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  1. Here is a link if anyone is interested (hopefully I'm not breaking any rules posting it...) https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/dried-vs-roasted-seaweed-nori.613968/
  2. Located in Tacoma, wa I'm guessing about 3 buckets full. Just pulled it out of a running tank last week so it will need cleaned. Free or trade for a frag!
  3. I think I'm gonna post a question about this on R2R (is that a no no?) to see if there are any seaweed experts around and I'll report back.
  4. Fwiw this is the dried (not roasted) stuff that I usually buy at the asain supermarket (but it comes in a blue bag and I don't think it says toasted). Of course the Amazon stuff is much cheaper and more convenient
  5. I've never thought of it before but I have heard of how boiling vegatables can take some of the good stuff out of them so it's possible that roasting seaweed could do the same
  6. Hey I have no info to dispute this and definately can see how roasting could cook away some nutrients, but how did you come to the 90% conclusion? If this is fact then I'll definately stick with the dried stuff.
  7. Actually now that I look at it my last bag was this one from Amazon. It is roasted which I dont prefer but is organic and has 0 sodium. After looking up the one that your using I would have no problem feeding it to my fish. Oh yeah, and lets see that kole tang!
  8. I've bought both, it's basically the same (sometimes the fish stuff has garlic added). When I buy nori I look for dried organic (but I've used roasted in the past), I check the ingredients (only seaweed), and lastly I check the sodium content. For some reason some of them that only have seaweed as an ingredient end up with way more sodium than others so I pass on those. Fwiw I always buy mine at the local Asian supermarket.
  9. Located in Tacoma, wa. Asking $65 Time to rehome our large sailfin tang as we picked up a different one. It is about 7" and very healthy (it eats like a pig). We've had him for 4 years and he's an awesome fish and perfectly reef safe. It is our tank boss. He does have a small amount of scarring from having hlle before we had him, you can see it in the picture. Please respond with how long your tank has been set up and what size it is. Might trade for a nice fish, corals, or rock flower anemones, thanks!
  10. Tune in next week for pics and powder blue tang horror stories!
  11. Wow thanks for all the help guys. Well I'm still in the process of setting up the 30 gallon (which will be filled with water and filter floss from my tank today so it should be stable) so it will be there if he needs it but for now it looks like he'll stay in the sump (much to the dismay of my macro algae). It'll be nice to have the 30g up anyways since in the next week or 2 (once the sailfin is gone) the lfs will have our new powder blue ready!
  12. Ya I hear you, Thanks for the quick response. I knew before I asked this that common sense says get him out of there, but he's still eating like a pig so I guess I was hoping that counts for something. I'll start setting up my 30g qt tank for him tonight, hopefully that's a little better housing for it for a few days
  13. Ok I know this isn't ideal but my 7" sailfin tang has been relocated to the sump for the past 24hrs and I'd like to keep it there for about a week (and then I'll be ready to sell him). My fuge is about 15 gallons, I know this is tiny for him but on the bright side he is enjoying all of my macro algae and some gha down there. What do you guys think, is it a trajedy to have him down there for a bit?
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