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  1. Looking for all acans and micro mussa of all colors. Checked a few shops and a few are great others seem to want to much. Seeing what some hobbyist have andbif they want to let go or have frags .... I'm BUYING!! Also might be into certain mushrooms or zoas
  2. Looking for large carpet of GSP. Also any type of acans, blastomusa, or micromusa. Also looking into designer clowns lately looking to see what's out there
  3. I can pick them up tomorrow
  4. I'll be in that area today if you would take 10 bucks
  5. Do you have any smaller ones
  6. I'm willing to sell some stuff depends on the cut for some things. I'm in Portland OR but can travel to meet for extra
  7. I have a high end LPS/mushroom/ zoa's nano tank for sale id prefer to sell everything all at once but doubt it will happen. Just stepping out of the hobby due to lifestyle being to busy to care for these rare corals. here are the specs. 1500 OBO on the lot (well over this in corals livestock alone ) ***TANK stuff*** Nuvo10 gallon AIO tank $50 Kessil a80 tuna blue light with gooseneck $100 I have misc coral foods and equipment free if tank is bought ***LIVESTOCK*** -1 aqua-cultrured mandarin goby eating shrimp and pellet food $40 1 Peppermint shrimp$10 LPS## -red rainbow acan med colony over 9 heads-$85 -red/black/blue/green/yellow large acan colony over 12 fluffy heads-$150 or 15 per Red yellow and purple Aussie acan 4+heads- 30 -red Vietnam acan 5 heads - $30 -Red Aussie acan 3 heads -$15 Ultra rainbow pink/red/green/yellow6+ heads- $180 or $25 per -grape ape acan Green/purple/orange 3-4 heads- $25 or $10 per Rare yellow/red /green spots acan 3 heads- $100 Peppermint candy acan red/white/pink 6-8 heads $60 or 12 per head Red/silver aussie acan 2 heads -$15 Green/orange ultra micromussa 4 heads $60 Jack-o'-lantern lepto $15 Ultra red blastmussa 1 head $20 **Mushrooms 1 tie dye Jawbreaker size of a quarter $250 4 GB golden Gonzo mushrooms 2 babies 1 med 1 mother shroom $60 or 20 per 2 rainbow Yuma $50 each or 80 for both 1 Baby OG bounce mushroom $150 1 Ectoplasm bounce bigger then half dollar $45 1deadpool mushroom half dollar size $80 1 Vietnam Magic carpet mushroom size of quarter when open $250 1 ironman mushroom $20 Blue discoma shrooms x3 $25 SOFTIES### GSP- $25 or free with $40 bucks or more purchase(also comes with oompa loompa zoa's attached) Kaleidoscope clove polyps 6+heads $35 comes with rock **Zoa's** Pandora's 9+ heads - free with $35 or more bought or $25 for colony Buttholes 5+heads $30 or 10 per Bowtie blasters 6+ heads $50 or 10 per Space chaos 4+ head $120 or 35 per Pink hallucinations x2 $80 Purple death palys 6+ heads $25 or free with 60$ or more Nuclear palys 3+ heads $25 or 10 per Red hawaiin's x3 $30 or 15 per Pink ladies x7 free with $50 or more bought or $25 Thanos zoa's 7+heads $75 or 15 per Electric ooompa loompas x3 heads free with $40 or more or 10 per ##others Rainbow pheonix sunset Monti $70 Misc encrusting corals free over $100 I AM NOT LOOKING FOR TRADES SORRY!!!!! I have some stuff not posted will throw in a couple things if buying alot
  8. Does anyone know if this is a magic carpet shroom? Picked it up at CNC
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