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  1. Sam, Sorry - I didn't update this thread before. Already Sold.
  2. If you need a Trident, and need the Whole Neptune setup... Saltwater Aquarium.com has two in stock right now. Pure FYI, I just bumped into this. https://www.saltwateraquarium.com/full-apex-trident-dos-package-neptune-systems/
  3. obrien.david.j

    Chalice Show

    Great collection! Is one of those an Oregon Mummy Eye? (which one)
  4. Can you move my fireplace two feet to the left, so I can grow my four foot tank to a six foot tank? Congrats, yours looks really nice.
  5. Are you ask for imported SPS only, LPS only, or either?
  6. Eli, While at MACNA, I met someone I think is controversial but might be interesting for this discussion. I've read threads on-line which argue his product is not real, arguments he charges too much for it ($50/dosage), etc... Didn't matter to me. I met the inventor of StopRTN and PreventRTN. We struck up a good conversation. He explained he's a Dr and he believes symbiont bugs in coral tissue is the cause of RTN/STN. And some events enable them to multiply aggressively, release into the tank, and eventually impact corals. I'm paraphrasing. He described his product as only able to kill bugs in the water column, and effectively only the surface layers of the corals. But there was no way to wipe out the ones in coral deep tissue. But his product knocks down the population, which matters. Sounds similar to the topics in this article to me. Oh, and I ended up bringing home some of his product. Haven't tried them yet.
  7. Congratulations! Don't forget to show them your mixing station too.
  8. Eli, Thanks for continuing to flag interesting topics in this area. This is great! Doing a quick skim of the article made me realize I need to read it carefully. theres more to consume than just the charts.
  9. Entomophage, have you visited Aquatopia yet? Would you recommend a visit next time I visit Bend?
  10. Don't forget the "Before and After" photos!
  11. I run my tank set at 76.9 +/- 0.1 degrees, apex controls it all. But my situation is different. My equipment room is in the non-temp controlled garage. Occasionally, it gets cold enough that 500W of heater isn't enough, so I have a second stage heater set to fire if the first stage can't control. This one runs often during really cold winter nights. You can see it twice in the past week, both events happened due to 10 gallons of water change happened, with cooler water. Tank Temp, vs dual stage heaters. (blue is normal heater, black is "extra cold, 2nd stage" heater) Tank temp, vs ambient temp in the garage fish room. (Tmp2nd)
  12. Eli, I had some STN going on in my tank when I submitted the latest sample. Noted in the submission text. In case you’re trying to connect STN to your microbiome analysis. (userid daveo)
  13. Another option is to order on-line from National Tank, and only order a tank within driving distance to pick it up yourself. (skip the shipping fees) https://www.ntotank.com/vertical-storage-tanks Enter your zip code, and be careful on the distance from you. I picked mine up directly from Norwesco in Washougal. Two of the 75 gallon tanks, for $140 /ea. (when all was said and done) https://www.ntotank.com/75gallon-norwesco-white-vertical-storage-tank-x9749447
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