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  1. Mesamech

    Seattle Saltwater Newbie

    Hey newbie, welcome to the group.
  2. Mesamech

    February Picture of the Month - Photo of favorite pet

    This is Conti.
  3. Mesamech

    Hi reefers

    I have concerns with going small too. 1st stability and 2nd I can't seem to stop buying corals once I start.
  4. Can you send me some pics? especially the chipped corner.

  5. Is this setup still available?
  6. Mesamech

    Hi reefers

    I'm new to this forum (that's why I'm posting), but I am not new to reefing. I had a 120gal mixed reef in Henderson, NV that I took down back in 2011. I've started to look at getting back into the hobby. I need to start small. because I also raise bees now, so looking at either a 25 gal lagoon or a red sea 170. I've attached some photos from my old 2nd tank build just before breaking it down and selling off every thing. This tank is 2 years old at this point.