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  1. Of course! Thank you so much! 💗
  2. Could I have one please!? 🙋‍♀️ Thank you!!!!!
  3. I want one if you still have any left!!!
  4. Yeah sorry I thought I had a pic posted.
  5. I think they are Water Sprite. At least that is what World of Wet Pets told me when I tread some in for credit.
  6. Anyone interested in some? Down for trades or $10 for a large portion.
  7. Anyone interested in some? Down for trades or $10 for a large portion.
  8. Hi, I was the new owner but it sold the other day.
  9. When can I get him. I am right be 217 and Canyon if you are heading this way anytime this weekend. If not I can pick him up as well. 😊
  10. We have a yellow tang and a snowflake eel and both have attitudes. He will fit right in.
  11. I'll take him!!!! Or her or whatever it wants to identify as.
  12. I have a lot of small pieces of liverock and was thinking about breaking it up more and using it in my sump instead of ceramic bio media. Thoughts?
  13. I'm interested. Does it have a sump?
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