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  1. Quick update on mixing station polishing. Custom Toggle Box has arrived, installed, and works great. (Actually did this a week ago) Plans are great, until reality punches you in the nose. Original design had the toggle switches illuminate when flipped, and long story short - didn't work. Can't speak highly enough of Harry Singer at HarrysAquatics. He made the box, we debugged the illumination problem together. He took the box back (at his expense) to remove risk of illumination circuitry, and refunded the price back to original non-illuminated cost. Super Customer Oriented. Pictures. Mixing Station RO unit, and Boost Buddy. & Close up of toggle box.
  2. 850, at the peak - Get it. There's a clam almost at the peak of the right hand side. bet it's getting hammered too. Guess I need to break out a parmeter for mine too. I've GOT the apex model, just never plugged it in. (won at a macna few years ago) Thx for the Intensity confirmation.
  3. Thanks! Although I haven't updated, I'm cranking. I'm on to gluing the frag tank plumbing. It's been fit for a while, so going back and gluing is relatively fast.
  4. So where's the 850 PAR with respect to this diagram? If I understand your post, this diagram is Tops Down view, and as close to the bottom as you could get. Do you have a Front Facing view equiv? I'm trying see the par in your water column, and especially with respect to basic rock, coral, and clam placement? Since we're talking Intensity, especially with Radion's. I've had a question for a long time. I've got 3 Radions over my 4' tank today. I've set overall 70% intensity in the app, but when hovering over the curves I get peak reading of 45% How do I translate this. 70% is overall intensity multiplier 45% is cumulative effect of different LED Colors intensity. (if all colors were at "max", then I should expect a hover of 70%?)
  5. OBrien Acan-A, Check-in: May 26: Looks like I've stalled my growth. My system changes and fish room remodeling have tweaked the corals in some way, so my frag isn't in growth mode. Everyone else's looks great. Nice job!
  6. And Return plumbing and Chiller are IN! (glue drying, turn on tonight) Yes my chiller is old, yes my chiller is ugly. yes, it works. yes, it has been serviced since I bought it in the early 1990's. (Right side of pump complex is unconnected, it feeds the new frag tanks - which aren't glued up yet)
  7. I contemplated the same configuration. Take my 4'x2'x'2' tank, and make it 4x4x2, but still only sticking out 2'. Put that project on hold, and instead remodeled the fish room to add frag tanks. Given the new sump/plumbing locations, new tank can no longer poke back into the fish room equip room.
  8. That looks great. Is the plan to have it straddle the wall long term? (half into the room, half out of the room)
  9. Yes, still going to engrave them. Just need to get an engraver. Which I forgot to look for last night at HD.
  10. Preview what's going in empty slot on the right of th e sump. Dry fit the pump complex, below shelf for the Chiller.
  11. Check it out, Complete Success - Found at Home Depot. More pictures on R2R thread.
  12. Duplicated on R2R, let's see if any other good ideas are out there. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/how-do-you-store-track-mp40-wet-sides.721609/
  13. Another Milestone day competed yesterday - Sump Swap complete! My 20yr old ~30gal sump, support shelf, under-sump pumps, chiller, and return plumbing were all removed. New poly panel put up on left and back wall. BTW, my original solution was cheapest thin acrylic, glued to the walls with silicon sealant. Worked well, came off clean, but clear meant didn't look clean. New ~90 gallon sump installed, on 1/2" insulation. Bulk head and union valve installed ready for pump complex, and temporary eheim return pump put in for the night. Will buy me time to plumb in final pumps/returns, and the glue to dry. Before: Removed: (poly walls installed) After:
  14. Thanks for the inputs. I'm thinking engrave and a spreadsheet is the way to track. It's interesting no one stores more formally than the original box (or in my case, just a bin) This topic may need the wider exposure of R2R. I'll post that up later.
  15. I'm impressed. I've added peppermint shrimp so many times to help with aptasia, with Zero noticeable results. So I simply stopped even trying.
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