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  1. Awesome! Back in my hometown again. I am definitely interested in the group buy.
  2. I know this is older but I am wondering if you still have this for sale? I also pm's you.
  3. This was a great meeting! Thanks to everyone who worked on it. I would like to also thank @Jeremevansfor some awesome frags!
  4. Thank you @Richard972 for the hammer frag. It looks awesome! I think my torch coral has polyp envy
  5. Glad you mentioned the white elephant. I almost forgot.
  6. Hmmm... buy awesome frags or buy raffle tickets?
  7. Tandor69

    ABS black sheets

    Don’t know about Vancouver, but tap plastics in Portland is where I got acrylic for my DIY AIO tank.
  8. Check out my DIY in tank algae scrubber lol. 🤪 IMG_1472.MOV
  9. I picked up an ender 3 pro a few weeks ago and I love it! Only wish it had a bigger bed, which the ender 5 does. I've been printing my aquarium stuff that goes in the tank in petg. It's not as strong as abs, but it doesn't warp as easy, and doesn't smell as bad. The computer doesn't matter, you just need a slicer program to create the file. I use cura which I believe is available on mac. I save it in an sd card and put that in the printer to print. If you want to make your own designs you need a 3d design program (cad). I use tinkercad. It is web based and free.
  10. Yup. I have mine set up to email my text message address so I get text alerts. Right now I have it on my temperature and ato reservoir.
  11. When I someday get a large tank i fully intend to go the full on apex route, trident, auto dosing, auto water change etc (Unless reef-pi catches up to all that stuff before then lol). I didn't intend to build a reef-pi to save money, no matter how much we say it will save money, in this hobby it never does. I just stumbled on the thread on reef2reef and it interested me, so I jumped in and built one. It has been a cool learning experience so far, having a 3D printer helps. I have now built two with equipment control, temperature monitoring and have the stuff to build a third.
  12. I just finished building my first reef-pi and I am digging it so far. If you love DIY it is right up your alley. I had very little electronics experience and learned a lot.
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