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  1. I had tons of light scratches and a couple of slightly deeper ones. The deeper ones (which really weren't that deep) did not go away but they did get a bit better and once it was filled with water weren't very noticeable at all. I gave the Novak a shot but I didn't have high hopes and had already bought sandpaper but it worked great for me! I believe that most of the people who don't like it have poor results due to doing it by hand, use a drill! Here's the polishing pads I used.
  2. Hey guys, so I'm gonna be heading from WA over to Astoria Koa campground for a few days this week, any must see lfs that I should check out? Thanks!
  3. Hey Taylor, I got my tank used and it was full of scratches so I planned on sanding it down but decided to try the Novak 3 part first and it worked great (and was less stressful then sanding the tank myself)! I used some auto polishing pads on an electric drill. Just throwing that idea out there in case you can't get it done professionally. Btw it took me and another person 3 hours to do my 112 gallon tank.
  4. I agree it's most likely the reduced phosphate (you have to do it very slowly). Any reason you wanted your Po4 levels lowered (algae issues)? Imo if your corals were happy before, no need to make any changes (chasing #s always causes me problems).
  5. I'm in for 2 mil, but I'll have to wait until payday..
  6. My inkbird has been going strong for 2 years. It's the green model that has a heating and cooling plug, I'm very happy with it
  7. xxkenny90xx

    Cherub angelfish

    Maybe try a diy fish trap to catch the angel?
  8. xxkenny90xx

    Cherub angelfish

    I agree with Taylor about adding one last. I don't have much angel experience but usually when my tank boss bullies a new fish it gets a 3 or 4 day timeout in the refugium which mellows him out.
  9. Your gonna have to make it very uncomfortable somehow. Maybe flip the rock over so the nem is in the dark and get it while it's on the move? Once the foot is visable they're pretty easy to get off
  10. That is so odd! I love those little guys
  11. Thought this might be a fun topic, what do you guys have? Mine would probably be these rock nems that do the strangest things at night!
  12. Here is a link if anyone is interested (hopefully I'm not breaking any rules posting it...) https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/dried-vs-roasted-seaweed-nori.613968/
  13. Located in Tacoma, wa I'm guessing about 3 buckets full. Just pulled it out of a running tank last week so it will need cleaned. Free or trade for a frag!
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