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  1. All corals have been sold.
  2. I have no idea. Every time I have tried, which is like 5 times, they always said to me donations only. Also, Cayes aquarium off of 136th and Division will give store credit depending on there stock at the moment as well.
  3. The Wet Spot doesn't pay for any. I took mine to World of Wet Pets in Beaverton Area. They give store credit and have a decent selection of saltwater products.
  4. Thank you to SPSChampion and Hayes for coming by! I have edited the pictures and the corals underneath that are still available!! If anyone is interested I’ll be happy to make a deal!
  5. I have an aqueoun 26 gallon bow-front with stand and a heater. I could sell for cheap if interested.
  6. All LPS, mushrooms, and zoas. Yeah I’m open to it
  7. That would be fine ill pm you
  8. Maybe? I just cant remember. Yes I am available all day today. When would you like to pick it up?
  9. Okay. I will let you know tomorrow if anything has sold, and I would be willing to make a deal.
  10. The Acans are pending, but the SPS are available and possibly some Zoas as well. Prices for SPS are posted below the pictures and zoas will vary.
  11. Unfortunately, I am not gonna make it.
  12. Roughly 2 and a half by 2 and a half inches. Top of largest middle stick to bottom. and from tip of left most stick to tip of right most stick.
  13. $10 and attached to a single small rock
  14. SPS:PC Rainbow $40 Setosa 10 Jacklantern Lepto $10/ Plating green with red polyps Monti $10/ Mystic Sunset $10 Others: 2 Rocordias Yuma $10 a piece, 3 headed Duncan $10, Favites $10 Acans $10 and Micromussa $10
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