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  1. I will pass on this go around. Doing some house work, and need to move my tank to another room.
  2. I'll take those for my grandmothers tank, depending on where your located
  3. I'll take that today if your attending the meeting!
  4. Wont hurt me any 😲 I was scrubbing frags I was moving to my grandmothers tank, trying to keep hers pest free as long as I can.
  5. Is that ricordea mushroom easy to separate? How much for that?
  6. OMG If they pass I will take that bad mamajama. I want some of that vibrant coraline!
  7. Ok I’ll bring some into a LFS and see what they get then. Any input on high PH?
  8. It’s an API test kit. I just realized it’s a freshwater master kit. I don’t remember my API kit at home indicating it freshwater or saltwater. Is there a difference between saltwater and freshwater tests for ammonia, PH, nitrite, and nitrate? Another thing I havnt read up on yet is her PH. Her tank location gets a lot of natural light so the Ph gets up to 8.4. Is this something that corals will withstand or will she have to dose something to bring Ph down? Mine stays between 7.8-8.2
  9. So i have been helping my grandma set up and cycle her new waterbox. It seems to have a very slow cycle or maybe the algae is consuming the nitrates so they never show on tests? Last week we added some snails to help consume some of the algae. It’s also really weird, a lot more string like then the hair algae that I have had in my tank. Some history. She purchased the rock dry and I placed it in a cooler with water and filter floss from my tank. It sat like that for about 2-3 weeks before we moved it into her tank. I never did test that cooler water to monitor the cycle. The live sand was bagged caribsea. For the 2 weeks she added seachem stability at the recommended dose age. The following 2 weeks she added intstant ocean biospira at the recommended doesage. I also placed a new large piece of filter floss in her tank that came from my tank. Once the tank was set up there has been a single clownfish to introduce ammonia. She has been feeding twice a week as much as the fish eats. We have done a 25% water change once a week for the last month. My questions are has the cycle even started? Did it maybe spike during the time in the cooler? Should I stop doing water changes? I’m worried about the ammonia going above .50 with the clown and the snails. Is there a snail I should add that eats this type of algae?
  10. Not complaining either just giving feedback, have not heard anything yet.
  11. I'd be interested in some to!
  12. I have food grade bicarb by the ton 😂
  13. Ahhhh man that disk could have been the seed for the other post asking for coraline 😂
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