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  1. That is interesting but that also conflict with water management best practice as you do not want water to still. If you do not have water movement it increases the chance for algea growth and ph will typically drop.
  2. Oh to add I have also seen where I was dead on the money and a bottom reading was still low.
  3. That is why mix as soon as it's empty or low for the next change. It takes at minimum 3 days to stabilize plus if I have to add more salt I want a few more days extra. I am running 10 tanks so 165 gallons does not last me long. One to two weeks depending the amount I change. Last weekend I did deep cleaning on my sumps and used the whole thing.
  4. I have seen at the top of the column as high 1.038 but bottom reading at the same time 1.010. The water was clear at the time too. It's about 5 feet tall. 165 gallon water storage tank.
  5. The issue I see with auto adding salt is that each container of salt mix has a degree of variance in the salinity levels and varying salinity levels in the water column of the mix tank. When I mix salt I usually make up 160 gallons at a time. Each time the amount I use varies slightly. My mix tank takes about an hour to see a clear mix. I have tested the water column in the tank at different levels to know that it's completely mixed. I have found that as you drop down the column the salinty lowers at the lower level. Even though my water pumps from the bottom of the mix tank up to the top with a pipe that goes to the bottom of the tank with a cap at the bottom. The tank pipe has holes all along it to spray the water and keep movement all along the column. This gives a more complete mix. Each time I add a gallon of salt reducing over time based on salinity. I usually leave it run over night and do a check each day at different levels in the column until I see consistant levels. I would not trust a single probe for this reason. You would want a minimum of three probes to know if the tank is completely mixed. I have even found that the water maybe clear but just a variance of less than foot has different salinity levels. After mixing take sample from the hose and a sample from the bottom and levels are different. With this variance I have seen, I am now thinking I should add a ph testing to see if how long it takes for the ph to stabilize in the water column too. I have seen swings in the ph right after changes on my apex.
  6. When I built mine I used shutoff valves at the both ends of the hose as it does fill quick. Also by keeping water in the hose line it allows for keeping your pump primed as you usually start with suction. Once you run out of water in your line you lose suction on the pump.
  7. I know of only one person who programs in PLC. My friends brother uses it in HVAC systems and in house for building HVAC. He works for a HVAC manufacturer/supplier for commercial applications in giant sky scrapers.
  8. I was wishing for breakout box too when I started my research. I write SQL and regex on daily basis then some .net. Most of the control in PLC programming language seems pretty straight forward compared to the writing code I have done in the past. I thought about doing a series of relays and diodes but I kept running into too many issues in the design. I needed away to control the 120v pump in the process too. Another I ended up needing to add was timers in to the switching process as well to give water a chance to flow into the pump if the line was empty. Ugh too complicated. That is how I ended up looking at PLC.
  9. Hi All, I built a water change station at home and the valves are pain to manage. I am thinking about using PLC controller with 24v valves. This way at a push of a button it change processes. This is the controller I am looking at. https://www.mrostop.com/al2-14mr-d-mitsubishi-programmable-logic-controller-plc.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwmq3kBRB_EiwAJkNDp-BcKxBeIdYNRM230My1lpG1JI7k2CEFOOaQ2disBELoZbCdDm1Y-xoCFNUQAvD_BwE I am thinking the following. all stop button Mix/cycle salt water Fill mix tank from ro tank Pull water up hose Push water to tank hose Anyone with experience with PLC controllers or programming them? Yes I looked at apex but not enough outlets in 24v or I would have to use all of my power outlets.
  10. My wife talked to the principal of my daughter school today and he is all over the idea of a Saltwater tank. We need to schedule a meeting with science teacher to figure it. So if anyone up here in Pierce county, WA has anything let me know. I am going to offer them a few tank size options that I have. Nothing fancy most likely just run a cascade filter as I have few of them sitting around. I have the following. Tank 20 50 or 75 Lights older LED Sand black or white Live rock I have a brute full for the 450 but I can spare some. Filtration Cascade Cartridge I need replacement media mine is old. What I do need is live stock I am going cut them some branching hammer once the tank is cycled but do not have anything else right now. If anyone has a tang or something that they need to rehome let me know.
  11. I was back thursday night. I didn't get a chance to visit any stores. I tried to arrange a cherry picking session with distributor while in LA but I needed an employee from an LFS with me. My local LFS up here tried but it didn't work out. Maybe next time I most likely going back down there in few months again.
  12. I would love jump in but not sure when I can make down there.
  13. I am down LA for couple of days for work. Any shops down here worth checking out?
  14. I have worked in ecommerce for over 15 years. I have dealt with the smallest companies to the largest from a consulting prospective. What you are describing is very common in all fulfillment centers that have not development a standard production line packing process. The fact the CSR is in the DC drives this further. This says to me they are running short staffed and utilizing other staff to fill the void. I have actually done that exact role in my early years when I ran a CSR department. DC gets backed up send in a CSR or manager who do not typically work in the DC. That was me, I got in the way more times then not. Sounds like they may need to do some modification to their production line and institute quality control. I have often worked with clients where we placed multiple orders and did unpacking parties just to help management understand the customer experience. I will never forget some the junk we found. Missing products, missing box stuffers, wrong packing slips, improperly packed items. Just implementing standard packaging requirements can lower the customer service cost for a company. Plus with the day and age of social media the number of people hearing about is too costly for a smb company.
  15. Brs has them now for 70. When I got mine no one had them. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/waterproof-6500k-led-fixture-8821-00-tunze.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAtP_iBRDGARIsAEWJA8jV9Il8_mVzj__T8sMNRXeukzLQK8bg74Rq8wCE10IzU7UjVDWUYQwaAiNmEALw_wcB
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