone upgraded and has one in their fish bin.. Trying to stay budget conscious, but let me know what you have
  14. Highly recommend sharing the love. They're easy enough to catch and I'm sure they don't mind the field trips!
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