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  1. Here is my July photo. Frag has lost almost all color, but it’s not bleached. Still has some polyp extension so all hope is not lost. I’m upping my nutrients in hopes for a recovery. No noticeable growth. Crappy pic but I am just starting to learn how to use my new camera and need editing software.
  2. Mine is obviously happy after the tank move. 2 new heads have gotten big already.
  3. Great frags I got from @Gumby bigger than I thought they would be. Thanks!
  4. I would like X, T, and F
  5. I am using an eshops HOB overflow. 1 inch drain to the sump with a gate valve. Right now it runs into a filter sock.
  6. Hello All, I recently installed a DIY 10 gallon sump on my main tank after testing and practicing on a spare tank in my garage (wife called it my meth lab). I have some questions and hope I can pick some of your amazing brains! 1. What kind of flow is good for a sump. As fast as possible? As slow as possible? In and out at a medium pace? 2. All things being equal, which chamber is the best one to put the heater in? Do you put the temperature probe in the same chamber? 3. My tank is a 46 gallon bow front. I only have 4 fish in there now, so nitrates and phosphates are testing (salifert) at 0. Should I turn off the skimmer until they go up, and or I ad more livestock? I don't have a massive algae issue, just some spots of turf algae. 4. About a third of my live rock was from my 20 long that I moved everything from. The new rock is starting to show coraline algea growth. It has been running for almost 2 months. Should I leave the old rock in there longer or would it be safe to start removing some. There are a few pieces i don't want to leave in there. 5. Do you always turn off the return pump when feeding? It seems every time I turn it off and restart I have to balance my flow. Thanks for all the help.
  7. Mine has lost a little color but still have good polyp extension and might be starting to encrust the glue. Need to up my nutrients. Also do to the fact I have placed it further back from the glass, it’s hard to get a good pic. Definitely need a better camera than my phone.
  8. Yeah that would suck. It is home depot stuff, the problem was I violated a major diy rule. I bought exactly the amount of elbows I would need. Always buy extra, because it won't be extra lol.
  9. Well here is my photo for May, but I am out of the competition. After last months face dive mine took, it started to go down hill. It receded so much the skeleton started to poke out so I made the decision to move it to my main tank. It is recovered and I think I see a couple new heads. Good luck to everyone still in it!
  10. Some of my green paly heads decided to make a break for it and leave their island prison.
  11. Judging by everyone’s pics, looks I drew the short stick lol. Inspired by @SuncrestReef I took a macro shot of my frag and it also has great polyp extension. This makes me want a real camera even more!
  12. Got my frag today. My tank is a 46 gallon bow front. HOB filter. Tunze 9004 skimmer. 2 Reefi Duo Deluxe lights. Weekly 5 gallon water changes. Testing daily to dial in dosing. Right now using tropic marine all for reef. Will probably switch to 2 part eventually.
  13. Does it have to look like a frag plug or is something like this ok?
  14. My update for April. He is retracted because of course a hermit crab knocked him into the sand. No noticeable growth since last month.
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