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  1. We have moved to Massachusetts.
  2. Sump is another $150. It is a 6 month old Trigger Emerald sump 20. 20"x 20"x 15"
  3. 24" T5 retrofit lights with AquaBlue plus bulbs all only 90days of use. $40
  4. FREE Reefcorner LED lights. Tripping gfi circuits.
  5. Please close this thread.
  6. 65 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank & custom oak stand and cover. 36 inches wide x 24 inches tall x 18 inches deep. Bottom is drilled for drain to sump and has a double walled weir. Comes with drain and return plumbing. Also Free Live Sand!!! $150 I'm in Battle Ground text 360-214-1238
  7. Sorry, all live stock is gone.
  8. Bump for updated list.
  9. I'm in downtown Portland twice a week.
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