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  1. 1. Sponsoring a tank locally (OMSI?) and/or at the Hatfield - this seems like a nice combination of educational opportunity and way to raise awareness of the group. I work at the Clackamas Aquatic Park and think that it would be a wonderful space to sponsor a tank. We have a beach themed room that I think would be the perfect spot. I am well versed in tank maintenance, and am on sight here 6 days a week. I may not be the best person to lead a educational program, but I am more then willing to step up in any way that I am able to help. If this is something that the group would be interested in I am more then happy to speak with management about their openness to this idea. I think they would be pleased with the idea as long as it was at no cost to them, and I maintenance the tank off the clock which I'm more then happy to do. This is located in a part of the facility that non paying parties are able to view. So if members want to come and look at the tank there would be no admission required. https://ncprd.com/aquatic-park
  2. UV sterilizer is plumbed in now. Gave me reason to get ahead of he game and get my chiller hooked up also. Really curious how effective the sterilizer will be with cutting down algae growth on the glass.
  3. Woodys seahorse has a range of acros also. So does saltwater obsessions out in gresham.
  4. Looking to buy a very small anemone smaller the better, I am working with a 3 gal pico tank. Not completely set on any color so lets see colors and prices Stores are welcome as well as members. @CuttleFishandCoral @MrBret
  5. Not to mention their cleanliness that keeps every algae known to man out of my tank with a new frag.
  6. Update photo! It’s filling in...
  7. I know someone selling a mp10 and backup battery for $300 if your interested
  8. How did you determine flow on your uv? I noticed you had gate valves you could adjust. Is there like an in-line flowmeter?
  9. Yea I already target feel also. Figured my sock catches any food left in the water that goes down to the sump anyways
  10. Interesting, beings the recommended uv rating is so much lower then the fish disease setting, do you think that killed planktonic food supply could be combated with more target feeding?
  11. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Interesting I don't see and sources for rust either, but it was a common theme in reviews. Does it have an internal pump maybe?
  13. Your plumbing is absolutely beautiful! I'm gonna work on a sketch rough draft, and bring it to a meeting to chat with ya!
  14. Did you end up getting this project put together? I will be working on my manifold on my max 170 shortly and looking for some inspiration.
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