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  1. Of the first gens, I like the 67. Wing windows and all. 69 RS/ss is nice with the hidden headlights, but those vacuum pods to make them function suck. My fav is the 70 1/2 RS with the split bumper, or the formula firebird, or.........come on powerball
  2. That is so true. The shop I was from charged a minimum of 5k for paint. Most cars were in the 15k range and the high end restos, just body work/rust repair and paint we're as high as 30k. I could never afford that. Heck, even just the supplies to do the work without hard parts is in the thousands range. Sand paper has become expensive for the good stuff. The real good filler is not cheap. Let alone the labor.
  3. Ha, come to my house. They are everywhere in the rhododendron forest I have. I get some pretty big ones. And my favorite, the brown recluse, at least that's what they look like.
  4. Yep, when I left the shop I had just got done doing a resto on a 69 charger rt. Sold for just over 100k I believe. It was a full rotisserie, like most we did. Dana 60, 440, don't remember if a/c or not. Was a nice car when done. Arrow straight 😄 I really hate how Mopar dashes are put together. What a pain. Worked with a guy that rode an old European bike, can't remember what it was, kinda obscure. From the 60s I believe. Like a Nash but in bike form. Was really neat, and I'm not a bike guy but have a place in my heart for most older stuff as it had style and class vs what junk we have today. It's what gave us the technology we have today.
  5. I haven't been in the shop since I left the shop many years ago. LoL. That's where passion was when I was 18. Drove a 70 Chevelle my senior year of high school. Traded the body off in 02 I think for my rust free 70 elky. Had a roller 355 w/5spd then traded that off for a mild 454 w/th400. The real funny part. I was friends with a Clark county deputy, his house was close by and on the way to go anywhere. My friend and I made the street out front look like a dragstrip. I'd hit big block posi into 3rd every time I drove by. Red line 1st, red line 2nd, hold for a bit, let off brake, stand on it to keep redline, then a quick shift to 3rd as I hold it sideways. Man, those were the good old days. Although a 454 with an 850 Holley dp we're not enjoyable with the gas, especially with 3.73 gears considering I was young making almost minimum wage.
  6. It was a dark/forest green cuda. Probably about 15 years ago. At the time it was a record breaker for a cuda at Barrett. I've done a lot of Camaros, Corvettes, chargers that have gone to those auctions. I was the resto guy in the shop, that's all I did for the most part. I did not do the paint. I did a lot of the rest though, lots and lots of rust repair. I was the one that had to block sand all restos 2-3 times. They were arrow straight coming out of that shop, I made sure of that. Iwas really good at fabbing window channels with the shrinker/stretcher and break. Lots of floor pans, quarters, wheel houses, etc... Having to weld doors/fenders etc... for the perfect gaps. Miss the work and cars, besides the dust/fumes/pay. I personally have a project 70 elky and my dad's 72 Chevelle after he passed. Some day I'll have a shop so I can get back to it on the side. It's nice to go relax in the shop, break out the welder, and start burning metal.
  7. That's good to know since I've got a bucket I've had for about a year now.
  8. It got docked for the paint being to nice without enough overspray like from the factory, go figure...
  9. There's no other slow car like a Mopar? LoL.... Done a few cuda restos over the years. Most famous was a numbers correct 70 hemi that sold at Barrett Jackson for around a half million 😁
  10. Yep, spent almost 10 years doing high end restorations. Mostly Mopar since those guys have the big $$$ and a lot of Camaros and Chevelle's. A lot of fiberglass repair work on vettes. Couple one off cars like a 70 superbird convertible. I'm a Chevy guy myself but have love for all classics. Chevy's are just designed better for the disassembly/assembly with a better suspension design, no stupid torsion bars.
  11. I have two. One was given to me as 2 heads as a tester coral for my tank. It's now 5+ heads with a dozen baby heads starting
  12. This is great. I have a question for anyone who uses reef crystals. Have you ever had bad batches? How often? Ever have issues keeping crabs, specifically emerald? I was told my emeralds die potentially because of low iodine, how true could this be. I hand feed them every day and they seem to live but I also switched to salinity awhile back. Before I couldn't keep them even when feeding them. They turn pale then die.
  13. I think I'm going to keep it. Hopefully it lives through the move to Idaho. I picked up a reefer 170 so if this nano makes it through the move I'm going to leave the clowns and rbta in it and nothing else. And if they have babies again I'm going to try to keep a few to put in the other tank, minus the nem.
  14. You definitely beat me. Mine has grown quite a bit and put on a bunch of small branches but nothing like that. I was just asking since I'm moving and some stuff will more than likely die in the process.
  15. I support it for the most part, maybe go a step further and allow them to use the emergency lane? Especially in the summer heat, they don't have a/c. I'm surprised more don't get heat stroke.
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