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  1. Interesting theory. It would explain why they're only attacking that one frag. The zoas should have been perfectly healthy but who knows..
  2. Cheapo polyfil for me too. You can't wash and reuse it as many times as the aquarium floss (am I the only one reusing this stuff?), but you can't beat the price
  3. Lol no clue, I don't do coral names these days. I just call them green zoas!
  4. You can see at the top of the frag plug the other heads that have been chewed on
  5. I've defended these guys for years to people that aren't sure if they're good cuc or coral eaters. Had them in my reef for many years and never had any issues. Then 4 days ago all H E double L broke loose. I've pulled 4 of them off of this zoa frag in the past 4 days. None of my other zoas (or any corals) have been touched, just this one frag over and over. I don't get it.
  6. I made this for my rubble and frag plugs. Hangs on my sp baffle with a couple of hooks from plastic hangers
  7. Kalk paste is definately the cheapest option. Fwiw I owned an aiptasia eating filefish for 2 years and it never touched an aiptasia.
  8. Lol Pdx I was waiting for someone to ask that. The wife and I don't believe in extra bills (says the guy whose spent thousands on a fish tank). We don't pay for internet or cable or anything like that. Phones these days are so advanced I just don't see the need for additional internet. Our phone plan has unlimited data which we use to send a wifi direct signal to our TV to watch movies, and it also comes with some Hotspot data which she can use on her laptop for homework. Oh and we use an antenna to watch football. With that set up we can get by fine without internet (of course now it looks like my fish need wifi 😢).
  9. So this is what I want? Anybody actually try this with a full tank before??
  10. Thanks all, I know the apex can be used without internet but I'll take your advice and pass on it for now. We'll revisit this topic when I hook up my internet (sometime in the next 1-20 years)
  11. Micro mesh? Is there a product I can use with the tank full of water? Explain??
  12. You can't see the scratches in the pic, I was just showing the mag float down in the sump that she grabbed.
  13. Who knew. Well my 6 year old didn't. Yesterday she asked if she could clean the fish tank (which I usually let her do with close supervision) and I said yes, then I got distracted going through all of my old super Nintendo games with my son. Next thing I know she had pulled the mag float out of my glass sump and used it all over my acrylic tank. Long deep scratched everywhere. Sigh, such a bummer, but totally my fault.
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