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  1. scissortail

    Teacher looking to start a classroom reef tank

    No worries! We don't have space for a tank that size anyway. Thanks!
  2. scissortail

    Teacher looking to start a classroom reef tank

    Great! I have been watching this forum for years, and am super excited to finally make this happen. Just keep me posted on any updates- thank you so much!
  3. scissortail

    Teacher looking to start a classroom reef tank

    Awesome! 40 gallons would be great. Our school is very hands on and experiential education works best for our kids, so maintaining the tank and posting on the forums would be a big component of our marine biology class.
  4. Hello! I am a high school science teacher at a very small alternative school in Hood River for teenage boys in foster care. I am working to create a marine biology class and my students (and myself) are very interested in starting a reef tank. Our school is year-round, so I think it would be a good fit for us because we don't have the problem of maintenance over summer break. I have a little bit of experience with saltwater tanks because I had one about ten years ago, but, full disclosure, I was foolish and insisted on it being a 12 gallon nano reef that promptly crashed and was impossible for a newbie like me to save. Being older and wiser, I am ready to do it right and start with a bigger tank- somewhere in the 55-60 gallon range. I have a good understanding of some of the basic marine science, i.e. water chemistry and nutrient cycling, but I am really overwhelmed as far as equipment goes. I have read the "Tanks in Classrooms" article about Stratton Elementary and am trying to create a straightforward build that is conducive to teaching. Does anyone have any advice about specific equipment that would work for my situation or how to get started? Thank you for your help!