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  1. Reagents have been out of stock for the past week, almost across the board. (Thus I don't personally have any.) Neptune's own website doesn't offer 6 month supply, but Does offer the standard 2 month version. Maybe call them. Otherwise, have you called the local shops?
  2. That's Amazing! Of course, this is going to lead to the inevitable BRS type question: What if you'd started with <Product ABC> vs <Product DEF> vs <GHI> that claims to cycle your tank. Can you get microbiome diversity from a "bottle." Verses; Getting Water alone from a friends successful (and microbiome diverse) tank. (1 gallon of diverse water, enough to seed 100 gallon of new-tank-water - how much is needed?) Verses; Getting some Water and some Rock from the friends successful tank (and diverse) Verses; Putting some Fresh (dry) rock into a friends successful tank. Letting it seed (X) amount of time, and transferring it to your tank to xport the microbiome diversity Maybe that's the million dollar question. What does it take to Xport or Propagate microbiome diversity to a new tank? (all this assumes someone has pre-tested their setup with you, to confirm it's microbiome diverse in the first place)
  3. Bump - What about a price drop on the WXM module? Now You Need This. PM me. Neptune WXM module - $70 --> SOLD
  4. Bump - Are you SURE you don't need this overflow?
  5. I live your question, great creativity and stretching the hobby. Unfortunately I don’t know an answer for you. Not my expertise.
  6. Eli - Thanks for the detailed responses. I look forward to the next evolution of your analysis.
  7. Take the extra drive time, visit Cuttle Fish and Corals too. 6363 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97239
  8. I ran it into my skimmer for a few years, because I'd heard it was "good." I can't claim to notice specific results, so I stopped. (I had a free Ozone unit, so it didn't cost anything to Try it.)
  9. I use MainBrew (5670 NW Clara Ln, Hillsboro, OR 97124) for my exchanges. If you've got the space, 20lb is the industry standard for Soda Machines at restaurants. And that's what I upgraded to. Just bring your existing bottle in, tell them you'd like to upgrade to a 20lb bottle and exchange. They'll charge you for the price difference between a new 5lb and a new 20lb, and then the cost of the refill. Super easy. (I started in your situation years ago. Super Pretty new 5lb bottle. Now, I just do exchanges - don't care what the refill bottle looks like. It's soo much easier.)
  10. I've got some interesting frags of classic Red Montipora Capricornus. approx 3" around. It's an SPS, but easier to medium. But as a stony coral, just sits there. (no movement to keep it interesting) You're welcome to one. I'm around this weekend. In the Cedar Mill area of town.
  11. I got feedback that it isn't obvious what this product is. Just google : "reef savvy ghost overflow" Here's web details and some pictures once I unwrapped it. This is Beautifully Made! Super clean construction. Won in the raffle at MACNA. Passing the savings on to you. $100 From Vendor Website: GEN5 21″ GHOST OVERFLOW $300.00 <-- (Vendor Price. I'm selling for $100.) Available Exclusively on Reef Savvy Aquariums Specifications: 1,500 GPH Interior Box: 21″L x 1.25″W x 6″H Laser Cut Removable Weir Cover (2) 1.5″ Mounting Bulkheads Exterior Box: 21″L x 2.5″W x 8″H (3) 1″ Direct Connect Drains 3/8″ Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Cover REDESIGNED, REIMAGINED, REINVENTED. The Reef Savvy Ghost overflow is simple, sleek, and most importantly dead silent. It’s the perfect marriage between aesthetics and functionality. It is the culmination of a lifetime of reef keeping experiences, backed up by 20 years of aquarium design and fabrication. Although, there are bargain brand imports and mass-produced mold injection overflows that bear a superficial resemblance to the Ghost, a closer look will reveal just how different they really are. From the materials we use, to the machining and assembly process, every aspect of the Ghost has been thoughtfully taken into consideration. (... more ...) PLUMBING THE GHOST OVERFLOW. The Ghost Overflow is extremely versatile by design; having 3 drains, it will accept just about any plumbing configuration. There are many popular and proven plumbing methods to choose from. Many of these methods have obvious similarities and may have been inspired, or derived by one or the other. Our personal favorite is the Beananimal method; it’s dead silent, employs a full siphon, and requires the use of an emergency drain. Regardless of the method you choose, we recommend you maintain one of the drains as an emergency. Some of the other popular plumbing configurations are the Durso Standpipes and The Herbie Method. Post Un-Wrapping Pictures: (attached)
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