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  1. Yea guess it could just be the difference in lighting and par. Thanks for your input 👌🏻
  2. Yea definitely agree I just can’t see how this one would look that dramatically different when the tank, other than this coral is flourishing🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s been since Sunday actually looking back at it. So maybe there is still hope I guess I’ll wait it out just curious what other people would think
  3. Yea that’s what I was thinking but they open up and look fine for a little and they look nothing like the original picture and you can still see most of the rock where as in his pics you can’t see any that the mushrooms are on. I can’t really get much better of a picture then that though of them that’s right up against the glass. Just my thoughts not trying to make a big deal out of it.
  4. My tank is the top picture where there is mostly rock and the zoanthids he sent me the picture with the acans and the one below it.
  5. Just curious if people think this is the same frag as in the picture. Seems to me it’s not but want to get other people’s opinions on it I’m cool with being wrong! For reference my tank has colonies of healthy mushrooms and higher end mushrooms that are thriving in the tank along with sps so It’s not the tank in my eyes. Also this has been in the tank since last Sunday.
  6. [language filter] sorry about that happening that sucks hope you recuperate it fast! This made me think though I measured my tank with my Hanna temp/salinity probe and it reads 77.9 and my apex temp probe reads 79.2 have you ever tested yours with other temp probes and are you fairly sure the temp probe with the apex is completely accurate? Sorry again about your loss!
  7. I came home to this, I think the fish must have passed and got blown onto the plate coral. Hate seeing fish pass but it was a crazy image to come home too shocked me pretty good!
  8. It could just be caught on there too possibly not growing on there just a thought
  9. I think most people would say to just use new sand I have done it and used a qtr new live sand and then just normal tropic eden the rest of it. It is also easier as well, good luck though should be all fine looks like a good plan.
  10. Definitely will take you up on that if it persists, turning it all the way closed and opening it I think dislodged a big chunk of hair algae and it is working how it should now. Very nice and quiet. Thank you for the help 👌🏻
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