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  1. I do have an unused midsize ghost skimmer I think that would be the size for that tank it’s still in its original box if you are interested I use the smaller version on my 25 lagoon and it pulls perfectly fine for me that’s my experience though. Let me know if you’re interested 👍🏻
  2. Oh okay so you would just buy a replacement for the whole downpipe and maybe inner downpipe for that one as well?
  3. Even if you don’t have a reefer, very helpful info! I emailed them asking when they might be in and if I could grab one when they do and am looking through other parts. Thank you again.
  4. That was actually my exact thought, I would pretty nervous to try to tighten it without a replacement there ready unfortunately with my tinkering skills. You’re saying it’s the actual o ring I would just need to replace though? I though it would be the whole pipe
  5. Yea I have heard I was very worried about that when attaching so next water change empty out that return chamber completely and try to tighten it? Or just while it’s running I can try to tighten it up some you think? Also thanks for that website very useful 👌🏻
  6. Hey there, I am thinking that this is a silly question I believe it’s to the point where it needs to be addressed but I have been putting this off and it has gotten to be a good amount of salt creep now but I haven’t cleaned it off really ever. Do you get some salt creep from this pipe in this area as well? Or is this definitely too much and needs to be replaced. My issue is I am not sure if I will be able to get the part right now and also I have heard replacing that piping is very difficult. Thanks for any help!
  7. think I figured it out I changed my WiFi password and didn’t realize I would have to individually reset each light after....
  8. Yea tried all that, now am able to log into the app but just says unknown error when trying to connect to any light Or device offline. I guess I’m just glad they’re staying on the schedule they’re supposed to be on?
  9. Hmmm very weird then I literally can’t even access the website for some reason this is what it gives me 🤦🏻‍♂️ And it just gives me unknown error every time on my phone so confused
  10. Is anyone else able to log into their myai app? Or access the myai app through their computer? Because for me it says unknown error every time I try logging into it on my phone or iPad and the website will not load and says cannot access for some reason. I am thinking the server is down or something but wondering if other people are experiencing this as well. Thanks.
  11. Awesome, you get it from cuttlefish? If anyone reading this thread has a place I can get a golden dwarf locally or someone who needs to get rid of one or something I would love to add one to my tank!
  12. That would be sweet, they are awesome fish that’s cool you have 2 together. I was thinking my best bets are Hawaiian golden dwarf or snowflake 👌🏻 Nice that was what I was thinking from the beginning I just would want kind of a bigger one if I could for this size tank because all of them I’ve seen were super small. I had one before but could never get it to eat no matter what I offered.... what do you feed yours and how long have you had it?
  13. Yea I guess I agree. They are all healthy and active and I have seen a lot of tanks where they have made it work and I am curious of those experiences I guess and what each person would plan to do for one in my case. The engineer goby is super cool I just think it is very destructive in most cases I’ve seen and will dig to the point of moving your rockscape a lot of times I appreciate it tho 👌🏻
  14. 😂 that’s the dream eel for sure
  15. Hey there, bored and in quarantine like most of us should be doin! Looking at my Red Sea reefer 350 and it has a blue tang, majestic fox face, 3 blue chromis, tri color fairy wrasse, 1 black cardinal, and a barbonius anthias. My lid is from clearviewlids and fits very well with no areas for escape. If this was your tank and you were wanting to add an eel, first off what one would you get for a reefer 350? Would you remove any fish to add the eel? Lastly where would you source it from in Portland area or from live Aquaria or something? Thanks for any input hope y’all are staying happy and healthy and have someone like my kitty to lounge around with!
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