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  1. Brand new, in the box. $120 online. I'll sell for $50. I live in Castle Rock, WA and can meet off the freeway.
  2. Thanks for the note. I just sent @Flashy Fins a note. I didn't intend to land on TFT, but whoever wants it can take it.
  3. DSC_9540.NEFDSC_9537.NEFDSC_9546.NEFDSC_9545.NEFDSC_9544.NEFDSC_9543.NEFDSC_9542.NEFDSC_9539.NEFDSC_9538.NEF Need to get rid of my tank ASAP. It's been a bit neglected over the past 6 months; (2) toadstools, (3) bubble tip, rose anemone, (10) Kenya trees, (3) button corals rocks. Please let me know if you have any questions. The tank itself is scratched. Two 175 watt metal halides. The cabinet is wired for T12 and they no longer make T12 lights. Fish: Scopas Tang, 6 line wrasse, clown fish, red mandarin, small see star, urchin, red striped shrimp, and some type of crab. Bill
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