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  1. Well thanks for the input guys, we really enjoyed cuttlefish and woody's. Got an awesome leopard wrasse and a favia (which the owner threw in for free) at cuttlefish and grabbed a serpent starfish, a Halloween hermit, and some palys from woody's! We'll definately be back to both stores next time we're in town!
  2. Just went to cuttlefish, very nice store. They're holding a leopard wrasse for me. Tomorrow we'll check out woody's!
  3. Oooh great I didn't realize there were stores on the map, thanks again!
  4. Awesome, I'll check them out! Thanks guys
  5. Also we're staying out here for my 9yr Olds bday so if anybody has fun recommendations for places to take him that'd be great!
  6. Hey we're staying in Portland for the weekend, then we'll be heading back up north (passing through Vancouver, ect), I'll probably have time for 2 or 3 fish stores, what are the best ones around? Thanks!
  7. Awesome find! I've been on the lookout for one for a long time.
  8. Interesting, are the ingredients on it? I'd love to find an equivalent product that's not made for reefing
  9. We picked him up and Sierra Fish and pets in renton, WA. It was hard for them to let him go, he was like their pet. On the line item on my receipt they wrote "Harold ;( " lol
  10. Been looking for something fun to put in a dedicated species tank and finally found the one. He's a marine giant hermit crab and currently about the size of a grapefruit. Anyone else have any experiences with these? I've been in the hobby for almost 10 years now so finding something I havent seen before is rare, this was just too cool to pass up.
  11. I'm using 10lb line, my tangs aren't quite 10 lbs yet 😉
  12. Just got home from work and my dragonette was upside down with just his head poking out of the ywg pistol shrimp burrow. This wasn't a tiny lfs dragonette, it was a huge one I've had for years, sad day. I'm pretty confident the pistol shrimp took him out...
  13. Here's my tang proof algae clip, hangs from some fishing line and works great
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