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  1. Yes totally makes sense! I only need to buy the fast flush sized at 600. Thank you very much for helping me solve this. I felt like I was wasting sooooooo much water.
  2. So the 800ml restrictor would go on the waste line I got that. Where would the fast flush go?
  3. What does GDP stand for? Thank you for helping me through this and holding my hand. hahaha
  4. I don’t see either of those anywhere on the unit are you saying I need to add one? If so which one would you suggest, where would I add it?
  5. Had an extra minute and installed the gauge on the inlet. I have 45psi of water feeding the RODI
  6. water is for sure not 77 degrees its colder. It does not have a restrictor that I'm aware of. The waste line comes out of the top 4th filter chamber via 1/4 line and theres nothing on that after the RODI unit.
  7. I will get the pressure gauge hooked up tonight and report back with my inlet pressure to further diagnose. MY inlet TDS is 24ppm, outlet TDS is 0.
  8. I have a marine Depot 4 stage RODI. I just got a pressure gauge I the mail but wasn’t sure where I should install it. I had read some people put it on the inlet to make sure they have enough pressure. Others after one of the membranes to show when the material inside needs replaced
  9. I just recently started making my own RODI Water. Its been killing me watching all that waste water just go down the drain. Today I changed up the method, and put the waste water to 5 gallon jugs and brought it out to water the garden. I quickly found this is not a sustainable practice, and began to wonder if anyone else had a system in place. We have galvanized supply lines to our house that makes our tap water absolutely disgusting to drink. Because of this we have water delivered to our house from sierra springs, and have a water dispenser. Is the waste water from RODI potable, and would it maybe filter out the gross stuff from our tap? What systems do you have in place to recover the waste and utilize it elsewhere? Also wondering if I'm pumping out more waste then others and if maybe I have something set up wrong. I have made around 1-2 gallons of RODI water, and dumped about 15-20 gallons of waste. Tanks Ya'll!!!!
  10. Staff has always been very friendly, and even been available during the week when they were closed for water when my kids have created an emergency. That being said I use to go here, and have noticed the dirty tanks. The majority of their stock honestly seems like trade ins, and I think this is why they have such dirty tanks. I have switched over to cuttlefish being my go to store for everything. One thing I’ve learned that is key in this hobby is patience. If Jeff doesn’t have what I am looking for instock I’m confident he can get it in a reasonable amount of time. Cuttlefish husbandry comes across as clinical to me. The staff there have always been very attentive, and Jeff is VERY personable. Thank you cuttlefish for providing an amazing experience that makes it well worth driving over an hour to visit. That being said paradise also has some amazing zoas 😂🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. Have it in my sump, never not ran it haha
  12. Thanks to the Clackamas county, and city of Happy Valley tax payers
  13. The lamp is rated at 4.9kwatts and emits 58 mj/cm2
  14. Agreed, made me wonder if the could refine salt water or if they added special salts to fresh water. If they can refine ocean saltwater I would be interested in the cost compared to collecting oil and refining that.
  15. Combining 2 of my interests I call that a win. No more dumping this week old expensive water in the toilet! https://www.disclose.tv/this-a-water-powered-car-top-speed-2175-mph-920hp-373-milestank-327338?fbclid=IwAR0lVEQDcOoTHOVKHhZ4gANN_3OdBNYjW_1Y_a4Jh12rnfKpL9CBRVzPEEI
  16. North Clackamas Aquatic Park, bring the kids
  17. I will check wattage when I’m in this weekend. It flows 1100gpm yes that’s per minute 😱 go for 6x turnover every hour
  18. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm like 70 days into a fish free display while I believed ich died off. My hopes are crushed that I am stress free to put fish back in after another 2 weeks
  19. Honestly I look at extra equipment around my shop and envision how I can adapt it to my current reef HAHA. Trying to convince them to add a reef tank to our beach room for educational purposes.
  20. Included are some photos of our filters, uv light, co2 feed, and dosers.
  21. @albertareef @PowderBlue @SuncrestReef Indeed humans. No QT but we do have a dip station in the locker room.
  22. I'm an equipment mechanic for an aquatic park. Over 700,000 gallons in water volume, with some of the craziest livestock I've encountered.
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