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  1. Salted_Waffles

    Salted_Waffle’s 26g C-Vue

    Double post.
  2. Salted_Waffles

    Salted_Waffle’s 26g C-Vue

    Styloceoniella are becoming some of my favorite corals. Really loving them. My JF Burning Banana has “bounced”: My 24k gold: JF Sunset:
  3. Salted_Waffles

    Salted_Waffle’s 26g C-Vue

    Yeah. So I’ve learned the hard way. There was maybe a 1/4” gap between my lid and the tank and I thought for sure it would be fine. Just picked up some materials to mak e a bigger screen top. I don’t want this happening again to any fish. Poor thing.
  4. Salted_Waffles

    Salted_Waffle’s 26g C-Vue

    He was a Pintail Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus Lanceolatus).
  5. Salted_Waffles

    Salted_Waffle’s 26g C-Vue

    Thanks for he compliments and condolences. He was the jewel of my tank and I miss him a bunch. It’ll be a while before I have money to replace such an expensive fish, or at least an expensive one to me.
  6. Salted_Waffles

    Tierra De Fuego

    Is this a Tyree Tierra De Fuego? I know the Tyree TDF doesn’t get the greens and is all just lovely pinks and reds.
  7. Salted_Waffles

    Salted_Waffle’s 26g C-Vue

    Well, dang... Not what I wanted to see when I get home from a 12 hour shift at work. Poor little guy. I’m going to redo my lid and bury his fella tomorrow.
  8. Salted_Waffles

    What is this?

    Looks like a little baby bristle worm. Great detritivores! Some of my favorite CUC.
  9. Salted_Waffles

    Tierra De Fuego

    IPhone 7+ with the original Aquariclip for the all blue shots and just the IPhone for the 12k.
  10. Salted_Waffles

    Tierra De Fuego

    Got this piece of Tierra De Fuego and would love to see anyone else’s pieces. So show off your TDF! Some all blue shots with gel filter: Some 12k shots no filter:
  11. Salted_Waffles

    November SPS grow out

    As much as I’d love to participate in this growout I think I’ll have to be skipping this one unfortunately. Good luck everyone!
  12. Salted_Waffles

    Green red planet

    I’m on board that it might need more par. The more par the more red with Red Planet. I’ve seen it in high par with no green and just all red.
  13. Salted_Waffles

    Salted_Waffle’s 26g C-Vue

    I’m pretty sure I got this piece from @badxgillen back in May. It was just a white little stick with a hint of pink. Now it’s a chunky mess of pink and green. Shot under all blues with an Aquariclip. No editing.
  14. Salted_Waffles

    Sps grow out contest?

    Depending on when this starts I might be interested. When will we we need to have he money by and where will we be picking up the frags from?
  15. Salted_Waffles

    AI Prime in black FS

    Non HD?