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  1. All fish sold, updated post to include the corals left for sale. Below is a pic of the Duncan. I would like to drain the tank this weekend so if someone is willing to put a good offer on the corals/liverock left i will be willing to make a deal
  2. Yeah, looks like most of this group is down south, willing to help out with delivery/meeting halfway within reason (especially for a large purchase😜).
  3. Updated pricing as well as added a few more items for sale, not downsizing anymore so everything must go! Also, here is a few more pics of the livestock.
  4. I have had the copperband for about a year now. It eats anything I throw in. My prepared food (mostly mysis and clams), and LRS prepared food as well. Loves nori too. Yes they are both still available. The mandarin is female, pretty large, i would say maybe ~3" in length. Let me know if you are interested, I will give you a deal if you get all three.
  5. Some more/better pics of the fish for sale, need them gone before i can part out the equipment. Prices are listed above, can talk a deal with anyone willing to take them all.
  6. I am breaking down my 180g! Would like to sell the whole setup, but if not then livestock must go first. I have been the original owner of all the equipment listed and take meticulous care of it. Fish are very healthy and eating well. System has been up and running for a year now and is doing great, I must sell because of work and dont want to overly burden wife. I will list all of the livestock and equipment as best I can, there is a lot so I might miss some. Livestock: Duncan Coral- $80 Devils Hand Leather- $50 Toadstool - $40 Live rock maybe 80-100lbs (some soft corals attached)- $3 per lb Equipment: 180g drilled tank/stand/canopy/custom made sump/heaters and Jebao DCT return pump- $1600 (no scratches) Current USA 4108 orbit IC LED - Loop $150 Vortech MP40W $180 Vortech MP40W Quiet Drive $260 Super Reef Octopus 1000LSS protein skimmer $160 Kessil H380 $200 JBJ ATO $30 Feel free to text if you have questions/want to check anything out. Can send better pics upon request. 352-262-7988
  7. Holy crap! I have had them in the past, but seeing them close up and active is creepy lol. Great filming!
  8. I am in the process of selling my 180g complete setup (tank/stand/canopy/sump/equipment/livestock). It wont be 'budget', but it will be a good deal for what you get, especially if someone is willing to take everything at once. let me know if you want more details.
  9. I love the look of rimless, however a braced tank is more practical, especially when you consider some type of canopy or screen to prevent jumpers. One of my favorite tanks ever was my 60g framless Marineland... that thing was a beauty.
  10. I have had similar experiences with my wife. I am just glad that she tolerates me and the hobby enough to stick around 😜. I have tried on several occasions getting her own smaller tank setup, something easy to maintain that she could have a clown/nem setup or similar in there. It works out well for the first few weeks but then I have found that they just end up being another one of my tanks haha.
  11. Leathers are great corals, they said. They wont grow too fast, they said. haha.
  12. Barrier Reef has kind of been my go to, there are a couple more in Seattle but i wasnt too impressed (and that is a longer drive for me, so maybe that is why). also on the Peninsula there is 'The Shark Reef', not too bad and worth a pop in every now and again. I dont buy too much anymore though.
  13. Welcome to WA. I live in the Gig Harbor area, looking forward to more WA reefers! I too like shallow tanks, much prefer looking down at corals if I can.
  14. top one kinda looks like a 'Miami Hurricane' chalice to me. dunno about the bottom. beautiful pieces though.
  15. Nice, crazy how much florescence a UV light can bring out. Beautiful corals you got there, love the pic of the Fungia.
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