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  1. I have some high end corals for sale. PM please. Sunburst Bounce. $150 OBO Frankenstein. $500 OBO Neptune Bounce $300 OBO Jersey Bounce $300 OBO Electus Mushroom $400 OBO Jawbreaker $250 OBO Indo Dragonsoul Torch 3 Heads $800 OBO Pink Diamond 3 polyp $75 OBO Space Chaos 2 polyp +baby $325 OBO Queen Strat 3 polyp $125 OBO Bitcoin Zoa 3 Polyp + baby $250 OBO Badlands Zoa 6 Polyp $250 OBO Some zoas can be split into singles. Please PM. Thanks for looking.
  2. Thanks for all the thoughts everyone. I also get a couple degree swing up to about 78.5 I do not have a controller set up on both tanks hiqever the one with the apex only varies maybe half a degree. Super solid. Just kinda wanted everyone's thoughts. Thanks again
  3. Just wanted to see what everyone's opinion was. What is your idea on max temp and max temp swing in a tank before affecting SPS corals in a negative way?
  4. HAHA thanks. The blender idea not sure about though, I think my wife and wallet would leave me lol.
  5. Hello everyone. So I have a few mushrooms I am possibly looking to sell, including a Jersey and Frank bounces, and an eclectus. I'm in no huge need to sell them but if the price is right I am willing to get rid of them. The jersey and Frank are both over an inch. The eclectus is probably just under. Also willing to split them for a less. PM if interested. I will try to get pictures on here as soon as possible. Thanks Jersey- SOLD Neptune- $225 obo Sunburst-$150 (SOLD) Eclectus- $400 obo Frankenstein- $550 obo Godspawn-$200 obo
  6. Lol that's what I'm doing so far. Just little cheap tester pieces. Nothing I'm in love with in the tank yet. One thing I've noticed about the coral pro salt is that after 48 hours of mixing the alk drops to between 9 and 9.5. Also quite a bit of precipitation. In the mixing container. I've been keeping mine around 9 but am contemplating dropping it slowly more towards 8. Just trying to get this tank dialed in .
  7. Yes same rodi water for both. I was thinking about changing to the tropic Marin. The levels seem easier to handle on that salt to begin with and I've heard nothing but good things. Alson as long as my nitrates and stuff stay down I think I'm going to bot do changes until I get new salt. I can dose to keep my alk stable
  8. My thoughts exactly. It happening directly after the water change makes me think it has to do with that since all test are showing really well. I think I may change salts and see if it makes a difference
  9. Oh so mistyped that. Alk only shifted .1. It was a 5 gallon change on A red sea 250.
  10. So just an update. I'm starting to think it's my salt mix. (Red sea coral pro) did a 5 gallon change last night. The mix was only .2 alk off of the tank. After the change it moved the alk. 1 total. Not a big change. All other parameters are spot on. But 2 hours after the change had 2 sps go from looking pretty decent to losing all tissue and dead. What a mystery.
  11. Thank you for the offer. Hopefully I can keep these going. Moving everything in the right direction I think. Nothing is completely gone yet so hopefully things will turn around over the next week or so.
  12. 👍👍 I didnt even see the bubble until you mentioned it.
  13. Pink boobie chalice. This is close to actual color
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