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  1. I live in Eugene and I am looking for a lowboy
  2. Koswizzle

    I will try

    I will try to do this as often as possible! bongsterr046 (35 years old) nathanluis37 (36 years old)
  3. When is the June meetup and where?:yahoo:

  4. Koswizzle

    I just wanted too...

    Happy birthday to... 1. acuraguy55 (31 years old) alangarnetwork (42 years old) Buffalo_Bob (58 years old) davidmario26 (38 years old) Griff48 (70 years old) Kevin (58 years old) lordmerry (49 years old) Mcahill (33 years old) nickwilliam9 (36 years old) reefgal (26 years old) seandiaz163 (29 years old) timcook113 (32 years old) webfinger
  5. Koswizzle

    May POTM Voting - Anemones

    Picture #2
  6. Koswizzle

    San Fran Stores

    sorry I don't live around there, but in oregon a good place to go would be @CuttleFishandCoral
  7. Koswizzle

    New To Forum

    Welcome can't wait to see some updates!
  8. Koswizzle

    Where is the best place to go?

    I usually check this website once a day so if I don't get back to you right away please don't get mad
  9. Hi I live in oregon in the eugene area and i'm looking for good places to get coral and fish at in all of oregon so if anyone has a great place they go to let me know and I might check it out thanks it is much appreciated! -Koswizzle
  10. Koswizzle

    Cuttle fish and corals

    Jeff is aaesome and cares about what he does... he also has a beautiful tank in the middle @CuttleFishandCoral
  11. Koswizzle

    Tank Sitter

  12. Koswizzle

    Tank Sitter

    you said would pay somebody or bring them a gift... how much? or where are you going
  13. Koswizzle

    Tank Sitter

    How much were you thinking of doing?
  14. Koswizzle

    Zachs 110gal Shallow mix reef!!

    Yeah I was looking for a lowboy for a frag tank!