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  1. CrabbyCrabs

    Buy Dr. Tims locally?

    I've been to most stores in the Portland area and have never seen Tim's on the shelf. I used biospira which can be found. I get mine at CB's. I also use the seachem product and microbacter7. They all supposedly do the same but with different bacterias which I can't verify. When I get my 350 set up I am going to order Tim's to see if it's any better/different than biospira
  2. CrabbyCrabs

    Super awesome aussie acropora spathulata

    To The Clark. If you want one and you can arrange for me to pickup on Sunday, not sure where they would be. I can grab from cuddle fish or similar area. Any where between Gresham and inner SW Portland. I can meet you either in kalama again or kelso. I keep a small foam cooler in my car to help. Just for helping me out this weekend with the tank and a reason to go to lucky dragon. PM me if interested.
  3. CrabbyCrabs

    RedSea max nano

    I put a hydra 26 on my gf nuvo 20, not sure how you could mount one on these tanks. Hang from ceiling maybe. Not sure how a heater would fit in back, that's where the skimmer is, and it's 100 watt since a 50 could not keep it warmer than 72- 74 in the winter. It might fit horizontal under skimmer but what a pain to adjust temp and clean sump
  4. I didn't think we had to post each month? I've got nothing to show, maybe 1/8" growth of some new branches and some encrusting of plug. Nothing probably noticeable in a pic. I check alk a couple times a week with either Hanna or red sea kit, both read about the same within .2 dkh for me.
  5. CrabbyCrabs

    Reefer 350

    Yeah, he's selling me a max nano tank to replace my cracked one below his cost cause I bought most of my stuff through him before I knew about other places. Just because he can part out what comes with them like the light to make up the cost. So I hope he can help out with this. He's got a 350 on the floor he might swap me too.
  6. CrabbyCrabs

    Reefer 350

    I've had the tank in storage for 8 months or so. I have no receipt that I can find so I'm out of luck since red Sea won't even talk to you without one, just like ai. I'm going to the place I bought it, see if he can do something since he's a red sea dealer.
  7. CrabbyCrabs

    Reefer 350

    I've read a bit about waterbox and some of their issues. It's a toss up with quality with either, all comes down to the person in China packing the box.
  8. CrabbyCrabs

    Reefer 350

    Well I grabbed my brand new reefer 350 from storage this last weekend. Got half way through building the stand and found two left side panels and no right. Great quality control there red Sea. Man the hardware seems lesser quality than Ikea stuff, especially the cam locks are horribly thin/cheap. Not impressed at this point except the actual stand finish is nice.
  9. CrabbyCrabs

    Rose bubble tip anemone

    Ha, I have one that grew, split, and is growing too big for my tank again and stinging corals.
  10. CrabbyCrabs

    Ocean Swipe 360!

    I only use the stainless scraper on mine. I suppose if I did it daily I could get away with the felt? pad on it. Which I guess if you start with a clean glass and have this go over it daily it would not be an issue. My coraline seems to start at the silicone seams then spreads. Or the back where I don't scrape. I honestly get tired of coraline, if it stayed on the rock it would be fine but it's always trying to cover the glass, or corals.
  11. CrabbyCrabs

    105g build

    Nice pile of balls, you must really like them 🤣. But really, I love the setup.
  12. CrabbyCrabs

    Ocean Swipe 360!

    Do you worry that any hard algae, like Coraline, will get stuck under the cleaning pad and scratch the glass? I know aragonite sand under one will.
  13. CrabbyCrabs

    Ocean Swipe 360!

    What does it use for the scraper part?
  14. CrabbyCrabs

    Ocean Swipe 360!

    That's pretty cool. Should be long lived using quality steppers/electrics. I'd love to have one as I get lazy sometimes, although I only scrape glass every other week or so.
  15. CrabbyCrabs

    Ocean Swipe 360!

    Does it have some sensor or something that keeps it from knocking wavemakers off the glass? I saw how it went around their markers on the glass but not sure how it knows. Ithink this tool is awesome except I could see a lot of dead snails with it.