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  1. Salted_Waffles

    Salted_Waffle’s 26g C-Vue

    I got an order from Budmans corals recently. Everything came in happy and healthy, all showing signs of PE shortly after being put into the tank. My test acros have been doing fine for almost a year now so I felt comfortable getting some nicer acros. My testers: And here’s what I got: Left to Right we have: Reef Raft Canada Pink Cadillac Tri Color Granulosa WWC Heart Breaker Bluetip Stag Reef Raft USA Frutopia Cherry Corals Voodoo Magic Haven’t snapped any good picks quite yet but hopefully I can soon. Just recently glued everything down and. Can’t wait to seem them all grow out and color up.
  2. Salted_Waffles

    Skebor's C-Vue 40 gallon

    My guess for the source of your algae problem would be that you stocked up so fast. Your bio load has skyrocketed compared to the growth of your bacterial colonies. I think some cheato is always a good idea as a nutrient export. Just keep up with your regular maintenance after you add it and see how things go for a bit. Algae isn’t bad for you reef, unless severe, it’s really just considered an eyesore by most. Getting rid of algae can can be a slow process, unless you use chemicals to battle it. Though I don’t really like chemical treatments for myself cause it feels like Kind of a quick fix and I’d rather learn how to fix my husbandry. I want to develope better habits and really understand my systems and I feel like quick fixes hinder that process for me.
  3. Salted_Waffles

    New project. My smallest yet.

    This is really cool. It’ll make a great tank to show off some smalle inverts like Sexy shrimp or a pompom crab. Can’t wait to see how it looks once stocked.
  4. Salted_Waffles

    Tierra De Fuego

    Well considering how mine is growing and the fact I have a nano I’ll probably do some trimming later in the year and I would be happy to share this piece with the collective. I feel like it’s my duty to kick back some frags considering this was a freebie given to me at my first meetup.
  5. Salted_Waffles

    Acan colony

    I thought Acanthastrea Lordhowensis has been reclassified as Micromussa Lordhowensis? So Acan Lords are now Micro Lords. Either way it definitely is a beautiful little colony!
  6. Salted_Waffles

    Tierra De Fuego

    Yeah, seems pretty bulletproof. It and a couple other acros in my tank have been doing well recently so I just ordered a couple highends (RR Pink Cadillac and WWC Heart Breaker to name some) to try my hand at. When I first got my chunk of TDF I tried doing research but couldn’t find much, but one thing that kept coming up was that it was just another Red Planet acro. That you shouldn’t bother buying it and just pick up the cheaper RP. I can say for sure it is not. Mine has hot pink coralites and teal blue growing tips instead of red. The body does get green like RP but it’s more of a lighter blue green.
  7. Salted_Waffles

    Acan colony

    I’m still learning things, but isn’t that a Micromussa?
  8. Salted_Waffles

    December 2018 Frag Swap Thread

    I like they idea of getting a swap going. Getting everyone to share pieces and add to our collective stock. It’s nice because if you ever lose a piece or have a crash it’s like your friends have them banked for you so you can get them back later.
  9. Salted_Waffles

    PNWMAS history?

    This was really awesome to read.
  10. Salted_Waffles

    Salted_Waffle’s 26g C-Vue

    Today I got something new for the tank. I received my diffusers from 3DReefing.com for my AI Primes. Loving how much they help cut down on the static flashy shimmer and blend it into an even smooth shimmer. Plus they look really sleek. Here’s a quick video showing the difference they make.
  11. Salted_Waffles

    Tierra De Fuego

    This thing is easily the fastest growing sps in my tank currently, which is nice because it happens to be my favorite so far.
  12. Salted_Waffles

    new years bounce

    Nice score! Already so bubbly!🤤
  13. Salted_Waffles

    ok folks... what did u get on black friday?

    Didn’t get anything on Black Friday, but did manage to get to my LFS for Small Business Saturday. Was hoping to find a nice deal and participate in ReefBuilders LFSSaturday giveaway. I ended up getting this acro, was labeled as a PurpleTip Cerealis but seems more like a Miyagi Tort to me. What ever it is it was a steal for only $16.
  14. Salted_Waffles

    Skebor's C-Vue 40 gallon

    What kind of reef are you planning for the tank?
  15. Salted_Waffles

    Salted_Waffle’s 26g C-Vue

    Double post.