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  1. I've had good luck with aqua sd and other online retailers. Be wary of obsessions and dip/qt as their coral tanks have red planeria flatworms. I've heard good things about the one in Hillsboro but have yet to get there
  2. I have some fresh roe that I can give you a bit to try if you stop by tonight or tomorrow. I don't have any of the others currently.
  3. ÇB's tropical is where I get mine. It's always super fresh with long expiration date. Call before going as they have limited stock. I also like oyster feast from them. My fish try to eat it, they go nuts.
  4. Try reef nutrition roe or arctipods. When I first got my fish I tried a bunch and that's what got them eating. Now they don't touch arctipods but eat everything from pellets to several frozen.
  5. So how long do the plastic housings last? I got about 2 years out of my pond uv/filter before the UV exposure deteriorated the housing to where it crumbles apart. What's funny is the outside of the housing that's exposed to weather and sun all year looks new.
  6. I've seen them but can't remember where. Maybe Kay's off division? I think that's the name but I'm not 100% that's where I saw them
  7. I think a may deadline would be fine since it's just a friendly competition
  8. CrabbyCrabs

    SPS Issues

    Get rid of that metal clamp would be a good start. There are a lot of different alloys in anything metal and if it's rusting it's not a good quality stainless clamp. Even if it was I wouldn't want it in my tank. Stainless has chromium which can kill a tank. Probably also has zinc, copper and aluminum in unknown concentrations that are leaching let alone iron. They make nifty little ratchet style clamps to use in place of hose clamps. Start there and a poly pad and big bag of hq carbon. Some sps I can't keep, some grow too much. But I can't keep zoa's.
  9. This is how I did my move when I bought a house. Just 2 20 gallon nanos though. Bagged all coral and fish individually. Floated them in heated buckets of fresh saltwater. Paired clowns went in same bag. Took rock out and put in buckets. Siphoned water out of tanks into buckets with rock. Scooped out most sand for weight. Placed in buckets. Quickly moved one tank and it's livestock to new house and set up with 50% old water and all old sand. Set up rock work and coral as it was. Floated fish and acclimated. Dumped in biospira and fish. Repeat for second tank. Did not lose anything, not even a snail. I never even saw an ammonia, nitrite, nitrate difference through the next 2 weeks. I used 16 gallon barrels with lids to transport stuff with heated water to reduce temp drops. My move was about 5 miles or so. Was back breaking as we were 3rd floor of an apartment. I reused all sand, rock and 50+% water.
  10. Remove tanks for teachers from specialized topic and put it back in it's own sub group like it used to be. It's just too cluttered with TFT mixed in randomly with the other topics
  11. There's a guy in troutdale/wood village area that had dozens of rbta, some the size of dinner plates. That's where mine came from. He posts on Craigslist every so often. He's got a biocube on there now.
  12. Saltwater obsession in Gresham might have some, they have a huge tote of cycling rock to dig through
  13. I used pig dewormer successfully although I removed all snails, crabs, and fish. Took about 2 months of dosing. Been over a year flatworm free
  14. Why do you want to trade? Is it an HD? Are the radions that much better?
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