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  1. I have worked in ecommerce for over 15 years. I have dealt with the smallest companies to the largest from a consulting prospective. What you are describing is very common in all fulfillment centers that have not development a standard production line packing process. The fact the CSR is in the DC drives this further. This says to me they are running short staffed and utilizing other staff to fill the void. I have actually done that exact role in my early years when I ran a CSR department. DC gets backed up send in a CSR or manager who do not typically work in the DC. That was me, I got in the way more times then not. Sounds like they may need to do some modification to their production line and institute quality control. I have often worked with clients where we placed multiple orders and did unpacking parties just to help management understand the customer experience. I will never forget some the junk we found. Missing products, missing box stuffers, wrong packing slips, improperly packed items. Just implementing standard packaging requirements can lower the customer service cost for a company. Plus with the day and age of social media the number of people hearing about is too costly for a smb company.
  2. Jlpete

    New Tunze refugium light review

    Brs has them now for 70. When I got mine no one had them. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/waterproof-6500k-led-fixture-8821-00-tunze.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAtP_iBRDGARIsAEWJA8jV9Il8_mVzj__T8sMNRXeukzLQK8bg74Rq8wCE10IzU7UjVDWUYQwaAiNmEALw_wcB
  3. Jlpete

    New Tunze refugium light review

    $89 at barrier
  4. Jlpete

    New Tunze refugium light review

    My teenager tossed the box last week.
  5. Who else interested in getting these?
  6. I would interested but not sure when I can get down to your area again. Would it be possible to ship these straight to me?
  7. Jlpete

    New Tunze refugium light review

    The water proof is true I have it just a few inches off the top of water. If the return pump is turned off the light is right at the water level in the sump. It gets wet often and no issues. The bleed off light was what I was trying to reduce.
  8. For the last several months I have been fighting to keep my chateo going. I tried several different led lights and all I was getting was algea growth but no chateo growth. I just recently bought the new tunze magnitic refuguim light. My chateo is finally growing again plus with the ability to lower it down closer into the sump I am seeing less algea growth every where else. I was starting to see algea growing in my return lines.
  9. Jlpete

    Never dump your skimmate manually again

    That is an awesome idea. I could make this work on my display tank with little work. Thank you for sharing.
  10. Can we revive this thread? I need to replace all of my socks. I would need 24 socks so if you need just 25 i will take the 25th too. The issue, I live up in WA near Tacoma. I do go to Portland ever couple of months for work to visit a client. I will be down tomorrow for the day driving down first thing in the morning and returning tomorrow night. I could meet up after my meetings with funds. If not I will be ordering them anyways.
  11. Jlpete

    450g shark tank build

    I like the idea not sure if I want adher concrete to the garage floor though. I could layout plastic. Moving the tank though would be an issue. It took six of us to get the tank on the stand. I am tempted to take the back wall off and cut it down. Several vehicle jacks to hold the tank while the wall is out. It's a 2x6 framed wall.
  12. Jlpete

    Hello from Spanaway wa

    Thank you everyone. Yes the sharks will be a lot happier. They spend most of the day not moving much but as soon as the lights start to dim they become active. Just doing circles around the tank, hunting for food. It's easy to tell when to feed them. I have a few large ones black/scopas hybrid tang, salifin, vlamingii, brown tang, koran angel, a fat snowflake eel, and a regal angel. Most of them we bought when they were common lfs size fish now they are all grown up. Well some are all grown up. I have only bought a couple of large ones. The Koran Angel I have had for the longest, he has gone through several tank moves and a house move. Now lives in my predator tank as he is extremely aggresive to other fish and has a large appetite for coral. I have lost several colonies to him. One our favorites is our tiny purple tang though. When we got him he was just under an inch long. The only reason we got him was his perfect coloring. Most of the ones you see have some kind of color blemish. We couldn't put him in any of the larger tanks or he would have been lunch for the larger fish. So he hangs out in my wife's nano with a tiny midnight clown. Once he outgrows the nano in a year or two we will move him on up to a larger tank.
  13. Jlpete

    450g shark tank build

    I found the tank on Craiglist last year for good deal but it needed a lot of work on the overflows and stand. I had the over flow made they are ready to go but the stand is where I am at. I am putting this in the garage as my floor can barely handle my 210g tank. With most garages it's sloped from the back of the tank to the front. I have almost 1 1/2" of drop in that area. Shimming with that weight is not a good option. The front, I fixed easily but the sides I will need to cut a 2x4 at an angle which I need to figure the angle out when time permits. This will primarily house my sharks. I have a coral banded bamboo, a marbled cat shark, banded marbled bamboo cat shark and a shark egg not exactly sure yet which type. I know it's banded. I will be adding stingrays as well. Most of the tank will be a sandy bottom with large tunnels among the live rock. Cat sharks prefer to hide under the shelves. The rocks will be laid out in a T shape along the back wall with a column running down the center. For the rest of the equiptment. 100 gallon sump Reef octopus elite 200-int Algi scrubber Return pump undecided Wave maker undecided. Lighting t-5 Orbit marine 72" led Neptune classic scored it for good price on cl 20 gallon ato tank
  14. Our baby cauque helping me at work. He is going through his first mult.