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  1. Oh, and im on my way to the portland area right now, who wants to trade some corals ☠️
  2. Im gonna pass on this conversation, its too painful
  3. Ok here we go, i don't qt at all. I have/had in my tank ich, vermited snails, aiptasia, hydroids, asterinas, uhhh what else? Lots more I'm sure. I believe a truly established healthy system should be able to handle these things with no problems. I do sell corals from time to time and don't tell people about pests (not that I would make any attempt to hide them either). I wouldnt sell anything that i noticed a pest on though. The fact is that if your concerned about these pests then your gonna dip or qt the things you buy from me. If you don't and you get a pest then that is your fault. My tank is close to 10 years old now and packed with live rock and pests just arent able to take hold. I believe its the new tanks with dry rock that get overrun with pests. Well thats my opinion anyways, feel free to rip me apart if you'd like!
  4. After years of painstaking research I have finally found the answer!
  5. I have a large rock in his tank, like 12" long by 6-8" tall and he flips it over like it's nothing!
  6. I appreciate that but my search will continue. Tamatoa need something a bit bigger. Like a conch shell between the size of a grapefruit and a cantaloupe
  7. It's on linoleum in my kitchen but that is a good thought. It's about a tack strip worth out of level.
  8. So I've had a 20g aio cube since December and it was never very level but I blamed that on my free to build diy thrown together in one hr 2x4 stand. Yesterday I upgraded to a one year old 30 something gallon bow front on a manufactured particle board stand (ugh don't get me started on particle board) and sure enough it is just as bad or worse. It's probably 1/4" or a hair more out front to back. A little investigating and of course it's the floor that isn't level. What my best coarse of action? I want to drain it 95%, lift it, and put some wood shims under it but lifting particle board with any weight on it terrifies me...
  9. I'm in the same boat with Tamatoa (formerly known as Harold), my giant, he has been eating his shell to make it more spacious and I can't seem to find him one
  10. Also, be careful working around those palys!
  11. You can't make a crab stop doing what is in its nature. If it isn't working out in your tank then you'll have to get rid of it.
  12. You've already got some great advice here that I totally agree with. Regardless of if your doing a reef tank or not, that admittedly awesome looking coral insert takes up waaaay too much space.
  13. Lol ya I know plywood sounds funny but for a large tank it's 100% the way to go. The main downside is that it is built in place and can't ever be moved.
  14. Don't quote me on those exact #s
  15. Lol the front pane is usually acrylic. The rest is plywood. I think the owner at aquarium paradise said it cost like 1500 or 2000 to make opposed to having an acrylic tank built and shipped for like 15,000
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