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  1. Or do a 50lbs tank for about the same price and plumb it from somewhere.
  2. Call first. I remember the airgas on 82nd almost always out of stock or 1 on hand.
  3. Some hydroponic stores do. I know the one on Halsey or division and 181st does
  4. I've not see a standard refractometer that wants a calibration with rodi. It's normally 35ppt calibration fluid.
  5. Share the love What a great gesture to offer members
  6. Up for sale is a rbta. I think it's 2 or 3 weeks old from the split. Probably 4+ inches across if not more. It's the split and not the original. I think I can get it out and bring it with me Friday night. Must meet Saturday am in SE Portland, prefer at my house off 162nd and powell. Please no flakes, I can get credit trade in at a local shop where I got rid of my last one but prefer cash. $50
  7. See my post in other thread. I forgot to mention I dosed my tanks with prime before starting the process and added a drop or two to the fish bags. With the weather I don't think hand warmers will do anything but hurt
  8. I just moved from Portland to Hayden Idaho. I purchased Coleman marine coolers and some of those orange drinking water coolers and saltwater in big buckets. I was able to set up one tank before hand minus rock and sand. This tank got my girlfriends nuvo 20 contents. Bagged coral with half/half old/new water. Put them in one cooler preheated with towels from the dryer. Next I did same with fish except they went in the orange drinking water coolers. Then filled one cooler half with heated old/new saltwater, and put live rock in those. Left about 2 hours later and it was an 8 hour drive( pulling a 16 foot enclosed behind my Tahoe). Gloat acclimated and water acclimated. No losses there. My tank was the following weekend except I moved my tank at the same time with mostly new saltwater and what was in coral/fish bags. All sand was tossed, I meant to keep some but don't know what happened. Both tanks are bare bottom now. I ran into my tahoe overheating with my tank move so that added to the commute time. Was over 100 degrees from the Dalles to spokane. I did lose a few sps but not nearly the loss I was expecting.
  9. I don't understand how it's still wobbly. It's 100 gallons almost. Probably 1000lbs on a few contact points, how is the carpet/pad not completely compressed? I think I'm going to try to wedge blocks under the stand then slowly lower the adjustment legs till it's level and supported partially by the blocks.
  10. Any way to eliminate the wobble of the tank when it's on carpet? If it wasn't a rental I'd cut it out. The tank is leveled on all feet in all directions. But it wobbles pretty good when you push on it lightly. I put a post Jack and 4x6 across the joists under the tank in the laundry room which helped eliminate wobble when walking past it. Another reason to hate carpet.
  11. They stay small? I'd also be interested since my rbta keeps getting too big and splitting. Do clowns host them?
  12. I usually go to CBs on the east side. Not much for coral but he actually has stuff on the shelf besides food and I've had the best luck with his fish living vs other stores I've purchased from. He can order just about anything any other store can too.
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