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  1. Thanks all for this grow out. Fun, but also Very educational to compare what I experienced with what others were able to achieve - real time. Helps!
  2. Last time I needed Interceptor I got it from our regular Vet. Just explained what it was for, and the doc was happy to write the script and they could sell it to us directly. I did it in person, and brought with me print outs of the articles stating it's use, dosage, etc.
  3. Looks ready to explode with growth and fill out beautifully.
  4. Nice Design. I'm using something very similar for my two 7" filter socks, except I didn't use poly pro. Based on my experience, I'm sure this works Great.
  5. OBrien CNC Superman, Check-in: August 4 Just not taking off. In the past month I've been bumping Nitrates and Phosphates up in my system. Going slow.
  6. Well Done. I like how clean it looks, and you've planned for future maintenance. Looking forward to seeing it in place.
  7. What!? The tank doesn't have water in it yet! Oh man. I thought it was already wet. Do it, Do it!
  8. Post a picture anyway. Let's all admire how big and nice it is. Put something in the pict so we can see scale. (like set it next to a 5 gallon bucket)
  9. Although I don't see a lot of colors right now, I've had good luck ordering livestock from ReefTopia.com. Straight from the collectors. https://reeftopia.com/collections/ricordia-and-zooathids
  10. If Scott doesn't want it, I too am in the market. New tank (5.5' by 4') is going to need a showcase piece. How big is it, gotta pict?
  11. Bill, I just sent off two RFQ's for my new tank friday. Can you expand who exactly "SC Aquariums" are. Website URL?
  12. I like the floor trim, give the setup a really clean look.
  13. @SuncrestReef You Read My Mind!
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