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  1. Hey nice tanks! What part of Tacoma? I'm over here by the new casino (east side)
  2. What kinda of nutrient levels are you running with? Water change schedule? Doesn't look like your skimmer is doing much either. I don't imagine your testing too much with mostly a fish only but chaeto does need some nutrients to grow
  3. Hey Bryce, good to have one more Washingtonian on here! Nice tank! I'm a sucker for a custom stand, got any pictures of it?
  4. Been there! Stinky shoulder length gloves for me these days!
  5. One free member ticket towards the eheim auto feeder!
  6. Sorry I drank all mine (was that joke in poor taste?) ðŸĪŠðŸ˜
  7. 5 mins later ðŸĪ” I've been trying to catch this on camera for a while now! And you know you love the soundtrack!
  8. Your set up looks amazing! I'm a huge fan of those tank dimensions!
  9. Shhh, I'd like to be the only entry! 🙃
  10. You'll have to hit some geocaches to find the exact location!
  11. Geocaching takes us to the most unexpected places! Yesterday we discovered a tide pool (in an area not known for tide pools) full of sand dollars. It was really cool to see.
  12. Looks like a nice set up but the price is a bit high imo. This isn't retail
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