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  1. They were so friendly i got to see how they make algae scrubbers, algae reactors, 3d Printed Reef items like random flow generators and SelfMixing Dosing Containers
  2. Without a appointment or anything i just showed up to Mexico City’s biggest fish wholesaler and was welcomed in overall really nice people and very clean facilities considering the surprise visit
  3. [emoji1787] sir do you have any weapons nope just a gold torch in the back
  4. Really it’s a very nice market i probably wouldn’t go by myself because it’s close to a bad neighborhood tepito but it’s definitely a nice market
  5. everyone was so friendly and welcoming Emilio Carranza Morelos Ciudad de México
  6. Question do you need to rinse well after use what if a drop got into the display
  7. One of the nicest aquariums on the east coast The new shark exhibit is really nice i sat there for hours just enjoying the peaceful sharks swimming around
  8. No feeding or maintenance Upgraded are a matter of printing it out on transparent paper You can keep butterflies angels in a reef this is more like a dream tank
  9. Who wouldn’t want a prom dress and a apex module in a shipment
  10. The physical location is New York They will not be accepting walk ins it would be strictly online
  11. Im so happy to be part of this build Today i helped with plumbing one of the coral raceways 400+ gallons with three “tubs” and one xxl custom glass sump Plumbing is two 1” drains and a 3/4” return each they are connected through the sump so any of the “tubs” can be closed off and used separately without the sump Pump is just for cycling and will be upgraded to a proper sized pump once it’s all running The cycle might start in a bin or in these tubs it will consist of Dr Tims and bio blocks (not sure what type) Oversized skimmer (not sure yet what type) Led and t5 lighting Some type of wave
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