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  1. Which one specifically do you use?
  2. Before you go the refractometer route, I highly recommend the Hanna salinity and temp checker. If you plan on being in the hobby for a while and want something that will save you time Check it out easiest one to use In my opinion gives you a digital read out of temp and salinity.
  3. Oh perfect I think I will take the used one if that is okay. I will message you.
  4. Oh okay weird how people figure things like these medicines working in reef tanks out! I ordered the one suncrestreef recommended as it seemed to have the most consistent effective reviews so we’ll see how it goes anyone have suggestions as to using it or just follow directions exactly?
  5. Anyone have one I can buy? I know I could order one but if someone has one locally used I would prefer it as long as it is fully functional and hasn’t been ran for forever. Have washed mine out and done everything I can think of and it just sits there and hums and isn’t getting water over to the tank 🤦🏻‍♂️ Thanks for any help!
  6. Oh okay, is that the version that other people here who have used flucanozale and had success have used? (Directed toward everybody else in the thread)
  7. I think I am going to give it a go, will come back with some results when I get to it. I can just get it you just used reef flux correct?
  8. I agree with the first part. Currently I have a brs reactor running gfo and carbon together and a curve 5 skimmer. One thing I think may have happened is my skimmer stopped collecting for a while and I couldn’t get it to work for a little while. I believe this might’ve allowed it to spike the nutrients and get a hold and I have never been able to get it held back since even with dosing vibrant every 3 days for 3 months and having the reactor and skimmer running.
  9. Yes I have a protein skimmer that works well for me currently. I have heard of this method I believe somewhere as well I will look into it more if you have had good success with it as well. I think you are right about it coming back also.
  10. Hmm I have read about this a good amount and have thought about it I have some nice carpet anemone and a big anemone I really like and I have read it can negatively effect anemones. Is that something you guys have noticed?
  11. I’ve been battling this hair algae for months now. Done pretty much everything I can think of. This tank was restarted from another tank and the rocks were scrubbed clean of hair algae when they were put into here for the first time. Over time it just came back worse. I have tried picking at it almost everyday, water changes, vibrant, foxface and tangs. The water chemistry has never shown more then a 10 reading on my Hanna ULR phosphate and nitrates have never been more then 10 and most of the time they have been very close to 0. If this was your tank would you tear down? And if so would you clean off rock somehow and reuse? It’s some reallly nice Haitian rock I got from woodys I love that I would like to keep and use. Corals grow well in this tank which is the other thing that is weird.... thanks for any input. I know it is really ugly...
  12. Share the pods. Awesome line up of stuff!
  13. Nice thank you guys those situations are pretty much exactly what I’m talking about guess I’m not the only one for sure 👌🏻
  14. Yea I probably am just overthinking it, like they said the particulates don’t seem to have any effect on anything. I’m n going to try to pour all my water change through one of my new filter socks and see if it changes color at the end 👌🏻
  15. Definitely watched that before, I use tropic Marin which they recommend. edit: was thinking it was a different video. That does answer a lot of what I asked but I guess my issue is just that it still worries me that I’m putting this dirty brown stuff into the tank it seems like. But if the consensus is it doesn’t effect anything then I guess I’ll just forget about it haha!
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