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  1. I have had similar experiences with my wife. I am just glad that she tolerates me and the hobby enough to stick around 😜. I have tried on several occasions getting her own smaller tank setup, something easy to maintain that she could have a clown/nem setup or similar in there. It works out well for the first few weeks but then I have found that they just end up being another one of my tanks haha.
  2. Leathers are great corals, they said. They wont grow too fast, they said. haha.
  3. Barrier Reef has kind of been my go to, there are a couple more in Seattle but i wasnt too impressed (and that is a longer drive for me, so maybe that is why). also on the Peninsula there is 'The Shark Reef', not too bad and worth a pop in every now and again. I dont buy too much anymore though.
  4. Welcome to WA. I live in the Gig Harbor area, looking forward to more WA reefers! I too like shallow tanks, much prefer looking down at corals if I can.
  5. top one kinda looks like a 'Miami Hurricane' chalice to me. dunno about the bottom. beautiful pieces though.
  6. Nice, crazy how much florescence a UV light can bring out. Beautiful corals you got there, love the pic of the Fungia.
  7. wow, two months. I had no idea they could last that long, kind of winning me over on the idea of getting one of these... the every other day filters sock change and weekly wash is easy but gets old.
  8. I have always liked those anemones and would like to keep one some day. Good luck to yours, looking forward to seeing how this goes.
  9. I am not sure what they used that for either. you could always just scrap that pipe and make your own overflow using the holes already drilled. If you were real adventurous you could also build an overflow box around them with some silicone & glass. Definitely a weird one though, I will be curious to see what you find out.
  10. Nice, hoping to make this one, bit of a drive but I am always looking for an excuse for a road trip.
  11. I have had my sump baffles not work properly in the past (probably due to too high sump turnover) causing bubbles and other items that would have settled naturally in my sump get recirculated back into the display. Also, how old is your tank? IME more established tanks seem to work out things like that on their own as things tend to settle out over time. I have also had success with carbon dosing (although it is just for general water clarity and has no effect on particulates).
  12. Sorry I missed it, looking forward to a meet up my way (WA), although Portland isn't too far away Beautiful pics BTW.
  13. Thanks all, member map seems like a great function I haven't seen in other forums that I have been in. Look forward to meet and greets/frag swaps!
  14. Been in the hobby a while, although have been in the area only a couple years and I just found this website now so I thought I would introduce myself. Hi, my name is Mike and I am a reef addict. I have been in the hobby for quit a few years now and have kept a variety of tanks/critters. I lived on the east coast until a couple years ago. I currently have a 180g mixed reef, but may be looking to downgrade to something smaller/less complex soon (work will be requiring me to travel often). Crappy quick pic attached. Anybody else the Gig Harbor/Seattle area on here?
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