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  1. I'd throw in MORE fish, give the Kole other targets to be distracted by. Got your eye on any other Bigger fish, add them now.
  2. Last night was Sand and Prime the two light bars. Tonight I got two coats of Truck Bed Liner on the first bar (on table). One whole can of primer per bar. One whole can of bed liner on the first one. Brian, whoever built these for you did a nice job! I'm hoping I've sealed them enough to withstand a few years of salt spray.
  3. I'd pick something simply like vinyl flooring. And my transition would be hidden. (eg, can't see it) Make the tank stand come down to the floor, with tile right up to it. Are you planning for an emergency drain below the tank? You're elevated off the ground in that spot. The drain "should" never get used. I'd put some kind of drain in the floor, going straight outside, directly under the tank. (Okay, you'll probably have to plumb it in to pass permits) And is there a way to design the bottom of the stand/Vinyl/etc to direct any overflow water towards that drain...
  4. On a more practical topic, tell me about your plans to manage Rust. I used my google skills and found UniStrut Defender has published rust resistance over Galvanized, but 3000 hours is about 4 months. I build to last years. I found references to stainless UniStrut, and to Fiberglas UniStrut. Yours looks metal.
  5. I want enough space to do an erector set hood. Should I start planning Fish Room designs, Rev3. (Hint, I primed and painted my light support bars last night, so the answer is no.)
  6. Happy Birthday John! Thanks for your help on the multiple projects I’ve been running in the last year. Your inputs, consultations, and the regular examples from your own setup have been great.
  7. Valves Arrived Today! 2", 1 1/2", 1 1/4", and 1" (already have 3/4")
  8. Frag tanks are 14' + 4' + ~6' of pipe away (that's the giant U around the fish room)... Eg: ~24' away from Main Sump. Main Sump has heater in it. For summer cooling, 100% of flow goes up to the display tank, then loops back into the main sump. Then the loop goes out to the frag tanks. (today's plan, uncontrolled temperature)
  9. Chiller is already part of the existing main tank system, and yes, 100% of return flow goes through it. It's an (old) 1/3hp chiller. Setup works fine, don't need to mess with that. The one thing I'm wondering about is the lag time (Tau) of temp control in the frag tanks. I'll have an apex temp probe in those tanks too, and can monitor time lag, temp offsets, etc.
  10. Peace. I feel for both your passion, perfection, and pouring your heart into something.
  11. That might be one of the uses for QT. You are making me wonder if I want to switch it so only ONE tank can be isolated, even if it means the other tank can Not. (I mocked up what independent isolation meant to the plumbing, and I don't like how clunky it ended up.
  12. Long Presidents Day Weekend Summary: Finalize planning, and order stuff weekend. Mocked up Frag tank plumbing. Although going with single (Larger than today) sump, I still have a spare sump/pump... Decided to plumb frag tanks to enable isolating them from main system. Spare sump only gets filled when wanting to run in isolation mode. Printed out all glorious pictures, sat on floor of fish room with tape measure, and adjusted power point plans with a pencil for Reality. Mocked up triple pump returns, plumbing went from 2D into 3D. (see picts to follow, harder to draw cleanly) Fittings ordered Paint for stand, and light bars purchased. (painting is this weeks task) Sump Size determined, need to find a fabricator. <-- any inputs Pictures of plans
  13. I've got amphipods all over my frag tank. Even have a couple of small pod hotels (if there's any in there). It's about getting them out. You're welcome to come over and we'll get what we can. It wont be the "500" that you can get by purchasing. I'm located north of 26, off Cornell road if you're close by one eve this week and want to get what you can. PM me if interested
  14. Now that you're done... I could really use a new sump for my fishroom remodel. Nothing fancy. but to fit it needs some non std dimensions. Any chance you've got scrap around and willing to build me a plexi box? 32" long x 26" wide x 23" tall. I'll drill and tweak after that. But my sumps have always basically been boxes, and add afterwards.
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