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  1. What price are you looking to get for each type? I am interested in one of everything aside from the dragon macro. Thanks!
  2. What does the stocking look like in this tank? Would it be all torn down or is it currently running?
  3. Nice fab work on the light mount. Looks really sharp and well done.
  4. I'll take it if it's still available. Thanks! Simon
  5. Awesome meeting and am very much looking forward to the next! Was happy to win the MP-10 as well in the raffle. Thanks for hosting Bret! It was also fun to put some faces to names when I could.
  6. Wow! Definitely a precautionary tale about the risks of hurrying anything on a reef tank. Very good read, thanks for the share.
  7. Wow, I feel like this opens up a lot of opportunities I hadn't thought of before, I'm thinking of maybe getting one and fragging it and gluing a "Gorgonian forest line" going up my arch. Thanks for the vid and +1 to Seahorse also!
  8. I'm not trying to be a debbie-downer here or anything, but what are those metro racks rated for? I'm sure you know, since you're putting a bunch of weight on em! I just never would of thought of using something like that for water storage. A very economical idea I'll have to keep in mind. Nice design, sir!
  9. I'll take one of each please. Thanks!
  10. That's gonna be an intense project to permanently repair/replace that line. 1 million gallons a minute is nothing to shake a stick at. Glad you were prepared for such an occasion, even if it may of involved getting up and refilling the generator. Sounds like you didn't have to, but at least you already had contingency's in place.
  11. Glad I read this, though it does make me sad to hear it. One of the many joys of this hobby is seeing such a large local shop population and I enjoy stopping by shops local to my jobs for the day and purchasing local when possible. . Sounds like this is a place I ought to avoid. Thanks!
  12. What UV flashlight and camera set up are you using to snap those photos? That's amazing!
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