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  1. I'm a peri-operative nurse. Love it.
  2. Broke down two freshwater tanks and thought I'd post here before taking them to goodwill or the landfill. Both are about a year old, in good shape, but haven't been cleaned. 20 gallon is a standard, not a long. Won't hold on to them for long since I don't have a lot of storage room. I'm in inner SE Portland.
  3. They're home and happy- hope they stay that way!
  4. Originally had it in the corner- only way for it to get less light would be to put it in shadow. Is that what you recommend? Temp has been a steady 79. Have the AC running around the clock. Tried spot feeding it mysis. Don't have reef roids, etc. Could grind up some pellets though.
  5. Could the vermetids be the sole cause? If not, thoughts on placement or ways to help it recover?
  6. Bought this torch from cuttlefish approx 3 weeks ago. When I got it it was deep purple with white tips. Brought it home, Bayer dip and temp acclimated, and placed it in a medium flow spot on the bottom of the tank. Within a week the color loss was noticeable, now it's just alarming. Tried moving it up halfway in the tank thinking it might've needed more light. I have two frogspawn at the top with great color and seem happy, so I figured that might be a good idea but it hasn't helped. Running a single AI Prime over a Nuvo 20 (settings below). I don't feel as though I'm overpowering the tank. Last night the torch expelled a fair amount of what I assume is zooxanthellae (from stress?). Now I'm seeing brown around the edges of the coral (especially in the middle where it branches). Moved the torch to get a pic of the back side and noticed a fairly large growth there, ID help anyone? SG- 1.026 NO3- 10 (salifert) PO4- less than .05 (seachem) Don't currently test for alk, etc. water changes of 20% weekly Any advice please?
  7. Three and a half months in and I'm happy with how things are coming along. No major issues yet (knock wood), rocks are coloring up nicely, and the fish seem to be enjoying life. Getting pretty quick at my water changes now and have figured out how to not get everything surrounding the tank wet in the process. Biggest issue now is a purple torch I got from cuttlefish last week that is losing color. Had him midway up in the tank and have since moved him down. Hopefully that the direction it wanted to go. NO3- 10 (salifert) PO4- less than 0.05 (seachem) Salinity- 1.026 Temp- 78 That's all I test for at home. All my other corals are doing pretty good. Ideas?
  8. Thanks. Probably going with an lps garden. Trying to be deliberate with my choices, using Japanese gardens as my inspiration.
  9. Thank you, sir. Have it in a nylon bag- might be too much of a nervous Nellie to play around with the bleach to recharge though.
  10. Yeah- looks like you can't really overdose so I put a few spoonfuls in a nylon media bag. Thanks for writing that out for me.
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