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  1. CrabbyCrabs

    Best reef salt?

    I started with salinity. Then found a better deal on reef crystals that was actually at the correct salinity. Ran into issues with reef crystals over the long term and switched back to salinity and problems improved. If/when I get an rodi I will be buying salinity. I have always bought store supplied water and do roughly 5 gallon changes each week on 2 20 gallon tanks. I personally think the best salt is fritz or salinity but I've only read about fritz
  2. My polyps barely, if at all, come out with lights on, they come out at night though. My Cali tort does the same except it's grown about 10x's the size it was when we started this grow out. Maybe I'll add a few % to my light intensity
  3. CrabbyCrabs

    Hanna salinity checker vs. Red Sea refractometer

    With Hanna instruments, I always bought Hanna calibration solutions. Seems some solutions don't match what they say so I go with who made the instruments. I'm not sure I trust the quality of the cheaper Hanna instruments but that's coming from the $100 mc/S temp pH readers that are packed in a similar case that I used in hydroponics.
  4. CrabbyCrabs

    Hanna salinity checker vs. Red Sea refractometer

    I have a red sea refractometer, bought it thinking it would be nice. It's a joke, you have to keep it at the temp of the water you read or it's off and it couldn't hold calibration at all. Bought a cheap brs one and it holds calibration for weeks and if it's off its only a fraction. I'd say, from my experience, the red sea is off. You could have a had Hanna but I'd question the red sea personally.
  5. CrabbyCrabs

    Winter Storm Maya

    Barely anything at work by jubitz. Plenty of retarded drivers that can't figure out driving though, but that's every day of every year around here.
  6. When I moved it up a few inches and center the polyps bleached(for about 2 months) but growing tips are red. Now the polyps are red, growing tips are red but the rest is green. The grow out piece was growing slow but growing when on the sand bed in lower left. I moved it up maybe 6" and just off center and it stopped doing anything and the base that encrusted is green. Polyps are out. Not as long as before and nothing like the red planet. Those polyps are like 1/4" long
  7. CrabbyCrabs

    possible stress/cracks

    I know certain solvents can attack certain plastic like that, but usually it's superficial damage that can be sanded/buffed out. If they are not deep and only on outside I'm not sure it's an issue.
  8. CrabbyCrabs

    possible stress/cracks

    You could temp fix by glueing new acrylic over the damaged area to reinforce it until it can be repaired correctly or replaced.
  9. Mine has not done anything since last post. I think it liked the sanded as it's not grown at all since moving up. Everything else in my tank is growing, especially my brown finger leather, Cali tort, and red planet that is still green except for the polyps.
  10. CrabbyCrabs

    Red Sea Skimmers?

    Yep, top one. Appeared to work though, was pulling nasty stuff. New ones look nice.
  11. CrabbyCrabs

    Red Sea Skimmers?

    It looks like a canister filter/ skimmer, but in the sump. No clue how long or which one. Doesn't look like a regular skimmer. I only asked him about it cause it was very unique compared to the normal skimmers you see.
  12. CrabbyCrabs

    Red Sea Skimmers?

    A local shop in SE says they are junk. I asked cause I've never seen a skimmer like the red sea, seemed to be pulling some nasty stuff though.
  13. CrabbyCrabs

    Snail egg art..

    If I only knew. Sometimes my snails do amazing things. Just didn't think it was out of the ordinary.
  14. CrabbyCrabs

    New in box, glass lid cover (FREE)

    Ok. I drive 158th every day to/from work to marine drive
  15. CrabbyCrabs

    Snail id

    Can anyone I.D. these snails. There are a dozen or so that were tiny and only came out at night. Now they are out during the day and have grown pretty big. I don't see them bothering coral. I have astrea, cerith, margarita, nerite, and fancy looking small nerites.