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  1. Last week was weird getting used to teleworking. The wife is also teleworking but her job requires privacy so I only see her on breaks and lunches. I am lucky to work some where that I can telework for at least part of my job and they are paying us whether we are doing work or not. The biggest downside for me is I was this close to pulling the trigger on my dream (for this house anyway) tank but have decided to hold off until things are better. I did pick up a couple of Reefi lights from @danlu_gt and have contented myself with setting up one over my 20 long. I feel blessed that no one I know has come down with it and hope things are going to get better sooner than later.
  2. I also have the 3dreefing.com one and it is much better. No disco ball and light bleeding into the room is less. My fluval with the ai prime sits right next to my recliner.
  3. Yeah, this isn't my first go around with the devils coral lol.
  4. Corals/Fish look so different in natural light. 😆
  5. Amazing that you are doing this for the community. That's why I drive up from Salem just to shop at your store.
  6. So here is my entry. This tank is a 10 gallon pet-smart tank. Filtration is an Aqua-clear 30 HOB filter with a 3D printed surface skimmer box and a flow diverter. Flow is a Hydor Koralia Nano Aquarium Circulation Pump 240. Heater is a 50w Aqueon. Light is an Hipargaro 30w light. Frag is on the right side. Only fish is a yellow tail damsel. Inverts are 3 astrea snails and an emerald crab. Other corals are xenia, green mushrooms, green nepthea leater, kryptonite candy cane, a duncan with several heads, 3 different zoanthids, purple hammer, green tip tourch, dragon soul favia, forest fire digitata, some blue polyp digitata, and bryopsis (lol). I don't dose anything, just weekly 1 gallon water change. I feed the fish Omega one fish pellets, and the corals get 2 drops of Brightwell coral amino every couple of days. Tank has been running for about 4 months now, and most of the rock and some of the corals came from a five gallon that was almost a year old. Tank is controlled by a reef-pi diy controller. This tank was my test tank and still runs on my first reef-pi. The heads are probably and inch across and there are 2 full size ones and a little blob I am not sure if it is a new head or a piece of flesh from the fragging. Pictures were taken on my iPhone XR, I couldn't find my coral vue lens set so I used the Fritz orange sunglasses lol.
  7. So I went and measured again as the 47 1/4 was from my memory and it looks like it will fit, but then I started thinking about pump magnets n stuff. I think I can get another 3/4 inch by removing one of the bookshelf sides (it is 2 ikea shelves side by side). While I am measuring my wife said you could always put it an an angle (it’s a corner of the living room). She is so awesome lol.
  8. Hmmm... thanks. That’s why I asked.
  9. Can someone with a Red Sea Reefer 425 XL confirm the width of this tank? Red Sea lists it as 47" and I have a space where I would like to put a tank that is exactly 47 1/4 inches wide. Right now I have my 46 gallon freshwater bow front there, and was in the process of taking it down to convert it to a saltwater tank and my wife says Why don't you just get a bigger saltwater tank! The Red Sea 350 and 425 are the only ones I can find that are that size. Thanks in advance, Mike
  10. I love the way you built out the stand. I have the 29 I bought from you on the same stand and know I know how to finish it!
  11. Here is a pic of the Group buy acan I got and holy cow does it look good!
  12. Awesome! Back in my hometown again. I am definitely interested in the group buy.
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