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  1. As you can see above in the posts, I bought this mushroom on these forums and did not see any of these posts on their post? You can also see that other people have the same mushroom and know it as this name and I have spoken to people at shops about this mushroom and the name of it what is there to still talk about you just want me to make it cheaper? Make an offer like I’ve said haven’t sold a ton of corals not trying to rip people off in any sense.
  2. Quick search yielded this, have discussed this mushroom with multiple people and at a shop not to worried about what it’s called thanks though👌🏻
  3. It is the same exact mushroom as the one posted above in the comments. Takes time for some mushrooms to acquire the bounces especially when it is a natural split. ✌🏻
  4. This is what I have in my messages couldn’t find the price in my messages it was discussed I believe over text unless you have 2 accounts I don’t believe so. Not trying to rip anyone off this is what I believe I got it from locally but if that seems like too much I apologize and make an offer 👌🏻
  5. Is it? I got it for that on these forums and it was smaller than this one. Either way I’m open to reasonable offers I haven’t sold very many corals and just have what I paid for reference I couldn’t really find much on them👌🏻 Thanks for letting me know I will figure that out not the best at using the forums obviously.
  6. What’s your plan for getting them off of the rock for individual frags out of curiosity? Just chisel at the rock?
  7. Got a natural split of my sunburst bounce that grew right onto the frag plug on the left from the one on the top right. 150$ Open to reasonable offers and for trade.
  8. You won’t regret it I’ve loved mine. You can set things up so it’s a simple setup or you can get really into the programming. Easy to set up and really suncrestreefs thread is very very useful throughout.
  9. Bump.. need to find a pump maybe if someone has two icecap 3k setups i could do those instead
  10. Looking to buy a used ai Nero that has no issues with it for my Red Sea reefer 350. One of my ice cap gyres just crapped out and I’ve been wanting to switch to these anyways. Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. Just a cool picture of some golden basket alien anti venom zoanthids growing up the side of the glass like a staircase. The drag was just up against the glass for a while and one grew off of it but the main drag is still on the plug I should be able to just lightly scrape these off the glass right?
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