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  1. We shall see I will keep an eye on it that’s a good concern. I’m running the light at around 2w-5w. I doubt it will be an issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Petco is the best pricing I’ve found. Look up the scu on their website and they will price match. Online it’s normally like 50% off
  3. @SuncrestReef for the win! Went to Michaels and found a binder protector. Cut it to size and I’m happy with the $5 result!!
  4. I could bring it to work with me, I work in clackamas. Doubt your want to come all the way out to my house haha
  5. Just finished up my LED retrofit into my 6 gallon cube and I’m thinking I need some light diffusion. This is something that I was forecasting beings the light is like an inch off the water surface but I’m not finding much beyond wax paper for DIY diffusion. Are there any products out there that some members have had any luck with? It’s more pronounced in the photo then in person which works to my advantage for y’all to see what I’m trying to correct. Thanks
  6. Would like a spot in line for either meter that comes up first
  7. So this turned into complete overkill hahha my plan was to put a AI Prime non HD in this. I had just picked up a Prime HD for my grandmothers tank, and had it sitting there so thought “perfect I’ll use that to mock up my DIY fab till I’m able to find a used prime for myself.” Wrapped the light in electrical tape so I wouldn’t scratch it. Well I scratched it 😔 looks like I’m buying another HD Prime for her because I’m OCD, and feel guilty giving her a light I scratched. So I present the hood with a Prime HD installed!!! The vent holes are not perfect that bugs me a bit, but where the tank is located I will never see them so eh I’ll call it a win.
  8. Wanting to retrofit an older non HD prime into my 6 gal aio. It will be going into the hood so I have no need for a gooseneck. Looking to spend like $80 Thanks
  9. I must have just missed you! I was in there at like 1:30 and pretty sure I was checking this bad boy out also.
  10. @NateDawg would you possibly be able to help me with my lighting issue 😂
  11. 2 scoops a day keeps the surgeonfish away
  12. Yea I remembered you did the auto water changes (that’s so cool!) just wanted to take that into act when giving you my answer. If salt produced lower then your target would recommend keeping lower alk as you would be fighting an up hill battle. I say bring it up to where you thought it was gradually. My thought process is if you every have an emergency where you have to do close to a 100% water change it’s a less drastic change from norm.
  13. What alk does you newly made saltwater produce?
  14. At least its consistent in how far its off. Definitely points to the Hanna being off for sure.
  15. Need me a frag of that!
  16. Thank you for getting back to me I will be in the market for your V2 extreme for my other tank once those hit the market. Looking forward to a demo at an upcoming meeting!
  17. @danlu_gt what do you think, would the dimensions given house the parts from the pendent? Would you be interested in selling cannibalized parts from the pendent?
  18. I was honestly thinking about reaching out to Reefi to see if he had any parts from the pendant available. The pendidant itself I dont think would fit in the enclosure I'm workjing with but if it was canalized I'm sure it could work, there is already 2 fans in the enclose area.
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