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  1. They Mummy Eye and the small Hammer are both still available!
  2. Dang! Now I really want to make it up!
  3. The smallest one I have is like 3-4” oral disc. When I get my nem box, should be soon, I’ll try and take them off the rock and then have better pics of them and their size. I’ll keep you in mind when I list them.
  4. Tank is doing well. Had to set up me Evo and move some things to it to make room. I want to turn this C-Vue into a sps dom tank. Also need to do something about my bta’s. My one large one split into three and two of those look like they’ll be splitting again soon. Order a cheap breeding box and plan on trying to coax the nems off the rock and isolate them in the box. Will sell them off or trade for other corals. As always tank threads are better with pictures so here the tank is as of today.
  5. Tank looks good! What kind of reef do you plan on doing?
  6. Was happy to have you come by! Hope the TDF does well in your system.
  7. My partners moms pup, she’s staying with us for a while.
  8. Tell me about it. All the good shops and fellow reefers are quite a drive from me. 😑
  9. It seems like half a corals price is in the name, and the other half is how hard it is to find. So you might be on to something there.🤣
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