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  1. I can’t see any pictures under “zoas” then the pictures start showing up at “no name with an interesting pattern” just a heads up may just be my phone but I tried a few things and can’t see them.
  2. I would be interested too 👍🏻
  3. I’ve been seeing these become way more popular recently, they are sold out at cuttle fish all the time before any other snails. Any insight into why that is or I guess why you are looking for them specifically?
  4. I have had a lot of success with the bottle trap and it’s so easy to make, you probably have thought of that already though.
  5. No I should’ve, couldn’t find my phone at the time I probably still can tomorrow. They just look like a purple mass kind of and when I poked it with my nail it moved around like I would expect a flatworm/nudibranch to or something.
  6. So I was moving a mushroom in my big tank and noticed some purple flatworm looking things on the mushroom. It doesn’t show any signs of being harmed at all so I am wondering what people’s experiences are with these kinds and in the case they need to come out if flatworm exit would be a good route to go. Thanks for any advice!
  7. Nice that looks like it could work well for what I want. I will try them out thanks for that! 👌🏻
  8. Definitely like mine, just looking for a smaller cheap option for just 1 mushroom
  9. I’m not sure what kind of little plastic tubs to use to hold some substrate and one of my loose mushrooms and want to get people’s ideas on some because I’m ocd about what I put in my tank. Anyone have any recommendations on where to get some? Thanks for any input 👌🏻
  10. Definitely will come and check it out very soon I love that you opened up this new shop. Much respect!
  11. Just a heads up, I just got a flex arm mount for my new hydra and I cannot get it to hold the light up well at all.... it sags pretty badly and I am having to jerry rig to keep it up straight.
  12. You’re definitely right, I just meant I had tested them within the last week and nothing was out of range or inconsistent or anything sorry I should’ve been more specific. More of just wondering if something specific has caused this to happen to other people’s mushrooms
  13. Anyone got any ideas? Really frustrating these mushrooms are just starting to melt away into white slime Im sure this is a pretty vague question with a vague answer but any ideas helps. Parameters are pretty solid and other mushrooms are growing fine in the tank....
  14. Where do you find the barrels if u don’t mind me asking? Nvm I found it on the other post sorry
  15. You mean this one? Sorry not sure what you mean by the stock one
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